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Briggs Back But Forgotten: Dave Who?

March 5, 2011

Oops! Poor Dave. After being away from F&FW for only one week, Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Dave Briggs found that his fame was all too fleeting today. To his chagrin and his colleagues’ amusement, a F&FW fan remembered all of the program regulars except Dave during a live weather segment.

Dave’s embarrassing episode occurred this morning shortly after he and his co-host Alisyn Camerota segued to meteorologist Rick Reichmuth for his weather forecast (third-hour-second-half). When Rick took the toss, he commented, “We’ve got some people out here. They were saying, ‘What is your outside segment today?’ And, I said, ‘You’re it.”* Laughing, a painfully prophetic Dave exclaimed, “Bummer, dude!”

Turning to the spokesperson of the group of fans, Rick queried, “And, you have coffee ever Saturday morning with us?” She answered, “I have coffee every morning with Clayton and with Alisyn and with you.” Perhaps, taking some umbrage at his omission from her list, an off-camera Dave coaxed, “And?” Not catching his cue, the fan continued, “And, with everybody else” (as the producers went to a split screen to include then include Dave and Aly).

Apparently, feeling a tad dissed, a wincing Dave shouted, “Ohhh!” before hiding his reddening visage behind a laughing Aly (who was leaning forward on the curvy couch). Subsequently, when Rick reminded the fan about Dave, Dave showed his face again and slapped his leg, declaring, “I got left out!” Meanwhile, co-anchor Clayton Morris, grinning from ear to ear, leaned into Dave and Aly’s shot and flashed the audience a big schadenfreude thumbs-up.

Realizing her gaffe, the F&FW fan apologized, saying, “I’m sorry. Sorry, Dave.” As Dave gaped in disbelief at his slight, Rick “charitably” asserted, “Dave, you’re the everybody else, man.” Following suit and feigning sympathy, Aly added, “You’re bigger than one person: you’re everybody.” Bowing his now humbled head, Dave humorously riposted, “I’m outta here. I’m walking off like Whoopi!”

Just make sure that you come back like Whoopi, Dave. Fox & Friends Weekend gold!

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 03/05/11 (@ 8:37 a.m. ET)


Molly’s Bottom Line

February 22, 2011

Rick’s secret advice: “break a leg” or “show some leg”? As FNC correspondent Molly Line made her virgin appearance on Fox & Friends Weekend as a guest co-host, she received some sage off-camera advice from her former WFXT-FOX 25 (Boston, MA) colleauge, F&FW meteorologist Rick Reichmuth.* And, F&FW co-anchor Dave Briggs let the viewers in on it. Sorta.

As F&FW began, Dave introduced Alisyn Camerota’s sexy auburn-tressed substitute, Molly. Clad in her short, sleeveless M&M-green dress, she partially obscured her long gams by putting her laptop screen up (unlike her co-hosts, Dave and Clayton Morris). However, she seemed to coyly tease her viewers with her hem hiked just high enough to reveal a scintilla of her apparent Spanx shorts.

And, perhaps, Molly’s distaff display was no accident. Less than ten minutes later, when it was time for the weather forecast, a smiling Dave segued saying, “Let’s get to Rick Reichmuth, who just had the best advice for Molly Line this morning. Unfortunately, we cannot repeat what he said to her just a few moments ago.”** As Molly tittered, a laughing Rick exclaimed, “Watch it, Dave! Watch it!” Then, offering her fans a hint, Molly rejoined, “It was right along the lines of good luck. Right?”

Right along the lines of “good luck”? In the theater, “Break a leg!,” is a traditional good-luck wish (according to  Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable). And, with little doubt, Rick’s unrepeatable advice was a racy take on that entertainment exhortation. Perchance, rather than “break a leg, Molly,” it was “show some leg, Molly!” And, did she ever! In fact, she did him one better: she generously showed both of them–with pluck and aplomb.

Molly: Keeping the “Fox” in Fox & Friends Weekend!

[Author’s aside: To keep up with Molly on Twitter, link here.]

*It was Molly’s first appearance on F&FW as co-anchor according to the author’s recollection.

**Fox & Friends Weekend – 02/20/11 (@ 6:09 a.m. ET)

Playbunny Aly Arouses

December 20, 2010

Rick Reichmuth: There’s about to be a wardrobe malfunction.” Clad in her cleavage-baring, sexy short red dress, Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Alisyn Camerota got the rapt attention of FNC meteorologist Rick Reichmuth and the rest of her male admirers Saturday as she tried on a pink Hoodie-Footie Saturday during the After the Show Show. Having donned it during the regular show, apparently, Aly acted as if she were reluctant to try it on once again.

When the After the Show Show started, Dave asked where the Hoodie-Footie was. When Aly answered that she did not know, Dave theatrically walked off the set, searching for it and demanding that she “put it back on before we leave today.” As Dave sought her “mislaid” garb, Aly explained to viewers that co-anchors Dave and Clayton Morris had given it to her last year as a gift and that it looked basically like a giant bunny suit. Then, as producers played Shaftesque make-out music, a smiling Aly alluring elaborated, “Not the kind of bunny suit they have at Hugh Hefner’s place: it’s a different kind of bunny suit. This one I don’t think arouses quite the same interest level in the viewers.”

Soon thereafter, Dave finally returned with the Hoodie-Footie and handed it to Aly. As Aly struggled to slip her beautiful bare gams into the legs of the unwieldy suit, a staring Rick seemed mesmerized by F&FW’s sexy siren. As Aly continued to raise her stems in his direction in her attempts to don the Hoodie-Footie, Rick chuckled, “There is about to be a wardrobe malfunction going on right now.” No preening prig, Aly riposted, “I know, I appreciate…that you’re monitoring it closely. I see that, Rick. I notice.” Aptly interjecting, Dave declared, “We’re trying to drive viewership to the After the Show Show.”

Continuing to do just that, Dave asked Aly to pose for a photo with her leg up to show off the Footie. After Aly playfully complied and some subsequent casual chatter about the attributes of her attire ensued, Aly commented, “My body temperature has soared to about 105 right now. Just  putting it on, you get instantly hot in here.” Without a moment’s hesitation, Dave gazed down and grabbed his comely co-host’s foot, declaring, “Oh, wait a minute! You can unzip the feet if you have the hot–my wife has what’s called the hot feet [and] her feet get really hot. Sorry honey. Yeah, she calls them ‘the hot feet.'”

As Dave stripped Aly’s foot bare, Aly asserted, “I don’t really think we should show the viewers my toes.” Undeterred, Dave pulled her “stocking” off her foot and twirled it about like a cinematic ecdysiast and threw it suggestively toward the viewers. Looking on, Rick observed, “You have just a whole new search thing for Alisyn.” Alisyn added, “A whole new website. I love it!”

And, so do many of Aly’s faithful F&FW fans.

Rick Racked? Jessica’s “Dancing Muffins”

November 25, 2010

Dave Briggs’ Tweet: “Anybody else think @JessicaSimpson made @rickreichmuth nervous on ‘FOX & Friends?'” Yes, F&F Weekend meterologist Rick Reichmuth did seem rather rattled by Jessica Simpson today–at least, at one particular point, as he interviewed the busty pop princess prior to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. When discussing Jessica’s new Christmas record, Happy Christmas, Rick asked, “Are you going to be singing something from your album on a float today?”* Jessica answered, “I am. I’m singing the single. It’s called”My Only Wish.” Smiling, she added, “And, I have dancing muffins.”

Raising his eyebrows and grinning sheepishly, apparently, at her potentially salacious euphemism, i.e., muffins, Rick randily remarked, “Um. Tell me more!” Chuckling, Jessica replied, “I’m on the baked goods Morton Salt float.” In response, a seemingly somewhat disappointed Rick muttered, “Okay.” Explaining, Jessica continued,  “So, I’m going to have lots of, like, pies and muffins dancing around me.”

No double entendres there either, Rick.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 11/25/10 (@8:39 a.m. ET)

F&FW: The Times They Are A-Changing

November 7, 2010

The boys are still adjusting. Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Alisyn Camerota announced yesterday that F&FW now officially begins at 6:00 a.m. ET every Saturday and Sunday. Furthermore, co-anchor Dave Briggs clarified that the show has been extended to four hours and that the new format change is permanent. (Last weekend, Dave had said, “FOX & Friends is 6-10 ET tomorrow & every Sat/Sun in the near future.”)

Even though F&FW fans may welcome the extra time with their favorite co-anchors (Aly, Dave, and Clayton Morris) and meteorologist Rick Reichmuth, today, the F&FW guys, at least, were still getting used to that added hour. Dave welcomed viewers to the Saturday morning F&F; Clayton called Rick, “Mitch,” (the name of a former co-worker, probably Mitch English of the Daily Buzz); and Rick rued having a Henrick’s gin and tonic rather than sleeping the extra Standard time hour. Nevertheless, an excellent job by the boys and Aly as they adjust to the change.

Briggs: Welcome Aboard, Maria

October 25, 2010

Former Accuweather beauty Maria Molina made her debut on Fox & Friends Weekend Sunday. After making her virgin appearance as FNC’s new weather hire on the Fox Report Saturday evening, the busty brunette was introduced to F&FW audience by co-anchor Dave Briggs. As the first weather report was about to begin, Dave declared, “Rick Reichmuth [meteorologist] is out today: In his absence, we are very happy to welcome Maria Molina to the team….Glad to have you aboard.”*

Unfortunately, Dave did not give any real details about the approximately five-foot, long-locked lovely, who finally fills the vacancy left by Domenica Davis’ unceremonious departure. Neither did the other co-hosts, Alisyn Camerota or Peter Johnson, Jr., nor Maria herself. In fact, Fox News has yet to put her bio online.

The available information about Maria online seems scant thus far. The author has found that she is a bilingual broadcaster that gave both Spanish and English Accuweather reports and that she heralds from Miami Beach, Florida. FNC viewers should learn more as Maria fills in for FNC’s Janice Dean, “The Weather Machine,” this week.

Stay tuned.

Fox & Friends – 10/24/10 (@7:07 a.m. ET)

Clayton Likes 2 “Peep”

October 9, 2010

“Tasty treat,” Aly? Almost two years ago, Fox & Friends co-anchor Dave Briggs was exposed as a “leaf peeper” by the saucy Domenica Davis, F&FW‘s former guest weathergal: Today, it was co-host Clayton Morris who was likewise outed by a rather risque Rick Reichmuth, FNC’s chief meteorologist. After Rick ribbed him about liking to leaf peep during his first second hour weather forecast, Clayton racily remarked, “That’s peeping, not necessarily leaf peeping.”* (Regaled, co-anchor Alisyn Camerota closed her eyes, bowed her head, and laughed heartily: meanwhile, Dave beamed broadly, arched his eye brows, and rolled his eyes.)

Almost an hour and half later, perhaps, remembering his peculiar proclivity, Aly apparently found Clayton particularly appetizing. During a segment with an on-set, charity-auction bust of Kevin Bacon made of bacon, a clowning Clayton picked at the sculpture as if for an errant ort. Seemingly, amused at his antics, Aly instructed, “Just lick it, Clayton!”** Subsequently, as Dave coaxed Clayton into putting his face side-by-side with the sculpture, Dave noted, “Bacon Kevin Bacon and Clayton look a little bit alike.” Interjecting racily, Aly remarked, “You’re right. And, they both taste delicious. Two tasty treats!”

Aly, Ms. Del Conte would concur.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 10/09/10 (@8:07 a.m. ET)

**Fox & Friends Weekend – 10/09/10 (@9:32 a.m. ET)

Rick Reichmuth: M.I.A.

September 25, 2010

Fox & Friends Weekend’s Fall? On the very first autumn weekend, Fox & Friends Weekend‘s meteorologist Rick Reichmuth was missing: Noone seemed to notice. On-set colleagues, co-hosts Alisyn Camerota and Clayton Morris (and guest co-anchor Mike Jerrick) did not even mention Rick’s absence. More tellingly, F&FW producers offered no replacement for Rick nor did they feature any weather segment.

So, where is Rick Reichmuth? Not even officemate and BFF Dave Briggs seems to know. The F&FW co-anchor (apparently, not watching the program) ironically Tweeted, “Ahh to sleep in on a Saturday morning, miss you @ClaytonMorris, @rickreichmuth & @alyatfox.” So, do his F&FW viewers–the ones actually watching today.

Rick Reichmuth: M.I.A. Missing in Autumn. But, more importantly, Missing in Action. And, remarkably, without a clue, at least, to the Fox & Friends Weekend audience.

Update: Rick Reichmuth found. Tweeting in, Rick replied: “@Jakeho dude I’m sick as a dog. Horrible flu came on fast last night.”

F&FW Bromances: “Man Up”

September 19, 2010

Rick: “Dave, you’re my BFF.” When Fox & Friends Weekend guest co-anchor Eric “Jock Rocks” Bolling told co-host Dave Briggs to “man up,” that was not necessarily what he had in mind. When the former Pittsburg Pirate (and FBN Money Rocks anchor) told Dave to do just that during an office nap story, he was merely ribbing him for his penchant for sleeping during the work day: he had no idea that it would be a clarion call for the celebration of F&FW bromances.

Subsequently, during a second-hour segment on new Oxford American Dictionary words (including “bromance” and “BFF”), co-host Alisyn Camerota kidded Dave that she witnessed a bromance between him and their vacationing F&FW co-anchor Clayton Morris on the curvy couch every Saturday and Sunday. When producers shortly thereafter showed a clip of “I Love You, Man,” F&FW weatherguy Rick Reichmuth dared to disclose that he had been on a man-date with co-anchor Clayton Morris to that very movie. When Dave teased him about his bromance with Clayton, Rick gamely remarked that that was when it began. Adding her feminine fuel to the fire, Aly jested about the bromance buds’ discomfort of sharing popcorn. Seeming to have had enough of the discussion of this type of Fox News male love, Eric stood up and said, “I’m outta of here!”And, he was. [Of course, he came back.]

Later, bromance was in the air anew in the final hour as the co-hosts discussed the latest O.A.D. entries. Once again, Aly piqued Dave, joshing, “Well, bromance is obviously something you live every day, the bromance.”** Almost aping a schoolyard taunt, Dave lamely retorted, “And, your BFF, Rick.” As Eric groaned, “Oh, my goodness!,” Dave continued, “Is Rick your BFF? Or, does it have to be a female?” Meanwhile, Rick appeared in a split screen with the trio of co-hosts as Aly explained, “It has to be a girl.” Grinning, Rick interposed, “Dave, you’re my BFF.” As Eric smiled, rolled his eyes, and shook his head in disbelief,” a dimpled Dave declared, “Aww, I appreciate it, Ricky.”

Eric: not so much.

*Fox & Friends – 09/19/10 (@9:33 a.m. ET)

F&FW: More Courtney & Less Aly?

August 17, 2010

Reichmuth revelation? After Fox & Friends guest co-anchor Courtney Friel read a story Sunday about a breastfeeding mom who was ousted from McDonald’s and co-host Clayton Morris subsequently tossed to him, FNC meteorologist Rich Reichmuth jested, “I’m just wondering now with [mom-to-be] Courtney there and [new father] Clayton, how many of these breastfeeding stories are there gonna be.”* In reply, Clayton deadpanned, “We’re actually building a whole block into the show now just for breastfeeding stories.” Laughing, Rick responded, “Of course.” Chiming in, co-anchor Dave Briggs joked, “We need a sponsor!” Perchance, aptly, Rick chuckled: “I know. I believe it. It’s perfect!”

Nothing would be unusual about Rick’s remark if he had uttered it at the beginning of the three-hour program (and, if his colleagues Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs had not then so readily embraced it). However, Rick made his comment with only twenty-two minutes, including commercial breaks, left in F&FW‘s last (and Courtney’s only) show of the weekend. Clearly, Rick indicated that a gravid Courtney’s presence would facilitate those future “breastfeeding stories.” And, Clayton and Dave’s respective remarks about creating a nursing “whole block” and obtaining a breastfeeding “sponsor” added credence to his implication.

Obviously, if Rick’s “revelation” rings true and Courtney returns to F&FW on a more regular basis, she would probably go back to her former role as newsreader or replace F&FW‘s current queen Alisyn Camerota. In that vein, could Aly’s apparent decision to possibly kybosh her blog, Alisyn in the Greenroom,  and to announce it Sunday before the show possibly indicate such a more tenuous relationship to Fox & Friends Weekend. Furthermore, was Dave’s comment at the beginning of F&F Sunday that Aly was taking off “a bit more than the President’s 27 hrs, a few more days than that” more pregnant with meaning that it first appeared to be?**

Conversely, Aly has played such an important role in righting the Fox & Friends Weekend ship after the defenestration debacle (of trio Page Hopkins, Kelly Wright, and Greg Kelly) and its aftermath (Ainsley Earnhardt, Clayton, and Dave) that it seems highly unlikely that FNC SVP of Programming Bill Shine would send Aly elsewhere or allow her to leave. However, it is conceivable if Shine thinks that her erstwhile wards, Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs, have grown sufficiently to carry the show with a less able captain. But, perish the thought!

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 08/15/10 (@9:39 a.m.)

**Fox & Friends Weekend – 08/15/10 (@6:01 a.m.)

Domenica: “Spanked” & Spurned?

July 11, 2010

Davis leaves FNC home: Appears back on NBC’s stoop.* Meteorologist Domenica Davis has left Fox News and was seen this Friday on NBC’s Early Today according to TVNewser. The blog further reported Domenica was “filling in” but not a NBC News or MSNBC staffer. (N.B. As of today, Domenica’s bio remains on FNC’s website.) Citing TVEyes, it added that Domenica was last spotted on Fox News on May 17.

Readers of Carpe Diem should not have been overly surprised by the news of Domenica’s departure. Merely a month before she disappeared from Fox News’ airways, Domenica appeared to have been disciplined by FNC Senior VP of Programming Bill Shine for a sexually suggestive Sapphic “spanking” jest that she made on Fox & Friends Weekend. In that instance, on April 17 (Saturday), while substituting for Rick Reichmuth, Domenica made the salacious joke about herself and co-anchor Alisyn Camerota and later laughed about fearing getting in trouble for further bawdy banter. However, the very next day (Sunday), her fears seemed to have been realized forthwith: she did not return to F&FW to temp for Rick and her absence was not even acknowledged by F&FW’s co-hosts. (In fact, her apparent punishment appeared all the more patent when F&FW had no meteorologist in for Rick and simply had no regular weather segments that day.)

Hopefully, Domenica’s departure is not a portent of things to come. Fox News’ dynamic, colorful, and sexy personalities need not be muzzled. Rather, they can be trusted with a freer rein to relate to their colleagues, Bill. And, to their audience.

Good luck, Domenica. You’ll be missed!

*Before being hired by FNC, Domenica worked at NBC affiliates in Baltimore (WBAL-TV) and in Louisville, KY (WAVE-TV).

Update: As of July 14, Domenica Davis was hired as a meteorologist by NBC to work at its affiliate WNBC, “4 New York,” according to TVNewser. If the reader would like to see Domenica in action at her new home, s/he may link here.

F&F Forgets Ainsley? UPDATE: Recalls Janice

May 29, 2010

F&FW‘s Memorial Day 2009 (with Ainsley Earhardt), a day to remember. Apparently, FNC SVP of Programming Bill Shine still recalls Fox & Friends Memorial Day last year when guest co-host Ainsley Earhardt heated up the show. Perhaps, he read and recollects Carpe Diem‘s account of Ainsley’s titillating of Dave Briggs with her bawdy banter about “huge meat.” Assuredly, he remembers his star co-host Dave Briggs getting grief from Jay Leno for allegedly eyeing Ainsley’s derriere that day–not to mention the acute embarrassment that Dave felt. Apparently, Shine is making certain that F&F’s Memorial Day 2010 is not quite as memorable: I.e., he has Courtney Friel, not Ainsley Earnhardt, filling in for co-anchor Alisyn Camerota.

But, Bill, will F&F’s Memorial Day be as much fun as last year?

[Author’s aside: As to Aly’s absence, at the conclusion of F&FWSa, Dave stated, “Clayton and I will see you here in, no, this, this is only Saturday [so] all three of us are back tomorrow, and Aly added, “Yeah. I’ll be here tomorrow.” With regard to Courtney’s filling in for Aly, during Red Eye’s “Post-Game Wrap-Up” with Andy Levy Thursday (May 27), Courtney revealed, “I’m going to be hosting Fox & Friends on Monday morning.”]

Update1: On F&FSu (@7:27 a.m. ET),  Aly iterated, “I won’t go to work…tomorrow.”

Update2: According to her blog, Janice Dean will be in tomorrow. Ironically, like last year, while Dave and Clayton will be in tomorrow for Memorial Day, both Aly and Rick are off. Furthermore, like last year Janice is subbing for Rick: However, Courtney, not Ainsley, will be temping for Aly. Apparently, Shine did not want to put the full cast of that ribald episode together again. N.B. Janice was another alleged object of Dave’s roving eye and also engaged in some of the aforementioned “bawdy banter” (ironically, during A.S.S. or the After the Show Show).

Domenica: Yawn or Dawn?

May 9, 2010

Or, hopefully, both? Clothed in her hellfire-red dress, short-sleeved and scoop-necked dress, Italian delight Domenica Davis sleepily greeted her Fox & Friends fans today. Subbing for meteorologist Rick Reichmuth (partying in the Hamptons according to DD), Domenica soldiered through her first weather segment. When she then segued to the F&FW co-hosts (Alisyn Camerota, Clayton Morris, and Dave Briggs), Dave teased, “Poor Domenica was yawning the whole time before we tossed to her. So, Domenica, we will get you some coffee in just a minute.”

Apparently, Dave did get Domenica some much needed java. Later, she perked up in her subsequent segments with some color commentary (on Boston’s weekend sports woes) and with a whit of ribbing of Rick (on his getaway location being cold today). Nevertheless, Double D remained somewhat subdued today.

Perhaps, Domenica was still sore and shy from her “spanking” by FNC SVP of Programming Bill Shine. Regardless, she needs to get back in the game, and Shine should tell F&FW producers to give her freer rein. Not to mention–like her male counterpart Rick, Domenica should be allowed on the curvy couch at the end of the show. And, maybe–gasp–like her leggy colleague Aly, she could be shot below the waist on occasion.

“Dave, Aren’t You Married?”

April 25, 2010

Victoria’s Secret du jour Saturday: one hot mama. Introducing Fox & Friends Weekend segment, “Red-Hot Moms!,” guest host Juliet Huddy asked, “How do you get two grown men weak at the knees, drooling?” Answering her own question, she declared, “You just put Alessandra Ambrosio here, Victoria Secret model.” And was she right.

After Juliet had asked Alessandra about her twenty-month old baby Anja Louise, co-host Clayton Morris began coolly, querying, “We’ve been talking about this all morning, being a ‘hot mama.’ How do you whip it back into shape?…How did you do it?” After the lissome lovely explained her dietary regimen, a more obvious Dave Briggs, standing between Alessandra and Clayton, blandished, “It’s your job to look beautiful–and you, and you do it very well. Some people actually criticized you for being thin after having a toddler. What was that like?” Looking on, Juliet chuckled knowingly and rolled her eyes.

When Alessandra had answered Dave’s question, Clayton pulled Dave back, remarking, “Okay. Well, Dave’s been standing too closely to you. Do you mind if I slide over?” Grinning abashedly, Dave declared, “I knew that was coming!” Dressed in her white micro mini (with a sexy open weave), Alessandra, cooed, “No problem. I can be between you guys.” Juliet, with her hand on her hip, interjected, “Does this get really old for you–having men throw themselves at you like this? Alessandra giggled, and exclaimed, “Oh, God!”

Subsequently, Clayton asked Alessandra about the new Victoria Secret’s scent selection that she was touting. As Alessandra replied that the fragrance “Heavenly Flowers” was being launched at the Soho store Sunday, Dave made his move: he slyly walked behind both Clayton and Alessandra and sidled up next to Alessandra again but on her right side.) When Alessandra further elaborated that she and fellow V.S. models Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel would be signing autographs, Dave excitedly interjected, “Wait! When? Where?” Clayton animatedly piped up, “Wait, wait. Yeah, I’m sorry. I didn’t get the address.”

Then, when Alessandra repeated herself while showing them the promo flyer, Dave exclaimed, “Clayton and I are there!” As Clayton tried to hide his smile with his notes and Alessandra basked in the amorous enthusiasm, Juliet leaned in toward Dave, looked him straight in the eyes, and teased, “Dave, aren’t you married?” Looking away briefly, Dave retorted, “She’s back in Colorado.” Juliet guffawed, “Oh, brother!” Smoothly offering Dave an alibi for later, Alessandra remarked, “Well, actually, you can get this beautiful flower bouquet that you can give your wife if you go there ’cause you get one.” “Perfect!” responded Dave before licking his lips.

As the segment started to conclude, Clayton, trying to stake his claim, began to take off his jacket. Clayton flirted, “Alessandra, are you, are you a little cold? Are you a little cold today? Looking at Dave and rebuffing Clayton, Alessandra laughed, “I’m better now.”

Interjecting, Meteorologist Rick Reichmuth, Dave friend and officemate, who had just walked onto the set, exclaimed, “Don’t you dare put that jacket on her!” Clayton retorted, “I was going to offer her this. She seems a little cold.” Then undeterred, he draped his coat over Alessandra’s shoulders.

However, apparently, for Dave’s sake, Rick immediately took Clayton’s coat off of Alessandra’s shoulders. Sarcastically, Rick riposted, “That’s very nice of you. [The segment is] now over, I think.” As Clayton tried to retrieve his jacket, Rick pulled it away and offered it to Dave. While Dave did not take it, he did look at Rick and smiled appreciatively.

As the segment ended, Juliet previewed the upcoming the stories. When she finished, she wagged her finger reprovingly in the faces of her male colleagues gathered adoringly around the lovely lingerie model. The unrepentant bees continued to hover worshipfully around their beautiful flower. And, she simply smiled and wafted her heavenly fragrances into their eager nostrils.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 04/24/10 (@8:53 a.m. ET)

F&FW Ensemble: Airs of Oral Flatulence

March 20, 2010

Fox & Friends Weekend’s Meteorologist Rick Reichmuth had had enough during the four-hour special edition of Fox & Friends, apparently. He had already given six reports in the usual three hours and had just completed another in the fourth.*  After his segue to co-hosts, Alisyn Camerota, Clayton Morris, and Dave Briggs, Rick, had an “open-mike” moment.

As Clayton previewed the upcoming health care segment, an off-camera oral flatulence, i.e., the sound of forced wind pulsating over one’s pursed lips could be heard. (Not unlike that which a tired horse might emit after an arduous race at Belmont or the pursuit of one too many errant cows.) As Aly smiled, rolled her eyes, and tried to maintain her composure, Clayton continued, “Does their math add up?”: then, he quickly ad libbed, “Rick doesn’t think so!” After guffawing, Aly impishly followed Rick’s “lead” and blew purposefully through her puckered lips; then, Clayton smiled at Dave and joined in the puckish fun; and, Dave simply bowed his head, put his hand to his mouth, and rocked gently in quiet laughter.

Good save, Clayton, Aly, and Dave!

*Fox & Friends – 03/20/10 (@9:13 a.m. ET)

Aly’s “Mustache”: Rick’s Karma

January 16, 2010

Rick’s cold: his karma? Today, in Fox & Friends Weekend’s first block, co-anchor Clayton Morris claimed that meteorologist Rick Reichmuth’s cold was his karma for “picking on” co-host Alisyn Camerota “last weekend.” However, he failed to elaborate. If the reader missed F&FW last Sunday, Rick ribbed Aly for having a hirsute upper lip.

During a segment on women paying more for the very same products as men do, co-anchors Clayton, Aly, and colleague Dave Briggs compared the more expensive women’s shaving cream Pure Silk to men’s Barbasol. Somewhat convinced, Aly jauntily jested, “Hand me the Barbasol. I’m gonna buy like a man and shave like a man.”

When they segued to Rick for his weather segment, he ribbed, “Aly, at least, you can get rid of that mustache!” Immediately, Dave raised his eyebrows in disbelief and gleefully clapped. Smiling, Aly retorted, “Hey! Hey! Hey!” Meanwhile, Clayton dropped his jaw, quickly rose from the curvy couch, and exclaimed, “See ya!” As he did, smiling, Dave stood, raised his hands (as if they were clean of any guilt), and then sat down again with Aly.

Thereafter, when Rick gave his report, he interviewed his sister Sheryl Neesen by phone about the Nebraska cold. Before Sheryl hung up, Aly interjected, “Hey, Sheryl! It’s Alisyn here….Can you believe what your brother just said to me on national television? Does he often insult you like that, Cheryl, or does he just reserve it for me?” When Sheryl explained that her whole family insulted one another, Alsy asked, “Is it a gesture of love ’cause I will accept his apology that he hasn’t issued yet.” After Sheryl said that it indeed did, Rick riantly riposted, “Or, I’m sick of looking at that ‘stache’!

In the final segment of the show, Rick did not relent. As he, Dave, Clayton, and Aly, all sat on the curvy couch, they returned to the topic of products for women’s products costing more than men’s identical ones. In their discussion, Dave asked Aly if she would buy the men’s shaving cream in the future, Aly answered, “Yes….I made that point when Rick made the horribly offensive comment.”

Subsequently, Aly playfully leaned forward for Rick’s inspection of her upper lip: after carefully scrutinizing it, Rick looked at the camera and exclaimed, “I think she took a little break and went back back to the bathroom is all I’m saying!” Smiling, Aly responded, “I accept your apology on behalf of all Italians.” Rick pleaded, “Make it stop!”

Sorry, Rick. “Karma”!

Aly’s Resolution: Obey

January 3, 2010

Yes, Alisyn Camerota acolytes, you heard right. In a segment Saturday on New Year’s resolutions with co-anchors Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs, Fox & Friends co-host Aly declared, “I think I’ve quit making them…but I’m open to suggestions.” When Dave, apparently, pregnant with a feral litter of ideas, looked at her with raised eyebrows, Aly hedged and then recanted, “I think! I don’t want to put it out to Dave or Clayton as to what I should work on this year because I’ll get an earful.”

Thereafter, Clayton, segueing to meteorologist Rick Reichmuth for his weather report, asked, “Rick, you want to weigh in?” Before Rick could answer, in an aside to her audience, Aly jokingly interposed, “Think about it, guys, I’m sure that it will take you a long time to think about what I should work on.” Then, when Rick remarked, “Tell Alisyn on her blog what she should do…just like her football picks,” Aly interjected, “And then I’ll do it. I am a slave to the blog. Good point!”

And the commands of the blogs were? “[T]o comment more on the blog,” “to Tweet regularly” to her followers, to “stay as gorgeous” as she is, and to wear her blouses “a little lower cut.” If Aly continues to listen to her blog, she may be as successful with her viewers this year as she has been with her football selections this season.

Dave’s Leno “Leer” Lost?

January 2, 2010

“Best of F&F 2009: Funniest Moments” Uncut Revealed, Part II. The buried Leno clip. After the edited version of the “Best of F&F” ran without Fox & Friends meteorologist Rick Reichmuth’s favorite, “Grope an Anchor Day,” co-anchor Dave Briggs’ ironically asked, “What else didn’t make the cut?” The answer: probably, his most embarrassing episode of 2009.

Remember Jay Leno’s choice of co-host Dave Briggs purportedly ogling the derrieres of his colleagues, Ainsley Earhardt and Janice Dean? If the reader only watches Fox & Friends Weekend, s/he missed Dave’s “wandering eye” the first time, too. However, Jay Leno found it so amusing that he ran it during his final week on the Tonight Show. Furthermore, Fox & Friends subsequently ran the Leno coverage with much delight when Aly guest hosted with Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy: They gave Dave little quarter as Aly apologized to Brandi Briggs on Dave’s behalf and Brian teased Aly for hiding her pain because Dave, one of her TV husbands, was staring at “something” on Aly’s replacement, Ainsley. [As for Dave, he vociferously denied Leno’s accusation to the author while insisting that the “weekday [F&F] embarrassed me enough for one week.”]

Fox & Friends Weekend producers, lighten up. Sharing their faux pas and foibles with the audience in the past has endeared the co-hosts to their fans. However, covering them up in the present may begin to sap that reservoir of personal rapport.

Censored F&FW’s Funniest Moment

January 2, 2010

Fox & Friends Weekend producers withheld the uncut version of “Best of F&F 2000: The Funniest Moments” from its viewers this morning. In fact, after the “fit-for-tv” footage ran, co-host Clayton Morris declared, “Rick’s favorite moment was cut out of it which was the “Hug a Newsman Day.” (Carpe Diem readers may remember it as “Grope an Anchor Day.”)

When Clayton elaborated, “Across the street, I randomly went up to a guy,” co-anchor Alisyn Camerota interjected, “I remember it well!” Continuing Clayton’s tale, co-host Dave Briggs, cupping his hand as if under Clayton’s rear, declared, “And, he got a nice firm grab.” Rick added, “Yeah. Somebody got a double feel of your [Clayton’s] behind.” Clayton further clarified, “[A] random vagrant on the street.” Then feigning sympathy, Aly added, You tried to hug him to be nice and he copped a feel!”

As an aside to the F&F audience, Clayton cheerfully commented, “If you do a search on YouTube for that moment, you’ll actually find that.” (Courtesy of J$P, the reader can link here for the video.)

Rick’s “Horrendous” Gift

December 26, 2009

Oops! Whoever gave Fox & Friends Weekend meteorologist Rick Reichmuth “that” Christmas present” probably had a Rolaids moment this morning. Not only did Rick really NOT like their gift but he might “out” them on national television.

After Rick’s first weather report, co-host Clayton Morris asked, “Did you get anything you have to return this year, any Christmas gifts?” Somberly, Rick replied, “I got one gift from someone that was horrendous.” Then, when co-anchor Dave Briggs jested, “He won’t even mention it,” a slightly smiling Rick explained, “I can’t mention it because it would hurt the person’s feelings and I don’t want to do it: But, it was, it was really something.” Chuckling, Rick added, “I would be embarrassed to re-gift it.”

Later, after Rick’s third weather segment, co-hosts Dave, Clayton, and Courtney tried to coax Rick into revealing “the Christmas present.” After the segue, Dave impishly posited, “We know that Rick is returning some strange gift.” A cajoling Clayton asserted, “He said earlier in the show he’s returning this just godawful gift so later in the show, maybe, we’ll reveal it.” Steadfast, Rick iterated, “No, I won’t. I don’t want to hurt this person who gave me this gift.” When a persistent Courtney pleaded, “But, what if they’re not watching,” Rick firmly shook his head “no” and asserted, “I’m not risking it.”

Somewhere, Rick’s relieved friend must have reached for a much needed mimosa.