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A.M.: Alpha Male 2 Beta Boy?

May 20, 2010

Is CNN/USA prez Jon Klein cutting John Roberts in favor of Jim Acosta? As Campbell Brown departs from her eight o’clock “no-bias-no-bull” perch because of low ratings, Klein seems to be promoting AM co-hosts Roberts and Kiran Chetry’s “open marriage” with Acosta as Chetry’s current courter. Perhaps, he is trying to confect the perfect solution to cure both American Morning abysmal ratings and those of Campbell Brown. I.e., he may want to rejigger the AM format by sending the seasoned news veteran (and CB guest anchor) Roberts to a straight news substitute for CB and replace him with a younger version on AM.

However, such a move may imperil the CNN’s anemic morning news program even further, especially, if Klein replaces alpha male Roberts with a proverbial albeit talented eunuch. As viewers of AM know, Roberts is the MAN on AM. Even weatherstud Rob Marciano cedes the preeminent role to Roberts albeit with an occasional obligatory nip at his elder’s heels. Roberts is CNN’s real silver-haired rogue who loves the ladies, knows his facts, and can still effortlessly play it cool with his AM audience, guests, and co-horts. To boot, he can keep co-host Kiran Chetry in awe at the same time with ease. Without him, AM becomes merely a bevy of beauties, beta boys, and choral castratos.

Even though his departure may well leave AM in the lurch, Roberts would probably be the perfect fit for a CB substitute as the “voice of Olympus” who bellows the”impartial truth” from the throne at Ted Turner’s erstwhile crown jewel. CNN would get their version of “fair and balanced” news and Roberts could finally pontificate in the evening a la Uncle Walter. Not to mention, Roberts also has the hip MuchMusic veejay JD persona to potentially draw in the prized A25-54 demo.

Even if Klein does solve his CB problem with Roberts, he may exacerbate the aforementioned AM one, especially, if he picks Jim Acosta. Yes, Acosta is from the valued Hispanic demographic but he seems to lack the needed machismo as CNN colleague Carol Costello has indicated and Acosta has appeared to acknowledge. To make matters worse, potential co-host Kiran Chetry seems to patronize Acosta by maternally putting up with his incessant interruptions and inane ad libs while charitably comparing him to George Clooney.

If Klein sends Roberts packing to his CB replacement, he should turn to his stable of young stallions like Rob Marciano or T.J. Holmes. Both of those young bucks seem eager to take their place at the helm as ruddy, randy roues ready to regale Kiran and the AM audience. Of course, Kiran’s hubby might prefer the more sedate and effete Acota, but the AM audience would probably continue to decline with such a flaccid fellow.

When will Klein finally face reality? He needs to connect with his vast vibrant audience of the American Everyman rather than his preferred incestuous elitist Manhattan socialites (who tow the politically correct line and massage one another’s egos). If he would embrace the egalitarianism of FNC’s Roger Ailes, CNN/USA’s top suit might realize that he did not need to feign disdain at ratings but rather could actually appreciate them fully if he followed suit.

Ergo, Klein, talk with your audience not down to them. Raze the trappings of hubris that you have embraced and walk among the people. Do away with AM’s distancing desk and the imperious palaver: rather, pull up a few chairs and converse with your viewers intelligently but not pedantically. I.e., get off your high horse a la Marie Antoinette before you meet a similar fate.


Kiran: Sexy Coed Fun?

March 1, 2010

“Far less PC”: Chetry’s joie de vivre contagious. During American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry’s “cat walk” headline news segment today, she read a story on certain colleges trying to curb student (under 21) binge drinking by tattling to their coeds’ parents. As Kiran returned to the desk, guest co-anchor Christine Romans began the rote repetition of the dire consequences of such reckless actions by students. When she had finally finished, Kiran ducked her head, smiled impishly, and remarked, “I was going to say something far less PC–which is, my parents would have gotten [sic] so much mail.”*

Christine chuckled, “I take the clinical [route] and Kiran’s like ‘Whew!'” Riantly, Kiran replied, “Well. It’s great to have already gone through all of that before the age of cell phones and texting and photos, right? Facebook. We had some privacy as young kids. Right?” Sounding somewhat uncertain, Christine answered, “Yes, we did. I think we did.”

Subsequently, tossing to AM’s meteorologist, Christine haltingly commented, “It’s time for a check of the quick heather, weather, heather weadlines with. As Christine struggled to segue, Kiran guffawed and interposed, “Now I really messed her up.” After she had composed herself, Christine continued, “Yeah. Uh, Jacqui Jeras is in the Extreme Weather Center. Good morning, Jacqui! We’ll not talk about anything that happened at Iowa State, shall we!”

Quickly cluing in the AM audience, Kiran interjected, “Hey, you two [Jacqui and Christine] went to college together.” Laughing, Jacqui responded, “This is why Christine is flustered because she knows I have stories.” Then she added, “I’m going to have to agree with you [Kiran]….Thank goodness, no cell phones or Facebook at that time.”

Just what AM EP Jamie Kraft needs to inject into AM. Less elitist hauteur and affected gravitas and more Everyman humility and a propos levity. A very good start, Kiran!

[As an aside to Carpe Diem’s red-blooded AM viewers, these CNN beauties have their collegiate anonymity now. However, do not fully despair: Christine’s “fears” may yet be realized. Who knows? Perhaps, TMZ’s Harvey Levin will come to your rescue. Or, maybe, Gawker will (as AM’s weatherstud Rob Marciano once discovered).

*American Morning – 03/01/10 (@6:48 a.m. ET)

W/o Kiran’s Ray, Her Boys Stray

February 5, 2010

Weathergals unwelcome? Today American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry and her “chauvinistic” weatherMEN, colleague Rob Marciano and hubby Chris Knowles, took opposing sides on the old battlefield of the sexes. Even though Kiran (aptly meaning “Ray of Light” in Sanskrit) consistently and inclusively cited the “weatherperson” or “meteorologist” today, her benighted boys just could not seem to include their female counterparts on this anachronistically dubbed “National Weatherman Day.”

When introducing AM’s first weather segment with meteorologist Rob Marciano, seemingly, realizing the old-boy designation, guest co-host Christine Romans alluded to “National Weatherman’s Day or Meteorologist’s Day”: as Rob began his report, he merely referred to “this holiday.”However, when he concluded it, Kiran commented, “Happy Meteorologist’s Day. Is that what it is?,” Rob obliqued replied, “Thank you. Close enough.” Then, he smiled and chuckled.

Apparently, AM EP Jamie Kraft sent Kiran the memo posthaste: when segueing to Rob in his second segment, Kiran remarked, “It’s National Weatherperson’s Day.” Christine surely received her copy, too: in the final hour, before tossing to Rob for his report (and atoning for her earlier verbal gaffe?), Christine queried, “What is it? National Weatherperson Day?” Kiran immediately responded, “Yes, it is! It’s National Weatherperson’s Day.” Perhaps, not completely concurring, Rob added, “What better way to celebrate the holiday? As he concluded his weather story, Rob just apparently refused to use the gender neutral name: rather, he referenced “this sacred scientific holiday.”

Unfortunately, Kiran, apparently, did not share her AM memo with hubby Chris Knowles (NY WPIX weekend weatherman) or Chris simply ignored it. While AM was in progress, Chris Tweeted, “@robmarcianoCNN Wxman’s day, yo! Make sure they’re treatin’ you…right.” Apparently, appreciative of his fellow weatherMAN’s support and “shout-out,” Rob reTweeted, “[F]ollow my NY wxpal CK also @kiranchetry husband! RT @chrisknowles11: @robmarcianoCNN Wxman’s day, yo!”

In this age of female ascendancy, perchance, a measure of machismo blowback is inevitable. Nevertheless, a game of boys versus girls seems somewhat passe. Unless, it’s the proverbial “kiss chase.”

Kiran: Let’s Get Physical

November 30, 2009

American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry was feeling rather earthy this early morn. As AM returned from commercial to the soft, spiritual strains of Cat Stevens’ “Morning Has Broken,” Kiran complained, “I just want to say thanks. As if we’re weren’t depressed enough: it’s a Monday morning. Why are we playing this song?” She added, “I mean, couldn’t we, at least, play that little “Baby, Baby, It’s a Wild World one by him? Gosh! Anyway.”

As she then segued to meteorologist Rob Marciano, she joked, “I understand this was a request from Rob Marciano. He requested this song. It’s one of his favorites.” Good-naturedly, Rob retorted, “I didn’t request that.” When the AM beefcake playboy‘s report concluded, Kiran risquely remarked, “Listen, if we had one more hour, we would play your other request by Engelbert Humperdinck (assumably, ‘Come Spend the Morning‘).”* As Rob beamed broadly and co-host Joe Johns roared with laughter, Kiran laughed, “Alas, alas, we are out of time.”

A.M.: Amorous Marciano?

*[For the reader unfamiliar with Humperdinck’s song, one lusty lyric reads “Long-legged, open-eyed, satisfied woman, come spend the morning with me.”]

Kiran: Pumpkin Princess

November 19, 2009

“34D”: another memorable AM mammary moment! After an airline delay report and a baby panda story, American Morning co-anchor John Roberts opined, “Every time you see a panda, you can’t help but feel good about life.” Kiran replied, “That’s right. They should actually start showing those pandas in all the screens if you’re stuck on the tarmac there…from seat 1A to all the way back down to like 34D.”*

Catching herself a tad too late, Kiran giggled, “Oops! 34D. Anyway.” Interjecting rather randily, meteorologist Rob Marciano remarked, “Spreading the happiness.” Readily, Kiran racily replied, “That’s right. Spreading the love.”

Then as she mischievously turned to her co-anchor John Roberts, John struggled to maintain his composure. He shook his head, smiled broadly and saltily added, “I never sat in that seat.” Saucily tilting her head, Kiran responded, “Me either.”

Looking toward the producer, John asked, “Okay, should we just go to break, or should we actually? No, okay, let’s do the tease.” As he read, “Alright, confusion over the mammogram guidelines, our Dr. Gupta,” Kiran simply looked down and abashedly laughed. Chuckling, John commented, “You just can’t make these things up.”

No, you can’t. In fact, as the segment ended and the camera began to fade, John’s eyes immediately gravitated to Kiran’s ample melons. Gazing appreciatively, he aptly added, “I’m as red as your dress.”

Even after Halloween, the pumpkin princess reigns supreme.

*American Morning – @8:53 a.m. ET

Chris “Quiets” Kiran

October 28, 2009

Although the Twitter followers of American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry (recently Tweet reticent) may want to hear more from her, her hubby Chris Knowles does not. At least, that is, after 8:57 p.m. ET tonight. [The World Series between Chris’ Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Yankees begins at that time.]

Today, initially, Kiran did not appear ready to fully embrace her new role as baseball widow. In fact, as AM co-anchor John Roberts read a headlines story about the Phillies trying to repeat their championship bid this year, Kiran remarked, “My husband said to me yesterday, ‘Don’t speak to me after 7:57.” Then when she segued to meteorologist Rob Marciano, she asked, “Would you ever tell your wife, ‘Don’t talk to me after 7:57?'” Rob replied, “No, I wouldn’t do that.”

Looking straight into the camera as if to Chris, Kiran responded. “See that!” Rob elaborated, “But, you know as you go along in a marriage, I think you get a little bit more leeway with that kind of talk.” Kiran laughed. Rick continued, “So, I think, you know, maybe, CK gets away with that stuff.”

When Rob tossed back to Kiran and John, a somewhat unctuously sympathetic John queried, “He really said, ‘Don’t talk to me after 7:57?” Kiran answered, “I think he was kidding.” Seeming to relish albeit ostensibly bemoaning Chris’ assertiveness, Kiran explained, “Well, first he said, ‘What are you making me to eat for the game.’ Then he said that.” Seemingly surprised, a smiling John gritted his teeth, arched his eyebrows, and mouthed, “What!” Kiran giggled with girlish glee.

Perhaps, after the game, Chris will “let” Kiran talk, or, at least, purr!

Kiran: “Arrivederci, Rob!”

September 17, 2009

Bye, bye, AM beefcake? Did American Morning co-anchor Kiran Chetry give meteorologist Rob Marciano a subtle Soprano-like kiss goodbye today?

In AM’s second hour weathercast, Rob concluded his segment and segued back to Kiran and guest co-host T. J. Holmes. When he did so, Kiran said, “It’s time to get up here, Rob, get your butt up here and pick some apples.” T.J. looked at Kiran, smiled, and interjected, “Wow!” As for Rob, he replied, “Alright. I’d like that. Yeah, maybe, do a little leaf viewing as well.”

Seeming not to understand Rob, Kiran queried, “Do a little what? He repeated, “Do a little leaf peeping.” Again, Kiran asked, “Leaf what?” Rob reiterated, “Leaf peeping and apple picking.” Seeming to sense some double entendres, T.J. turned to Kiran and exclaimed, “I should go. I should go now.” Grabbing T.J.’s arm, Kiran pleaded, “Just stay, please. We don’t need anyone else walking off set because of something Rob said.” Then looking into the camera, Kiran threw Rob an unexpected kiss goodbye, and said, “Arrivederci, Rob!”*

As to her “mafioso” farewell, Kiran may have been ribbing Rob about his producers’ caution yesterday after an exchange with CNN Newsroom anchor Heidi Collins. After a story about a naked biker who was stopped for a D.U.I. after visiting Hooters, Rob began to ad lib risquely before being stopping by his producers for the “benefit of [his] career.”

Long-time AM viewers know that Rob frequently not only makes risque remarks but also quips about his future CNN employment. E.g., cf. Carpe Diem‘s “Rob Unleased: “Pimp” and “B-i-t-c-h’s.” This morning, Kiran seemed to be be playing along beautifully with the theme. No worries, ladies, your Adonis is safe!

Rob Unleashed: “Pimp” & “B-i-t-c-h’s”

August 28, 2009

American Morning’s meteorologist Rick Marciano treated viewers to a salty version of Rob’s Road Show this morning. Covering the Dog Day’s Festival in Mystic, Connecticut, Rob praised Rufus, the 2006 Westminister Best in Show Champion, as a “pimp” in the “puppy world.” As he was concluding his segment, guest co-host Carol Costello asked, “Rob, you called Rufus a ‘pimp’: why is he a pimp? Rob ribaldly replied, “Well, look at him: come on. Just the way he carries himself and, I’m told, the b-t-i-c-h’s [sic] treat him well.”

As Carol and AM co-anchor John Roberts roared with laughter, Rob added, “That’s what they’re called in the dog world.” Carol riantly replied, “I’m sorry I asked.” Rob jested, “Hopefully, I’ll be back with you in another hour.” Carol playfully commanded, “Go back on that leash, Rob: You need it.” Rob agreed, “Yeah, I do. And, a gag.”

Maybe, AM’s executive producer Jamie Kraft should rename Rob’s Road Show, “Rob: Unleashed!” He might begin to give FNC’s Fox & Friends a real run for the money. Especially, if he lets John and co-anchor Kiran Chetry follow Rob’s lead.

Roberts: Rob’s Tight T-Shirt

August 14, 2009

American Morning weatherguy Rob Marciano displayed his yo-yo technique today and AM co-anchor John Roberts was impressed. Not with his skills but with his presentation!

Promoting an upcoming “Rob’s Road Show” segment (set in Orlando the site of a yo-yo world competition), Rob awkwardly attempted to keep the simple Duncan toy in motion. When he had some success, he gave the thumbs up sign and flexed his biceps in a constricting short-sleeved Polo: AM co-host Kiran Chetry commented, “He got the yo-yo back up to his hand: So, that’s a plus.” Seemingly, ribbing Rob for his gay/straight beefcake appeal,* John jested, “You know, you’re wearing a t-shirt that tight: It doesn’t matter what you do with a yo-yo!”

CNN: Home of AM’s Aphrodite, and, apparently, its Adonis.

* Merely, Google “Rob Marciano.”

AM (08/14/09) – @ 6:42 a.m. ET

Alina Eyes Palin’s Bad Boy

May 29, 2009

American Morning guest co-host Alino Cho, resident fashionista (according to AM co-host Kiran Chetry),* seemed fascinated with self-professed redneck Levi Johnston. Decrying his fifteen minutes of fame, she discussed him each and every hour of the show this morning. According to my calculations she gave him an extra six minutes.

In the first hour of AM, as “Independent Nation” author John Avalon concluded his “Wingnut of the Week” segment, she asked, “What is a wingnut segment without Levi Johnston? He is…shirtless in GQ…poses with his baby, gives an interview. When is enough enough?” When Avalon indicated that Levi’s fifteen minutes were up and that he should move on, Alina replied, “I gotta agree with you on that.”

In the second hour, Alina promo’d and introduced a sympathetic “Pretty Damn Uncomfortable” Levi Johnston piece with GQ shirtless pics of him with his baby and a shot of the camouflage-clad, gun-slinging Alaskan rebel. After the report, Alina acerbically commented, “The writer [of the GQ article] believes that Levi is hoping to turn his story into a book or TV deal. That would be if anybody really cares about that story.” Guest co-anchor Rob Marciano wryly replied, “Well, you know, we seem to care.”

In the final hour, Alina did it again. When she presided over the “Political Drama” debate with lib Hilary Rosen, HuffPo editor-at-large, and conservative Leslie Sanchez, Hispanic Alliance for Prosperity Institute co-chair, she covered two issues. I.e., the profound matter of the nomination of the first Hispanic female, Judge Sonia Stomayor, to the highest court of the land and the shallow issue of “Levi Johnston shirtless in the July issue of GQ magazine speaking out.” A peculiar juxtaposition indeed.

Good girl Alina: bad boy Levi.


Tepid Thursday

May 28, 2009

Decaf morning news! Whether one turned to Fox & Friends or American Morning, one could hardly be blamed for turning the channel. On F&F, after yesterday’s invigorating show with the mesmerizing Miss California Carrie Prejean and the alluring Alisyn Camerota; Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, and Gretchen Carlson presided over a virtual three-hour Ambien experience. On American Morning, seemingly unwilling to take the reins readily as alpha stars Kiran Chetry and John Roberts do, guest co-anchors Alina Cho and Rob Marciano contently laid back and pushed the snooze button.

Ugh! However, tomorrow is another day. Hopefully!

CNN Insider: De La Cruz Fundraiser Legit

May 19, 2009

No, it’s not a hoax! According to a well-placed CNN source and former colleague of former CNN correspondent Veronica De La Cruz, her tireless Twitter fundraiser for her fifteen-year-old brother Eric is indeed legit. He/she added, “Her mother is sick too.” (He/she seemed to be reassuring this Twitterer of Veronica’s veracity in view of another Twitterer’s apparent aggressive investigation thereof.)

When the author was alerted to Veronica’s fight for her only sibling’s life, he began following her Tweets and checked her links and “following.” The initial links appeared peripheral to Veronica (e.g., a fan club site with purportedly personal postings) and the following seemed to not include many CNN personalities. Thus, the author became all the more skeptical since he had not seen any coverage of Eric’s struggle on CNN.

Therefore, the author inquired of CNN as to whether Veronica’s fundraiser for Eric was authentic and was assured that it was. However, it seems interesting that her former show, American Morning, has not made more of the personal plight of one of its former correspondents. Perhaps, it will in the not too distant future.


American Morning meteorologist Rob Marciano Tweets his support of Veronica’s fundraising efforts for her brother Eric.

Kiran & Knowles on A.M.?

May 11, 2009

Waking up to Kiran and Knowles in the morning again? Is a pairing anew of American Morning comely co-host Kiran Chetry and her hubby WPIX meteorologist possible? As Fox & Friends Weekend fans fondly recall, co-anchor Kiran once showed her smart, sassy, sexy side while her secret hubby weatherman Chris Knowles exhibited an understated, personable, and witty nature on the same show

Last Friday, Kiran reminded her F&FW fans and alerted her A.M. audience to the dynamic duo. After guest host Carol Costello had complained earlier to AM meteorologist Rob Marciano about the gloomy day in NYC and he simply answered that, at least, it was a Friday, Kiran delivered good news from her favorite weatherman. Kiran said, “I know a meteorologist who told me that, Carol, it was not dreary out there; it is just the beginnings of some morning fog; [and] it’s going to burn off: There you have it!”

Knowingly, Carol responded, “That one must be brilliant. Who is that brilliant meteorologist?” Kiran laughingly gushed, “He must be genius: He’s my hubby!” [Maybe, not a genius: It did take a certain bathing beauty to help him open his eyes at WICU-TV in Erie, Pennsylvania.]

A sweet shout out to Knowles or a subtle suggestion to CNN (if only as a fill-in for Rob)? Or, maybe, both?

“John & Kiran”: Sexist?

March 14, 2009

“John and Kiran”: Sexist AM sign-off? Sounds silly, eh? Perhaps: Perhaps not. The recently standard segue of American Morning correspondents (when they do not know which co-anchor is following them) always seemed somewhat strange to the author: Why did not the reporters change the order on occasion? A possible explanation seemed to be that the obviously more senior co-anchor was being given greater honor.

However, when guest host Rob Marciano Thursday and Friday substituted for John, the invariable reporters’ au revoir seemed to manifest more a sexist tinct. Even though Carol Costello concluded her report with “Kiran, Rob” (according more accolades to Kiran, the permanent co-host), the other correspondents concluded their reports with “Rob and Kiran” as if it were “male and Kiran.”

Does the author think that American Morning’s reporters are intentionally sexist? Absolutely not. However, in the future, it would be helpful if AM executive producer Janelle Rodriguez were to have them alternate the names so as to not indicate otherwise.

John Jabs Rob

February 6, 2009

Weatherguy Rob Marciano got put “in his place” by American Morning’s alpha male John Roberts this morning. After John showed off some “impromptu” solo guitar playing to co-anchor Kiran Chetry’s lavish praise, Kiran asked, “Rob Marciano, what do you think? Pretty impressive, right?”

A bit mockingly, Rob responded with an upheld imaginary cig lighter while bobbing his head as if at a rock concert: Kiran rocked with laughter. Then Rob said, “Between now and Monday, I want him to grow his hair back out like [unintelligible but an apparent reference to his MuchMusic veejay days].

Reddening, a smiling John replied, “Low blow, Robbie.” Then hitting back with a subtle but stiff jab, Roberts riposted, “Don’t be talking about photos, Rob!” (Apparently, a reference to an Internet pic of a seemingly besotted, beaming Rob lying supinely on a mattress with his arms around a trio of tempting tarts.)* Laughing but subdued, Rob replied, “Boy! I didn’t tee it right!”


Kissing Kiran’s Foot–Literally!

January 5, 2009

A must Kiran Chetry YouTube moment!* Fitness guru Richard Simmons could not get enough of American Morning’s incomparable Kiran. Before the final question of a fitness interview, Simmons eagerly bussed her right hand. As the segment ended, he grabbed Kiran’s left foot (semi-clad in a high-heeled shoe) with both his hands and began enthusiastically kissing the top of her toes and arch. Unsuccessfully trying to pull her foot back, a chagrined Kiran pleaded, “Let’s take a break!” As he continued to kiss her foot, a smiling, blushing Kiran exclaimed, “This is so embarrassing! Thank you, Richard.” Simmons replied, “Cinderella, it fits! Let’s all have a ball!” As the camera panned to guest co-anchor Rob Marciano, Rob remarked, “Clearly, Richard Simmons loves you.”

Indeed he does. He’s not alone. Watch out Fox & Friends: the fun, frisky Kiran has reemerged on AM!

*8:58 ET a.m.


Playmate Kiran?

December 10, 2008

After feting this year’s People’s Sexiest Weatherman Rob Maricano to Timberlake’s Sexyback and praising John Roberts People’s 2000 Sexiest Newsman, co-anchor Kiran Chetry said, “I feel left out of this equation: am I even sexy enough to be on this show?” Roberts responded, “You don’t even need to be in a magazine: we all just know it!” Rob added, “You’re gorgeous, you’re sexy all over!”

Does Kiran want that magazine profile? In an interview yesterday with retiring Playboy CEO Christie Hefner, Kiran revealed, “There is this fascination with, and I’m a fan of the show, “The Girls Next Door, and also just the fascinating life that your father has led.” She added, “The company really is, has become famous for naked women and Playboy Bunnies,” and asked, “Who’s the role model for other women out there: you or the Bunnies?” Hefner responded that Playboy was about empowerment and choice whether as a model, commentator or CEO.

Kiran, ready to be empowered as Playboy’s Sexiest Newswoman?