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Bill Hemmer: Kiran & T.J.’s Favorite Fox

January 25, 2011

John Roberts: Their forgotten “dog”? Yesterday, one month to the very day that American Morning co-host John Roberts bid adieu to his AM audience, John’s television wife Kiran Chetry and his substitute T.J. Holmes seemed to have conveniently forgotten all about him. In fact, AM’s quilom alpha male appeared altogether off the CNN radar.

During a Super Bowl segment almost mid-show, Kiran and T.J. interviewed famed New York sportscaster Len Berman about the upcoming game. When they had finished their interview, Berman jested, “You know what I think is really cool [is] that you guys are going to sit with the Fox people and watch the State of the Union address.”

Nodding her head in mock agreement, Kiran deadpanned, “Absolutely! Everyone’s invited.” Looking at Kiran and then to Berman, a smiling T.J. replied, “Yeah. Me and Bill Hemmer, we already worked it out.” Chuckling, Kiran continued, “Me and Bill-o, we’re just gonna be there watching the game.”

Not surprisingly, neither Kiran nor T.J. made mention of John Roberts, AM’s co-host as of a mere month ago, who defected to Fox News. Rather, they both chose to inject America’s Newsroom anchor Bill Hemmer, a 2005 AM alum (who like Roberts was canned during an AM revamping and left for FNC) into their collegial chatter. Perhaps, the wounds are still too raw for them to reach out to their latest “Benedict.”

Kiran: “Living the Teenage Dream” With TJ

January 20, 2011

T. J.: “What are you trying to say?” Rowrrr! American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry took her onscreen flirting with interim co-anchor T. J. Holmes to a whole new level on AM this morning. When the show returned from commercial break for its final ten minutes to the lilt of “Teenage Dream,” Katy Perry was heard singing “You and I will be young forever: you make me feel like I’m living a teenage dream the way you turn me on.”* As if on cue, Kiran coquettishly commented, “Katy Perry, you gotta love her: Um, I’m living the teenage dream today sitting here by T.J.”

Uncertain of her meaning, T.J. queried, “You [sic] saying I’m young? What are you trying to say?” Laughing, Kiran answered, “I don’t know. You got to listen to the lyrics to find out.” Chuckling, T. J. concurred, “Okay.”

Later, if recently wed T. J. finally does indeed listen to those lyrics, he may well get more than a little flushed (as he remembers Kiran’s siren tease this morning). Yes, Perry’s pop hit does open rather  innocently, viz., “You think I’m pretty without any make-up on; You think I’m funny when I tell the punch line wrong.” However, Perry’s paean to youthful passion does get steamier with passages such as “I’m a [sic] get your heart racing in my skin-tight jeans; be your teenage dream tonight.” Not to mention, the dirty ditty culminates with the comely chanteuse’s carnal call,” viz., “Let’s go all the way tonight; no regrets, just love; we can dance until we die; you and I, we’ll be young forever.”

Doubtlessly, Kiran’s colorful exchange with T. J. was probably little more than playful, bawdy banter between colleagues–albeit AM‘s Nepalese Aphrodite and CNN’s ebony Adonis. Nevertheless, even if Kiran’s hubby of ten years does not mind the on-camera coquetting, T.J.’s new bride may be less understanding. I.e., if T.J. is not careful, his “‘interim’ period” at AM may be shorter than he had hoped.

*American Morning – 01/20/11 (8:50 a.m. ET)

A.M.: T.J. Time!

January 6, 2011

After Holiday drear, some CNN cheer. Today interim American Morning co-host T. J. Holmes finally brought some belated Christmas spirit to AM viewers in the New Year. After enduring the unceremonious departure of alpha male co-host John Roberts on Christmas Eve and the subsequent parade of AM “C Team” anchors, Joe Johns and Jim Acosta, the AM audience was treated to a notable tryout by “B Team” player T.J. Holmes.

Even though the young buck may still lack the gravitas and urbanity of Roberts, Holmes demonstrated a refreshing common sense and unpretentious presence much needed in the Manhattan AM air. Not to mention, he evinced a certain charismatic connection with his audience and a ready rapport with co-anchor Kiran Chetry. Nevertheless, as evidenced by his self-proclaimed “interim” status, Holmes may yet have to contend with other “B Team” AM anchors like his handsome ivory twin Rob Marciano and foppish biz whiz Ali Velshi.

Good job, T.J.!

Kiran Takes Her Hubby To Work Today! Sssh!

December 28, 2010

Fox & Friends Weekend Revisited! Today American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry’s hubby, Chris Knowles, appeared thrice as CNN’s brand new meteorologist on AM with Kiran. Strangely, neither acknowledged their relationship to the AM audience. For the author, who is a long-time Fox & Friends viewer, it was a case of deja vu: I.e., Kiran and Chris similarly kept their marriage secret when they worked together on CNN rival FNC’s morning cable news show initially.

Seemingly, Kiran may have smoothed the way for hubby Chris during any of her negotiations with CNN chief Ken Jautz as he seemingly revamps his cable news morning program AM around her. Since her failed 2007 contract negotiations with Fox News probably precipitated Chris’ own departure from FNC and his consequent sojourn to his personal Moab as a parochial NYC WPIX weekend weatherman, Chris’ “power wife” probably has felt a tinge of guilt at his fate. After Chris was unceremoniously sacked in October, Kiran must now be especially elated to have been able to aid his return to national prominence at CNN, her “gold standard.”

Welcome, Chris! And, watch yourself, TJ!

Update 1:’s Fishbowl reported, “It’s uncertain whether this was a one-time appearance for Knowles or if he was auditioning for a larger role at CNN.” In its own update, Fishbowl adds, “Knowles tell FishbowlNY that he also was scheduled to do live weather updates at 10:30 and 11 a.m. this morning.”

Author’s remarks: Actually, Chris Knowles appeared thrice on AM (6:06 a.m. ET, 7:05 a.m. ET; and 8:01 a.m. ET) with his CNN microphone. In his third AM appearance, Kiran introduced Chris saying, “Our Chris Knowles, meteorologist.” Unless “our” suggests a CNN/Client 9 relationship, Chris is more than a one-day stand.

Update 2: Chris returned the next day Wednesday on AM. However, he was referred to as “meteorologist Chris Knowles.” The “our” was absent this time: However, Kiran seemed to begin to say “our” but stopped abruptly (@ 6:27 a.m. ET).

Update 3: According to a trusted source, Chris is uncertain of his CNN future but hopes that his stint pans out into a permanent position.

New A.M. Anchor: T.J. Holmes

December 26, 2010

CNN Saturday and CNN Sunday co-anchor T.J. Holmes announced that he will become the new American Morning co-anchor in the coming year. To his Twitter followers, T.J. Tweeted, “Thank u guys 4 the support on the weekend and hope I can continue 2 count on ur support as I experiment in a new role. (I’m gonna need it.)” He elaborated, “Need 2 let u know this is my last weekend, 4 now. Starting next yr, I’m anchoring “American Morning” in NY 4 a yet-2-be-determined period.”

T.J.’s new position on AM comes as little surprise to cable news watchers. On December 7, Page 6 of the New York Post reported, “T.J. Holmes…is one of the favorites to take over Roberts’ role and anchor alongside Kiran Chetry.” Furthermore, in the past, the younger, handsome CNN anchor has often filled in for Roberts on AM and has evinced a real rapport with the Nepalese beauty.

When announcing Roberts’ departure from American Morning, CNN chief Ken Jautz stated that CNN would “be looking at different people alongside Kiran.” Based on T.J.’s Tweets, it appears that Ken Jautz has now found his new man on AM. At least, for now.

Good luck, T.J.!

Update: T.J. begins his “interim” stint on American Morning on January 6, 2011.

Update: T.J. reaffirms his “interim” AM status (January 18).

Kiran’s Key to Happiness: “Sex”?

December 20, 2010

“Intercourse….Do you want me to say it in another way?” American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry shared “The Key to Happiness” with guest co-anchor T.J. Holmes last Friday. And, T.J. was only too happy to hear it. In fact, he was rather eager for Kiran to elaborate.

After a morning of flirting with T.J., a purported favorite to be a future permanent co-host of the newly revamped American Morning, Kiran added a little extra spice to their penultimate segment together. Reading the last story, Kiran declared, “If you’re looking for the keys to happiness, pay close attention to this story.” Nodding his head, T.J. mouthed, “Yes, I am.” Subsequently, looking back at T.J. continuously, Kiran continued, “According to new research, the more focused a person is, the happier he or she is. Researchers at Harvard say that those whose minds tend to wander feel less happy.” Turning again to T.J. suggestively, Kiran added, “The task that people had the least trouble focusing on was–sex.”

Looking into Kiran’s eyes, T.J. rakishly queried, “Was what?” Returning his gaze, Kiran chuckled, “Intercourse.” Flushed and beaming, T.J. began to read out of the block, stating, “It’s fifty-five minutes past the hour.” Still, looking steadfastly at T.J. and caressing her hair, Kiran racily remarked, “I mean, what, do you want me to say it in another way?”

Flustered, T.J. replied, “You just got really.” Interrupting himself and addressing the AM audience, T.J. said, “Okay, We’re, we’re gonna take a break. Fifty-five minutes past the hour: we’ll be right back.”

Then, as T.J. turned to Kiran and goatishly grinned, Kiran demurely ducked her head, smiled broadly, and coyly averted his gaze.

Sex: The real key to A.M. happiness?

*American Morning – 12/17/10 (@ 8:55 a.m. ET)

Morning in America Again? Almost.

December 16, 2010

Graphics and gams: Rise and shine! A new day is dawning on American Morning as CNN’s “Ray of Light,” Kiran Chetry, shines ever brighter. Yesterday new CNN chief Ken Jautz formally announced a new and improved AM with a “more upbeat and faster-paced” format and less of its old personnel, i.e., co-anchor John Roberts and EP Jamie Kraft.

On November 23, Jautz began his much needed transformation of AM by creating a spanking-new set with not only sunny graphics that awakened the AM audience but also a very sexy see-through desk that further aroused the male admirers of Kiran (a la Megyn Kelly’s America Live one). Unfortunately, these improvements of Jautz in part seem short lived: Seemingly, some priggish and prudish producer embraced anew the CNN castrato ethos only  two days later. I.e., the foolish philistine eunuch veiled Kiran’s lovely legs with apparently a reflective coating on the glass table that would have made John Ashcroft proud.

Unfortunately, for now, Jautz’s American Morning is a much more muted and bowdlerized version of FNC’s Fox & Friends. However, Jautz is promising to elevate the status of his anemic cable morning news show: Jautz asserts that he is transforming AM “to make it better suited to the morning” by rendering it “more upbeat and faster paced.” Beyond the format changes, Jautz states that he wanted to “make sure we have the right ‘American Morning family,’ as it were and we will be looking at different people [including T.J. Holmes] alongside Kiran on a rotating basis.”

A promising start. Happily, Jautz, unlike some of his colleagues, finally seems to realize that there may well be a desirable demographic beyond the Upper East Side effete elite. Here’s to a real American Morning soon!

AM 2011: John Jilted, TJ Wooed?

December 7, 2010

Out with the old: in with the new? According to New York Post‘s Page 6 sources, American Morning‘s co-anchor John Roberts is leaving AM “as early as the start of the new year.” Reportedly, Roberts is concluding a contract with CNN which would take him from his AM anchor seat in New York City to a national correspondent role in Atlanta, home of his gravid fiance, weekday CNN Newsroom anchor Kyra Phillips. In Roberts’ stead, inside sources suggest that CNN Newsroom‘s younger weekend anchor T.J. Holmes is a “favorite” to replace Roberts and to join the comely current co-anchor, Kiran Chetry, behind the AM desk.

No one should be surprised at the shakeup of AM, the cellar-dwelling cable morning news program: in fact, cable news media have been speculating for almost a year about a much needed makeover. Even though then CNN boss Jon Klein seemed loathe to alter the team that he himself had confected, successor CNN chief Ken Jautz has shown no such compunction: when Jautz was chosen to replace Klein in September, Jautz outlined his plans to jazz up the primetime ratings by making “primetime more compelling and engaging, sometimes more fun.” Then, last month (November 1) Page Six insider sources disclosed that new CNN chief Ken Jautz was going to concentrate on the daytime programming and that “his first step[would] be to dismantle American Morning, the lowest-rated cable morning show.” Now, apparently, Katz has so acted.

If Holmes does join Chetry, the AM dynamic should change significantly. With the “voice of God” journalist Roberts, Chetry too often has seemed unsure of herself and her abilities. But, when paired on occasion with the greener Holmes, Chetry has appeared to shine with an unabashed self-confidence.

TJ: Table Dances & Beer

October 19, 2010

“I thought we edited that part out: I’m sorry.” Fun-loving CNN correspondent T.J. Holmes brought his own personal style of cheer–both kinds–to his CNN Election Express bus tour report on American Morning today. Introducing his suds stop in Columbia, South Carolina, at the Flying Saucer draft emporium to co-anchor John Roberts and Kiran Chetry, T.J. joked that people were still talking about John’s 2008 campaign visit there: Teasing John, he said that he did not not what it was about but that he had heard the phrase “table dance” thrown around. As Kiran bowed her head in laughter, a smiling John answered, “You know the memories are foggy. There’s a mist covering all that. I’m not quite sure but I do remember the Flying Saucer–quite an amazing place!”*

Subsequently, as T.J. related his story, he ran video of his interview of two young men drinking at a Flying Saucer table. As the camera panned in, there sat T.J. tightly clutching a beer. After that initial shot, T.J. began to pull his hand away from his glass until it was at a safe distance. When he concluded his report, saying, “We’re just getting started here on day two, stop three of our bus tour,” a smiling, observant Kiran teased, “Alright. That’s why you were only sipping at that beer. You got a long way to go: You gotta, you gotta finish strong.” Beaming broadly, T.J. motioned as if he were “throwing another brew back” and chuckled, “Aw, I thought we edited that part out. I’m sorry.”

But, American Morning fans aren’t. It’s simply a small dose of what the doctor ordered for anemic ratings. Or, rather, Ken Jautz.

American Morning – 10/19/10 (@8:13 a.m. ET)

Kiran: No “Pumpkin Peeking” Today

August 18, 2010

But, still delicious? With guest co-host T.J. Holmes back in the American Morning house today, co-anchor Kiran Chetry apparently tried to make sure that he was not again too distracted by her beautiful bronzed orbs. As loyal AM viewers may remember, during the spring of last year when Kiran and T.J. hosted AM together, one of the buttons on Kiran’s blouse became unclasped and T.J., seemingly, could not help stealing a glance: shortly thereafter, Kiran (or, perhaps, a producer) pinned it up to veil the view of her pleasing pumpkins for the rest of the show. Today, wearing a not too dissimilar buttoned red blouse, Kiran, apparently, preemptively put a black top underneath to preclude such an occurrence.

However, T.J. should not feel too bad. Only a few weeks ago, Kiran, apparently, did the same to “help” her regular co-host John Roberts keep his eyes from roving: recently, when wearing a short, sleeveless black dress with a plunging neckline, Kiran donned a red top underneath to cloak her chest. As Kiran may have well remembered, that very dress was the one that had John Roberts’ seemingly doing a sequel to his original “Pumpkin Peeking.”

Nevertheless, all was not lost for T.J. or the AM audience as to the aesthetic appreciation of the Nepalese Aphrodite. In contrast with her matronly layered top, Kiran wore a short, sexy mini showcasing her gorgeous gams. Coy, but Chetrylicious!

[Aside: To paraphrase Fergie, “Chetrylicious definition make them AM boys go loco.”]

A.M.: Alpha Male 2 Beta Boy?

May 20, 2010

Is CNN/USA prez Jon Klein cutting John Roberts in favor of Jim Acosta? As Campbell Brown departs from her eight o’clock “no-bias-no-bull” perch because of low ratings, Klein seems to be promoting AM co-hosts Roberts and Kiran Chetry’s “open marriage” with Acosta as Chetry’s current courter. Perhaps, he is trying to confect the perfect solution to cure both American Morning abysmal ratings and those of Campbell Brown. I.e., he may want to rejigger the AM format by sending the seasoned news veteran (and CB guest anchor) Roberts to a straight news substitute for CB and replace him with a younger version on AM.

However, such a move may imperil the CNN’s anemic morning news program even further, especially, if Klein replaces alpha male Roberts with a proverbial albeit talented eunuch. As viewers of AM know, Roberts is the MAN on AM. Even weatherstud Rob Marciano cedes the preeminent role to Roberts albeit with an occasional obligatory nip at his elder’s heels. Roberts is CNN’s real silver-haired rogue who loves the ladies, knows his facts, and can still effortlessly play it cool with his AM audience, guests, and co-horts. To boot, he can keep co-host Kiran Chetry in awe at the same time with ease. Without him, AM becomes merely a bevy of beauties, beta boys, and choral castratos.

Even though his departure may well leave AM in the lurch, Roberts would probably be the perfect fit for a CB substitute as the “voice of Olympus” who bellows the”impartial truth” from the throne at Ted Turner’s erstwhile crown jewel. CNN would get their version of “fair and balanced” news and Roberts could finally pontificate in the evening a la Uncle Walter. Not to mention, Roberts also has the hip MuchMusic veejay JD persona to potentially draw in the prized A25-54 demo.

Even if Klein does solve his CB problem with Roberts, he may exacerbate the aforementioned AM one, especially, if he picks Jim Acosta. Yes, Acosta is from the valued Hispanic demographic but he seems to lack the needed machismo as CNN colleague Carol Costello has indicated and Acosta has appeared to acknowledge. To make matters worse, potential co-host Kiran Chetry seems to patronize Acosta by maternally putting up with his incessant interruptions and inane ad libs while charitably comparing him to George Clooney.

If Klein sends Roberts packing to his CB replacement, he should turn to his stable of young stallions like Rob Marciano or T.J. Holmes. Both of those young bucks seem eager to take their place at the helm as ruddy, randy roues ready to regale Kiran and the AM audience. Of course, Kiran’s hubby might prefer the more sedate and effete Acota, but the AM audience would probably continue to decline with such a flaccid fellow.

When will Klein finally face reality? He needs to connect with his vast vibrant audience of the American Everyman rather than his preferred incestuous elitist Manhattan socialites (who tow the politically correct line and massage one another’s egos). If he would embrace the egalitarianism of FNC’s Roger Ailes, CNN/USA’s top suit might realize that he did not need to feign disdain at ratings but rather could actually appreciate them fully if he followed suit.

Ergo, Klein, talk with your audience not down to them. Raze the trappings of hubris that you have embraced and walk among the people. Do away with AM’s distancing desk and the imperious palaver: rather, pull up a few chairs and converse with your viewers intelligently but not pedantically. I.e., get off your high horse a la Marie Antoinette before you meet a similar fate.

Kiran’s Cleavage: Boobquake?

April 27, 2010

American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry coquettishly dismissed the power of her “pumpkins” today to the amusement of her co-anchor John Roberts. In the final block of the first hour of AM, Kiran introduced a Jeanne Moos story cleverly entitled “Busting ‘Boobquake’ Theory” about a Purdue student’s effort to debunk an Iranian cleric’s claim that immodestly attired women precipitated earthquakes. In the report, Moos humorously covered Jen McCreight and her friends’ attempt to test the strange theory by wearing their most revealing tops Monday. Moos even asked McCreight about the “magnitude of [her] cleavage.”

After playfully opening her own blouse a bit to the merriment of McCreight and her gal pals, Moos concluded her segment, saying “Just to be safe, beware what you wear!”* As Kiran caught the toss, she self-deprecatingly jested, “There you go. Just stick with me, John, [and] you’ll be in no danger of running into an earthquake. I can’t say the same for everyone else.” After she and John both shared a hearty laugh, John replied, “Sounds like a great idea.”

And, John would know. In fact, so would AM guest host T.J. Holmes. Kiran may not have produced an earthquake yet but she certainly has given her CNN colleagues and AM admirers, at least, a few tremors.

*American Morning – 04/27/10 (6:56 a.m. ET)

Dead Show Airing?

March 11, 2010

A.M.: R.I.P.? After noting that American Morning co-hosts John Roberts and Kiran Chetry have seldom been seen behind the AM desk together lately and that a host of substitute co-anchors have been paraded before the AM audience, last week Carpe Diem asked, “AM: Shake-up Looming?” Yesterday, answered in the affirmative–or, at least, indicated that it appears to be in the works. According to media expert Dylan Stableford (former managing editor and contributor to Salon, New York, and Rolling Stone), an inside source indicated that “CNN is testing a concept that would include personalities with dueling political ideologies and opinions” for “a new morning show pilot.”

Apparently, CNN/US prez Jon Klein has finally taken the blinders off. After trying to revitalize American Morning’s anemic ratings three years ago by bringing in seasoned journalist John Roberts and Fox News’ rising star Kiran Chetry, Klein’s endeavor has met with dismal disappointment. In fact, based on’s figures and the author’s calculations, the total viewer ratings of 2010 (1st quarter) are identical to those of 2007 (1st quarter). Even more troubling, reports that Nielsen numbers show that AM has declined 30% in 2010 in both total viewers and the prized 25-54 demographic.

According to Stableford, it is unclear what the purported changes mean for Roberts or Chetry. In the last few weeks, Roberts has been temped for by T.J. Holmes, Jim Acosta, and Christine Romans whereas Chetry has been filled in for by Sara Sidner and Kate Bolduan. In doing so, Klein has seemed to substitute AM regulars for Roberts and new faces for Chetry. Perhaps, he will keep this part of his formula but acribe to a more provocative, zanier, and, yes, “Friendlier” approach. [N.B. Roger Ailes’ Fox & Friends shellacked Klein’s American Morning by 4:1 (overall viewers) and by 3:1 (25-34 demog) in the latest numbers (03/09/10)]

As to Roberts and Chetry’s respective futures, a Klein canning could actually inure to their benefit ultimately. Roberts would be in a position to stake his claim anew to Uncle Walter’s seat if the old Tiffany network does not renew Katie Couric’s costly contract. And, Chetry may finally find redemption with her many fans at the top-rating cable news network if she is but granted Ailes’ absolution.

[Author’s aside: Since Chetry’s absences have been fewer than those of Roberts, Klein may be considering whether to keep Chetry. If so, he could use the former Fox & Friends (First & Weekend) co-host to guide CNN’s version of FNC’s morning news juggernaut.]

Hat tip to J$P (Johnny Dollar’s Place).

AM Shake-up Looming?

March 4, 2010

Almost three years after CNN/US prez Jon Klein brought in John Roberts and Kiran Chetry to replace American Morning co-anchors Miles O’Brien and Soledad O’Brien because of flagging ratings, it appears that he may be considering a similar shake-up. When Klein announced the change on April 4, 2007, AM total viewers averaged 372,000 (in 2007 first quarter) according to Today, AM total viewers remain unchanged at 372,000 (in 2010 first quarter through March 1, 2010) according to’s figures and the author’s computations.

In the last few weeks, Roberts and Chetry have been seen less and less together behind the AM desk. When either has been absent, it seems that the present one has been paired with a new guest co-anchor. In fact, Klein and/or AM EP Jamie Kraft have paraded before their audience a long list of fill-ins, e.g.,  regulars like T.J. Holmes and Christine Romans, a less frequent guest co-host (if ever before) Jim Acosta, and first-timers Sara Sidner and Kate Bolduan* as if it were an AM casting call.

If indeed Klein is considering such a change, it might actually inure to the benefit of both Roberts and Chetry. In re Roberts, perhaps, he will finally get his dream job that he lost to Katie Couric, i.e., the CBS Evening News anchor seat. (Was it he, rather than Anderson Cooper, who was reported talking with CBS executives about an anchor role as CBS News is cutting costs and Couric’s reportedly $15-million-per-year contract is set to expire in barely more than a year?) As to Chetry, maybe, FNC Senior Veep of Programming Bill Shine will let bygones be bygones if his former Fox & Friends (First and Weekend) co-host will embrace FNC anew (as her platinum standard vis-a-vis CNN as  her “gold standard”): Shine surely needs Chetry to add to the depth of his bevy of brainy beauties, especially if its rising star Megyn Kelly replaces Greta van Susteren on On the Record.

Perchance, Klein could jump start AM’s ratings with a new cast. And, simultaneously, Roberts and Chetry’s respective careers to boot. A possible win-win-win.

*American Morning – 03/04/10 – @5:59 a.m. ET [To guest co-host Bolduan, Roberts remarked, “Good to have you with us this morning. Your first day on dawn patrol.”]

Chetrylicious: Too Delicious?

February 9, 2010

Apparently, American Morning co-anchor Kiran Chetry once again just looked too good for her guest co-host T. J. Holmes. As AM began this morning, a beaming T.J. Holmes turned his gaze upon the Nepalese lovely clad in her sharp black dress with a plunging neckline. Seeming to sense the effect of her allure, she smiled back at him with a twinkle in her eye and simply said, “Hi!” before welcoming the viewer. T.J. looked ahead, chuckled, and seemed to steal a brief glance before he introduced himself to the audience.

Unfortunately for T.J. and the AM viewer, EP Jamie Kraft seemed to take note. Around fifteen minutes into the program, Kiran began a Haitian survivor story with AM chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta by phone: however, as Sanjay finished answering her question and his report, Kiran had left the set and T.J., sitting all alone at the desk, thanked Sanjay before going to commercial. When the show resumed after the ad break, Kiran had reappeared but her decolletage had disappeared. Apparently, Kraft had Kiran put on a top underneath her dress to cloak her beauty more.

Jamie, Jamie. Not the best way to boost ratings. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with being too delicious–especially, if you’re Chetrylicious.

Kiran: Naughty or Nice?

December 22, 2009

Kiran and her bad boys! Last week, American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry reveled in her co-anchor John Roberts squirming’ during a Jeanne Moos report entitled “Window Undressing.” Yesterday, similarly, Kiran relished her guest co-host T.J. Holmes’ repeated slavering over the same young lithe New York models disrobing in the 5th Avenue front window of XOXO (during still timely re-airings of that very tale).

Yesterday, when Moos’ story, “Window Undressing” opened to Christina Aguilera’s  hit “Dirty,” Kiran glanced at T.J. and saucily mouthed, “Love that song.” Grinning, T.J. then introduced the segment saying, “Just in time for your last minute holiday shopping, we’ve got a window display designed to lure you in but also make you drool.” [And, apparently, it did.] As the story concluded with a close-up of the comely caboose of one of the cuties, T.J., turned to Kiran and randily remarked, “Okay, I didn’t walk far enough up 5th Avenue, apparently….[I]t’s a good marketing tool.” With raised eyebrows, Kiran laughed, “It sure is!”

Later, when the salacious segment aired again to the strains of “Dirty” and the visuals of the models’ changing clothes, Kiran was caught unawares sexily swaying to the music. Looking at the camera, Kiran chuckled, “Oh, sorry!” Her colleague T.J. was not: Looking at her rather appreciatively before running the story, he exclaimed, “Yeah. They caught you dancing. It’s alright!”

Then, after the subsequent report footage had concluded with that zoom-in on the model’s shapely derriere again (as she pulled a very snug skirt over it), Kiran wryly remarked, “See, you didn’t think that it was going to fit but it did at the last minute.” Smiling, T.J. answered, “I had no doubts that it was going to work out.” Racily, Kiran cleverly replied, “Worked out just fine in the end.” Then, looking into his eyes for his reaction, she bawdily added, “And a good time was had by all!” With a goatish grin, T.J. wisely responded, “Un-huh. I should stop talking about this story now.” Kiran concurred, “Yeah.”

Kiran: Naughty but nice!

Kiran: Puss in Boots?

November 12, 2009

With her on-screen hubby John Roberts gone today, American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry was back in her single prime. Or, as psychoanalysts might opine, she seemed to “suffer” from the feminine version of the Coolidge effect this morning. The beneficiaries? Her A.M. acolytes.

Yesterday, with the old boy in tow, the Nepalese beauty was rather attractive in her somewhat short teal dress with a modestly plunging neckline. However, today, with T. J. Holmes subbing, Kiran showed her sexier side in a red form-fitting mini and black stiletto-heeled ankle boots. The girl was back: she knew it, and everyone else did as well.

The controversial Puss in Boots? Nah. But, who would mind if she were?

Kiran: “Looking Down My Shirt”

September 21, 2009

This time it was American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry who was “pumpkin peeking”–at her own. In the past, AM co-anchor John Roberts and co-anchor temp T.J. Holmes have been caught stealing a similar glance.

Today not only was Kiran momentarily distracted but also she had CNN correspondent Jason Carroll somewhat flustered. As Jason gave his political report on the NY governor, Jason stopped mid-sentence, smiled at Kiran, and asked, “What are doing?” She said nothing. As he began to conclude his story, Jason seemed to inadvertently point his pen at Kiran’s chest: Kiran looked down and then at John who kept his eyes studiously riveted on Jason.

When Jason had finished his segment, Kiran pointed at her bosom repeatedly and answered, “I was actually, I was looking down my shirt because I thought my microphone  fell off.” Jason replied, “Yeah, I was wondering what was going on there. Glad you cleared that up for us!” Turning toward John who was grinning and looking away, Kiran exclaimed, “Sorry, he asked me, ‘What are you doing?'”

Perhaps, remembering last October and less than two weeks ago, John jested, “At least, it wasn’t one of us!” Chuckling, Jason answered, “Yeah!” To which, Kiran heartily guffawed.

Ironically, had her mike fallen earlier, Kiran would not have had to search as hard. Earlier in the show, Kiran had a more daring decolletage. However, apparently, some priggish producer found fault. Thereafter, Kiran went from pinup to pinned up.

Kiran: “Arrivederci, Rob!”

September 17, 2009

Bye, bye, AM beefcake? Did American Morning co-anchor Kiran Chetry give meteorologist Rob Marciano a subtle Soprano-like kiss goodbye today?

In AM’s second hour weathercast, Rob concluded his segment and segued back to Kiran and guest co-host T. J. Holmes. When he did so, Kiran said, “It’s time to get up here, Rob, get your butt up here and pick some apples.” T.J. looked at Kiran, smiled, and interjected, “Wow!” As for Rob, he replied, “Alright. I’d like that. Yeah, maybe, do a little leaf viewing as well.”

Seeming not to understand Rob, Kiran queried, “Do a little what? He repeated, “Do a little leaf peeping.” Again, Kiran asked, “Leaf what?” Rob reiterated, “Leaf peeping and apple picking.” Seeming to sense some double entendres, T.J. turned to Kiran and exclaimed, “I should go. I should go now.” Grabbing T.J.’s arm, Kiran pleaded, “Just stay, please. We don’t need anyone else walking off set because of something Rob said.” Then looking into the camera, Kiran threw Rob an unexpected kiss goodbye, and said, “Arrivederci, Rob!”*

As to her “mafioso” farewell, Kiran may have been ribbing Rob about his producers’ caution yesterday after an exchange with CNN Newsroom anchor Heidi Collins. After a story about a naked biker who was stopped for a D.U.I. after visiting Hooters, Rob began to ad lib risquely before being stopping by his producers for the “benefit of [his] career.”

Long-time AM viewers know that Rob frequently not only makes risque remarks but also quips about his future CNN employment. E.g., cf. Carpe Diem‘s “Rob Unleased: “Pimp” and “B-i-t-c-h’s.” This morning, Kiran seemed to be be playing along beautifully with the theme. No worries, ladies, your Adonis is safe!

Aphrodite’s Autumn Allure

September 10, 2009

There’s something about his American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry that gets co-anchor John Roberts’ blood versing through his veins in autumn. Last fall, American Morning co-host John got caught “pumpkin peeking” and this year he added some “stem research.” Only two days after the unofficial end of summer, Labor Day, John just could not help himself again.

In AM’s penultimate segment, John and Kiran jointly interviewed Brian De Villiers, the coach of teen tennis sensation Melanie Oudin’s coach. All three were seated in the plush black chairs and shown in full-body shots. Kiran was wrapped ravishingly in an arm-baring black dress with a plunging, narrow neckline and her above-the-knee hemline had markedly risen to more generously reveal her gorgeous gams.

As Kiran asked the first question, John turned toward her and gave her a quick and subtle appreciative glance, eying her from head to toe. For the rest of the interview he studiously avoided lowering his gaze: In fact, it appeared that he looked slightly behind her head as if to avoid further temptation. Possibly, AM Executive Producer Jamie Kraft had whispered in his ear.

Don’t worry John, like T. J. Holmes, AM’s red-blooded male viewers can not blame you for giving in to Aphrodite’s allure.