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F&FW’s “Low-Rent” Weather

December 13, 2009

Fox and Friends Weekend meteorologist Rick Reichmuth? Out! His regular replacement Domenica Davis? Here yesterday, gone today! Next-in-line Janice Dean? Upstairs! Need more info? Shut up and watch! That seemed to be the message that F&FW producers and co-hosts sent their faithful viewers this morning.

As Janice Dean inexplicably read her weather report from “upstairs” (according to F&FW co-anchor Clayton Morris), fans could be forgiven for thinking that their program had gone “low-rent.” Four times Janice gave the audience the weather as she was ensconced who-knows-where: viewers might as well have gone to for that type of report. To make matters wore, Janice (not to mention, F&FW co-hosts Clayton Morris, Dave Briggs, and Alisyn Camerota) gave no explanation for Domenica’s complete absence nor her own virtual one.



F&FW: Deja Vu

November 30, 2009

Former Fox & Friends Weekend headlines reporter Courtney Friel returned to the show Saturday to the delight of her admirers and the discomfit of her detractors. In the final fifteen minutes of the program, the blond beauty reviewed Thanksgiving weekend movies with co-anchors Dave Briggs and Clayton Morris. Then in the final segment, it was F&FW deja vu.

There sat Courtney on the curvy couch with the crew, Dave, Clayton, Rick Reichmuth, and Alisyn Camerota. The salient differences: she was no longer in the retinue of F&FW’s queen, and it was a different queen. (Aly had regained her throne from Ainsley Earhardt.) Recognizing the new reality, Courtney paid the new ruler homage by aping but not rivaling Aly’s regal garb: she wore a very similar beautiful burnt-red dress with decolletage and long-sleeves yet with a longer, less flattering hemline.

As the proverbial credits began to roll, Courtney waved a hopeful goodbye. A hint that FNC Senior VP of Programming Bill Shine is ending his “one-girl” F&F policy? Be she Courtney or another Fox News femme, let us hope so.

Rick’s Cooking: Sub Rosa Comment

November 28, 2009

Something spicy was cooking this morning on Fox & Friends Weekend, and it was not just the turkey leftovers. In Rick Reichmuth’s “Talking Turkey” segment with Chef Alex Guarnaschelli (host of Alex’s Day Off on the Food Network), Alex complimented Rick’s skills in the kitchen. When she  asked him to spoon the hash he was mixing into her pan with frying eggs, she exclaimed, “Oh, fantastic! Look at you! I think you have a future. I think you have a calling. Let me know if you ever need a new gig, you know.”

Joking, Rick rejoined, “I very well might.” Off camera, someone jested something unintelligible to the audience but heard by both Rick and Alex. When Rick laughed heartily in response, Alex, apparently, abashed with arched eyebrows and a raised palm, asserted, “I’m not going to touch that one. I’m just here to cook eggs and talk about leftovers.” Rick chuckled knowingly.

As Amy Vanderbilt might say, “It’s not polite to whisper.” Sub rosa Rick, care to share?

*Fox & Friends Weekend (11/28/09) – @7:42 a.m. ET

Domenica: “Just a Girl”?

November 14, 2009

Fox & Friends Weekend weatherwoman Domenica Davis seemed to take Gwen Stefani’s  anthem a little too literally today. With F&FW meteorologist Rick Reichmuth out celebrating this weekend with his 1991-year-abroad buds, the delightful damsel Domenica subbed for him. Looking demure in her pink frilly dress without decolletage and avec long short sleeves, she seemed to be channelling Gwen Stefani, stating, “I’m just a girl I’d rather not be ’cause they won’t let me drive.”

And Bill Shine probably will not until Domenica looks and acts like she is more than ready to roar. Even though she usually puts out a vivacious, voluptuous vibe, the Italian beauty kept it largely in check today. Even her usual playful rejoinders to co-anchors Clayton Morris and flirtations with Dave Briggs were muted. Maybe, she was mulling over No Doubt’s lyrics in the final verse: I.e., “I’m just a girl, what’s my destiny? What I’ve succumbed to is making me numb.”

No worries, Double D. Perk up and let your inner caliente out. Your future should be bright!

Fox & “Fiends” Halloween

October 31, 2009

What was in Fox & Fiends Weekend witches’ brew this morning? According to the author’s recollections still clouded by this intriguing intoxicant, the odd ingredients were co-anchor Clayton Morris’ missing wedding ring, Rick Reichmuth’s piece of chocolate corset, and Dave Briggs’s drink of Cosmo with a dance by Alisyn Camerota to conjure up the potion’s magic. Eerily, this strange and powerful potation seemed to have worked its evil, making a “show about nothing” eminently watchable.

Seemingly, the first element placed into the blackened kettle was Clayton’s wedding band to add a golden glow. (If so, his wife Sara may not be overly pleased.) Apparently, the second was Rick’s strip of chocolate cloth torn from a maiden’s bodice. (Viewers, whether F&F’s meteorologist did indeed lick the young New York Chocolate Show model’s corset as proffered has yet to be determined.) Then Dave seemed to have added a glass of his Sex and the City fave Cosmo. (During the show, he seemed to have enjoyed its effects as he transmogrified from a mild-mannered family guy to a zany Kramer nailing the Seinfeld character’s speech, mannerisms, and dance.)* For the diabolic denouement, the bewitching damsel Aly did her Elaine dance before the final curtain call.

An unforgettable show? Perhaps, so. Dear reader, when the evil elixir wears off, hopefully, the author can remember these things if they were so.

*[For a snippet of Dave doing Kramer, cf. the A.S.S.]

Briggs: “Shameless” Garth Groupie

October 25, 2009

From the man who said, “There’s not much to me that tops waking up to Lee Greenwood,” it came as no great shock: Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Dave Briggs is a Garth Brooks groupie. After a headlines story that the country singer had sold out twenty shows in five hours, Dave revealed, “My favorite entertainer of all time!” To which, co-host Alisyn Camerota readily replied, “That does not surprise me.”

Co-anchor Clayton Morris mocked, “You [Dave] like it when he comes down on the wires. Like [sic] he swoops down, he gets all weepy.” Unapologetic, Dave declared, “I camped out for Garth Brooks as a young man. I love it. Every album, every song right here is in my I-Phone. I love him. I love him!”

In an effort to enlist meteorologist Rick Reichmuth in ribbing Dave further, Clayton said, “That’s the difference between…Rick, I camped out for Pink Floyd. What did you camp out for? However, unexpectedly coming to his office mate’s defense, Rick responded, “I actually, Garth Brooks is the…guy who got me into country music. He did. It’s amazing. He’s good!” Dave enthusiastically concurred, “Oh, me, too! He rocks!”

Shameless,” Dave!

F&FW Goes South (with Dave)

October 10, 2009

What happened today to Fox & Friends Weekend? F&FW co-host Dave Briggs decided to go south (Buenos Aires, Argentinea) and, unfortunately, so did F&FW. Filling in for Dave was the somewhat smug, unctuous Peter Johnson, Jr. Unfortunately, he threw co-hosts Alisyn Camerota and Clayton Morris off of their respective games this morning.

Say what one may about Dave, but he knows his place. The sports guys is the beta male: Like the youngest son who wants to be loved and pampered, he knows to go along and not to buck up to the alpha bitch or the alpha male. On the other hand, Johnson, is like the brainy nerd who returns to a school reunion with a new wardrobe, more self-confidence, and unwarranted hubris: He still does not know quite how to fit in.

Unfortunately, FNC Senior Veep of Programming Bill Shine seems slow on the F&FW uptake, too. As long-time fans remember, Shine defenestrated the trio of Page Hopkins, Kelly Wright, and Greg Kelly without warning and rather abruptly replaced them with Ainsley Earhardt, Clayton, and Dave. Then he let F&FW languish long under those callow hands until he was finally forced to conscript Alisyn Camerota to captain the listing ship. Now he appears happy to use the next Hobson’s choice to temp.

Bill, how about riding a new horse? E.g., why not bring Clayton’s fellow Phillie Mike Jerrick back into your stable to substitute? Or use meteorologist Rick Reichmuth on the curvy couch with Domenica Davis replacing him at the green screen? Or even return for the moment to a girl/girl/boy format with former F&FW filly and new contract girl Juliet Huddy back in the mix?

Dave, you were missed.

Dave on Mute

August 22, 2009

Today Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Dave Briggs returned from his family vacation to the show tight-lipped. Other than Tweeting an announcement that he was back from the Turks and Caicos islands and a lone landscape beach Twitpic, he said very little. No mention was made of his wife Brandi at all; of his daughter Emerson or son William specifically; or anything that he and his fam did.

As F&FW fans know, Dave generally gushes garrulously when it comes to his wife and kids. However, of late, he seems to be more guarded in his remarks. Even his colleagues seem to have got the message. E.g., when Mike Jerrick, F&FW Dave’s substitute last weekend, asked, “Where is Dave, again?,” co-anchor Alisyn Camerota replied, “He’s on a fabulous vacation:  That’s all you need to know!” In fact, today, when meteorologist Rick Reichmuth mentioned Dave’s holiday in the Turks and Caicos, he then haltingly said, “I don’t know if you’ve announced that’s where you went”: Reassuring him that he had not crossed the line, Dave declared, “That’s where I was, my friend.”

Dave, your most manifest asset has been your apparent love, appreciation, and enjoyment of your family. Even  though the author may pique you on occasion in this regard, do not be afraid to share it with your audience. All in all, you won’t be sorry.


Aly’s Wiener Award

July 5, 2009

A very naughty Aly today! After a segment on a frankfurter-eating contest, Fox & Friends co-anchors Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs discussed their upcoming hot-dog-eating contest on the show. When Dave asked co-host Alisyn Camerota if she were going to join in, she declined but proudly produced her own 2006 hot dog award, shaped like a fully erect phallus, to the laughter of all. When Dave noted, “Hot dog making competition,” Aly said, “I was the fastest hot dog maker back then.” Then as Clayton eyed the trophy with raised eyebrows and a held tongue, Aly, grinning, risquely added, “Well, I have experience with hot dogs….You see, I am a previous champ.”

Shaking his head, Dave said, “There are so many bad jokes being made out there.” Smiling saucily, Aly playfully asked, “Really?” Still holding Aly’s award and rolling his eyes, Clayton queried, “You have this right?” Before he could finish, Aly replied, “In my office prominently displayed.”

Pointing to the statute, Dave then declared, “No Emmy’s but.” Aly tittered, “It says a lot about my career, does it not?” Clayton salaciously commented, “Rick, I think you’ll back me up on this: I think this is more than an Emmy!” Rick responded, “I am so uncomfortable right now.” After doubling over in laughter, Aly lightly tapped the top of the wiener thrice as she randily remarked, “So I’m just going to judge: I think this qualifies me to judge the eating contest.” Rick riposted, “This qualifies you to be judged: Particularly bad, for a very long time!”

In response, Aly chuckled, cleared her throat, and asked, “Rick, do you have any weather?” Not quite ready to complete the segue, Clayton turned to Aly and said, “You can have your wiener trophy back.” As she took it and cradled in her hands, an undaunted Aly batted her eyelashes and deadpanned, “Oh, I, I will!”

Aly’s F&F: fun & frisky!

*F&F (07/05/09) 7:05 a.m. ET

Briggs’ “Bathroom Break”

June 7, 2009

Need to go to the loo during Fox & Friends Weekend? If you missed the ad break, F&FW co-anchor Dave Briggs reveals the best time to do so. No, not the sports segment.

After a story on (which informs moviegoers of when they can leave their seats for a few minutes without missing much), Dave and his co-anchors Alisyn Camerota and Clayton segued to meteorologist Rick Reichmuth for his report. Rick opined, “I think it’s brilliant”: Dave riposted, “Well, I’m going to leave now because you’re doing weather.” Rolling his eyes, Rick retorted, “That’s fine: That’s obvious.” As the crew howled with laughter at Dave’s diss, co-hosts Alisyn Camerota and Clayton Morris facetiously feigned intense interest in Rick’s weather report as they leaned in toward the camera for a “closer look.”

Dave, Dave! Rick gets little enough airtime as it is without viewers taking a toilet time-out during his brief appearances. If non-TiVo’rs take your advice, poor Rick may become F&FW’s hidden Waldo.

The Girl Says Goodbye

May 16, 2009

All alone, co-anchor Alisyn Camerota ended Fox & Friends rather abruptly today. Apparently, the boys (Dave Briggs, Clayton Morris, and Rick Reichmuth) had something better to do than to wish their audience adieu. After wrapping her Cooke Center interview segment at 9:56 a.m., Aly unexpectedly turned to the camera and said, “And thanks to all of you for watching Fox & Friends: We’ll see you tomorrow morning.”

At least, it was the lovely Alisyn Camerota suddenly bidding her viewers farewell. Strangely, she made no mention of her conspicuously absent male colleagues. Much ado about nothing? Perhaps.

Nevertheless, a peculiar parting.

Rick Rocks 2Nite: Aly, Domenica 2morrow?

May 16, 2009

Sorry, Rick Reichmuth fans, but your favorite Fox & Friends Weekend weatherguy will be off Sunday. According to Rick, even though his birthday is actually next Thursday, the genial gent will be celebrating tonight and, understandably, will be sleeping in tomorrow morning. Happy early birthday, Rick!

For devotees of weatherwoman Domenica Davis, Rick’s usual and probable stand-in tomorrow, you should have four hours to enjoy your Latin lovely. Even though Rick was not able to coax an unusually coy Alisyn Camerota to show off her full-body Thriller moves today, perhaps, tomorrow Domenica will be more successful in getting the “Baby Got Back” dancing queen off the curvy couch to “stand up and gyrate” to the pulsating rhythm of MJ’s megahit.

F&F dancing girls: a sure ratings boost!

“Ricky” Reichmuth

January 30, 2009

FNC meteorologist Rick Reichmuth was playfully dubbed “Ricky” by America’s Newsroom co-anchor Bill Hemmer as Bill introduced the final weather segment today. However, when Reichmuth ended his forecast, Bill apologized, “Thanks, Rick. I didn’t mean to call you Ricky, by the way: I’m sure someone in your family calls you “Ricky.”

Unfazed, Rick responded, “Oh, everybody in my family does.” A relieved Bill replied, “Do they? That’s a term of endearment then.” Playfully roiling the waters, Megyn interjected, “Oh, now you’ve made it stick!” Ever the good guy, Bill congenially concluded, “See you, Brother: Have a good weekend.”

Rick Sick: And Domenica?

January 11, 2009

Yesterday Fox & Friends Weekend’s usual guest meteorologist Domenica Davis filled in for Rick Reichmuth. Today F&FW co-anchor Alisyn Camerota, almost apologetically, subbed for Rick who she said was sick. However, she made no mention of the absence of the delectable Domenica.

A  little too much “Golden Global warming” yesterday?

Randy Sandy Lee

December 14, 2008

A little hot in Sandra Lee’s kitchen today with Fox & Friends’ Dave Briggs and Rick Reichmuth. In the promo to her segment on cocktail parties, the Semi-Homemade host, author, and editor was caught unawares on camera sipping from a paper cup: she ducked her head in embarrassment, shook her head “no,” and unconvincingly claimed it was “coffee” (Irish?).  As the camera panned away, Sandra gave Rick a huge hug.

During the segment itself, Sandra taught the boys how to make party cocktails with added copious amounts of liquor. The beautiful barkeep saucily stated, “It’s always a wow with you guys.” As the segment ended, Sandra grabbed Rick again and planted a big buss on him. Then after Aly and Clayton read the intro for the upcoming segment, the camera panned back to Sandra, Rick, and Dave: randy Sandy put her arms around Dave and gave him a smooch and then turned back to Rick and gave him another.

Foxy & Friends in the kitchen!

Dave, Rick, Aly Share: Clayton Clowns

December 13, 2008

In a “Love Matters” segment with radio’s “Queen of Sappy Love Songs” Delilah, Fox & Friends Weekends’ Dave Briggs, Rick Reichmuth, and Alisyn Camerota revealed personal details of their lives to their viewers. Only, Clayton Morris held out in his usual clownish fashion. For those unaware of the late night host’s program, callers telephone in with their personal problems and Delilah picks appropriate dedications to suit the caller’s spouse, lover, friend, etc.

First, Dave’s story was particularly poignant. He started, “Delilah, we thought we would put you to the test this morning. I, unfortunately, have a situation that I’m facing in my family. My sister [Steph] is going through cancer right now, my stepsister. It’s been very difficult on her father [Carl], who I’m very close to, and her son [Chase], who no longer has his father around. And she is just a courageous fighter.” [In the screen text that Dave seemingly supplied, it also mentioned that his sister “Steph was recently diagnosed with the cancer and sadly it had spread all over her body in a very short period of time.”]

Second, Rick shared a tender mom moment. He said, “My dedication is actually for my mom. I don’t say these kinds of things enough to my mom. But my mom is a person who holds our family together and really gets so little credit for it. She loves us all tirelessly, unconditionally, and she always encourages us to grow bigger and better than we ever thought we could. So I’m not going to be home at Christmas which is very hard for mom, very hard for me, and the family.”

Third, Alisyn added, “I had a personal one for my mom also because I don’t get to talk to her as much as I’d like. I get very harried between work and my kids. My mom calls me a lot. I say, ‘I’m sorry, Mom; I can’t talk right now; [and] I’m too busy.  And I don’t often get back to her. But I do want her to know I do appreciate her; she’s always there for me when I need her; and I wish we could connect more often.”

When Clayton’s turn came, he said, “You know, my wife, I love you. My mom, I love you.” Apparently, not wanting to share any intimate details of his life, Clayton inanely dedicated his song to Aly. Aly responded, “Sure, goofball.” As the song began to play, Aly joked, “Anybody got a hankie?”

The F&F narratives were not surprising except for Dave’s account. His very personal anecdote seemed to reveal an emotional depth that is not always so apparent.

Cane Careless Clayton

December 13, 2008

Fox & Friends co-host Clayton Morris, a self-professed history buff, displayed a wanton disregard for historical facts. As to Andrew Jackson, in each of the “Bad Hair Club for Men” segments, he accused “Old Hickory” of caning someone in the Senate. However, the only caning incident in the Senate was that of Massachusetts Senator Charles Sumner by South Carolina’s irate Representative Preston Brooks for some injudicious comments concerning Brook’s ill kinsman South Carolina’s Senator Butler. The author had hoped that a producer fact check would rectify Clayton’s historical mistake: unfortunately, no one, including colleagues, Alisyn Camerota, Dave Briggs, or Rick Reichmuth called him on it.

Furthermore, ironically, in a “48 Liberal Lies…” segment, Clayton committed a more egregious error with his assertion that both Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev ended the war: no, Ronald Reagan, Maggie Thatcher, and Pope John Paul II won that war.

Draft Domenica Davis

November 29, 2008

Today Fox & Friends Weekend featured the Domenica Davis as its yummy femme meteorologist. Usual weekend weatherguy Rick Reichmuth was nowhere to be found. In fact, he was not even mentioned during the weather segments nor the promos. Is F&FW considering balancing anew the male/female ratio?

Another female is needed on F&FW’s menu. Is Domenica the draft de jour? If not, she’s, at least, a tall glass of water.

Hint of Hubris

November 2, 2008

A hint of hubris hung in the air today on Fox & Friends Weekend’s presidential election special edition as F&F co-hosts Gretchen Carlson and Steve Doocy seemed to slight the usual weekend version unconsciously. Such an odor is not surprising. The FNC execs do not seem to hesitate to replace it with the F&F A-Team whenever an event of significance needs to be covered.

An example of this aura of arrogance occurred as Brian opened the third hour of the show. When in his usual fashion, he declared, “This is the official morning show of the 2008 election,” Gretch remarked, “Our Sunday viewers are not used to your pronunciation of “election.” Perhaps, realizing that the suits might not like Gretch’s implication that their weekday viewers do not stick around for the weekend version, Brian responded, “I think they are.” Still oblivious to her goof, Gretchen airily asked, “Really?”

Another such instance ensued toward the end of the program. After receiving a segue from meteorologist Rick Reichmuth, Steve said, “Rick Reichmuth, we thank you very much for sharing this Sunday morning with us.” Feeling, perhaps, a little slighted, Rick riposted, “Thank you guys for sharing it with me.” Steve replied, “Oh, yeah,” and Brian added, “Oh, that’s true.”

Even though Gretch and Steve’s remarks were assuredly inadvertent, they seemed to display a lack of regard for Fox & Friends Weekend. Rick seemed to respond, “This is MY house.” When FNC takes its weekend edition more seriously, maybe, its viewers will, too.

Briggs: You’re the Boss

November 1, 2008

Did Fox & Friends Weekend’s co-host Dave Briggs inadvertently confirm what many loyal fans already believe? I.e., Alisyn Camerota is F&FW’s “the boss.” In an off-camera-open-mike moment (when weatherman Rick Reichmuth segued back to Clayton Morris), the audience hears Aly utter something about family as Dave asks, “What do you think? You’re the boss.” Clayton adeptly explained, “That’s, of course, Aly and Dave getting some breakfast there in the background.”

The viewer could hear other voice(s) in the background and Dave may have very well been speaking to a producer. However, the “exchange” would certainly seem to fit in with fans’ notions that Aly was brought back to F&FW to right a listing ship. Aly is certainly the star of the show and seems to be its much needed leader.

* Fox & Friends Weekend (11/01/08) – 8:36 a.m. ET