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John’s “Boys” Worked: Kyra Pregnant!

October 29, 2010

Yesterday mid-morning, Carpe Diem reported that American Morning co-host John Roberts “may be ready to start another family with [Kyra Phillips] the comely CNN Newsroom anchor, his ‘mature woman.’”* Later, yesterday evening, People confirmed that not only was John ready to start a new family with Kyra but also that he had already begun. To wit, in a brief “This Just In” report (at 6:00 p.m.), People proclaimed, “The CNN news anchors are ‘very excited’ to announce that they’re expecting twins next spring.

Congratulations to you and Kyra!

*[Author’s aside: After a story on sperm count and vitality being affected adversely by plastic additive BPA on AM yesterday, a rather animated John revealingly remarked, “You don’t want your boys (sperm) having problems….Hey, I’m a guy! It’s the only reason (to be concerned about BPA). It’s all we care about!”]


Kyra’s John: “Hey, I’m a Guy!”

October 28, 2010

“‘Your boys’….It’s all we care about!” Today American Morning co-host John Roberts appeared to put Kyra Roberts, his forty-two year old girlfriend, on notice. I.e., the fifty-three year old father of two young adults from an earlier life may be ready to start another family with the comely CNN Newsroom anchor, his “mature woman.”

During an AM headline news segment this morning, John read a health report which linked the plastic additive BPA to low sperm count and vitality in men. When he had finished, co-anchor Kiran Chetry commented, “Yeah, you got to watch out. You gotta check those out.”* Before she could continue to the next story, John interjected, “Yeah, you don’t want your, your boys, you know, having problems, though.”

As he arched his eyebrows for emphasis, Kiran dismissively declared, “Yeah, I mean, for a number of other reasons as well. Um, this is just one of the latest studies.” Not dissuaded from pursing his ruttish route, John looked down and gestured toward his groin. Laughing, he exclaimed, “Hey, I’m a guy! It’s the only reason.” Pausing  for emphasis and then looking into the camera, he animatedly added, “It’s all we care about.”

In response, Kiran smiled, looked away, and gulped hard. Channeling Kyra?

*American Morning – 10/28/10 (@8:55 a.m. ET)

“As Long as the Wife Doesn’t Mind”

October 21, 2010

John Roberts: “I have my own smoking-hot redhead. Who needs Anna Chapman?” When it comes Russia’s reified Bond babe, American Morning co-anchor John Roberts sounded today as if his fiancee Kyra Phillips, CNN Newsroom anchor, has him now on a rather short leash. And, the bad boy may have inadvertently jerked a bit on it this morning.

As Carpe Diem readers may remember, John apparently got into trouble with Kyra earlier this year (June 30) about his seeming crush on Chapman when he randily reported on the nabbed Red-hot Russian operative and her sexy Internet photos. Not only did viewers notice but, apparently, so did Kyra. When John appeared on her show CN later that morning to discuss  Chapman, Kyra teased him about his love for “sultry redheads.” When John defensively declared, “Just–just for the record, there’s only one sultry redhead that fascinates me,” Kyra responded, “Thank goodness. And, thankfully, you are engaged to her.”

Eight days later, John seemed to leave little doubt that Kyra did not care for his appreciation of the “sultry [Russian] redhead.” When John did a follow-up story on Chapman (and the other Russian spooks), he asked former F.B.I. Assistant Director Thomas Fuentes about her return to Russia. When Fuentes teased, “And, I know, John, it’s breaking your heart to see Anna Chapman go back,” an abashed John replied, “You’re gonna get me in trouble with the wife here, Tom.” Chuckling afterwards, John noted, ““Yes! My face is now the color of Anna Chapman’s hair. Imagine that!”

Today, an apparently chastened John tread more softly as AM anew covered the comely Chapman, who recently appeared scantily clad in the Russian edition of Maxim magazine. After the first airing of Jeanne Moos’ report entitled, “Russia’s Undercover Girl: Exposed spy Anna Chapman bares almost all,” of Kiran, John asked, “So, what do you think?” When co-host Kiran Chetry replied, “She’s pretty,” John dutifully replied, “I have my own smoking-hot redhead. Who needs Anna Chapman?” Laughing, Kiran added, “And you don’t want her on Maxim.” Perchance, trying to convince himself of that fact, John answered, “Yeah. And, she’s forty-two years old. She a mature woman, too. Perhaps, a bit too late for his own good, he hastily added, “And a younger woman, too. The best of all worlds.”

Possibly, mindful of his unfortunate gaffe about the age of his “mature woman,” John seemed to walk on eggs shells after producers ran Moos’ story again before the AM segue to CN. As the report ended with Vice President Joe Biden’s joke to Jay Leno about the “hot” Chapman, Kiran commented, “That was a great line by the Vice Prez.”**  Smiling, John tersely replied, “It was.” Echoing Biden, Kiran continued, “It wasn’t my idea to send her back.” Wisely, John added, “As long as the wife doesn’t care about it.”

Shortly thereafter, when John did toss to Kyra, she slightly smiled and simply said, “Good morning, guys” and went straight into her CNN Newsroom programming. No more words about “sultry redheads” today. Apparently, this “wife” just might care about it.

*American Morning – 10/21/10 (6:55 a.m. ET)

**American Morning – 10/21/10 (@9:00 a.m. ET)

Kiran’s Amusing Observation

October 13, 2010

And, John’s gentler “rebuke.” As American Morning co-anchors Kiran Chetry and John Roberts gave their audience wall-to-wall, riveting reportage of the rescue of the Chilean miners, they also provided a few unintended laughs as John “instructed” Kiran on the finer points of prayer and a “moment of silence.”

Perhaps, still sleepy from arising earlier than normal (for the special four-hour AM edition), Kiran made a somewhat strange and rather amusing observation about the ninth rescued miner, Mario Gomez, as he returned from the bowels of the earth. Before Gomez took his ride upward in the Phoenix capsule, Kiran stated that he had “said that he was the spiritual leader” of the miners in letters to his wife from the mine.* Shortly thereafter, when Gomez had emerged from the capsule (with a crucifix around his neck) and had embraced his wife, he then immediately knelt on the ground with his head bowed, his hands clasped, and his lips moving silently: Apparently, oblivious to the obvious, Kiran commented, “We’re seeing him sit down there for a moment. Uh, we haven’t seen the other miners do this.”** Coming to her aid posthaste, John responded, “I expect that he’s saying a prayer.”

Later, after giving her his insight on prayer, John, apparently, decided to “teach” Kiran about the more secular “moment of silence.” As AM was concluding and after CNN Newsroom anchor Kyra Phillips had taken the toss, Kyra remarked, “We’re talking about all these moments being so emotional and so passionate but at the same time, I think we’ve all recognized how faithful these guys are….[T]hat was amazing when Gomez came up and dropped to his knees in prayer. I mean, it was incredible!”*** Subsequently, as Kiran quietly began to arrange her papers, this time a wiser John subtly put his fingers to his lips as if to silence her. Looking over at him, a smiling Kiran stopped straightening her papers and put them down straightaway.

AM today: A poignant program, a simple prayer, and no Roberts’ rebuke redux. Not bad.

*American Morning – 10/13/10 (@ 6:40a.m. ET)

**American Morning – 10/13/10 (@7:03 a.m. ET)

***American Morning – 10/13/10 (@ 9:00 a.m. ET)

JD: I Wasn’t Going to Go There!

October 12, 2010

But, fiancee Kyra Phillips certainly did. As American Morning ended today, co-anchor John Roberts reported Minnesota Viking quarterback Bret Favre’s record 500th career touchdown pass (to recently acquired receiver Randy Moss). Ad libbing, John remarked, “Perfect. [He] laid it right up. So, it’s going to be a good pairing [Favre and Moss] for the rest of the season I think.” When John stopped and Kiran waited for him to elaborate, John added, “Looking forward to seeing more of that.”

Grinning, Kiran answered, “I thought you were going to say something else.” With a slight smile, John succintly said, “No.” Feigning belief, Kiran nodded and quickly echoed, “It’ll be a good pairing for the season.” Continuing the staccato colloquy, John replied, “Yeah. Tersely, Kiran countered, “Okay, good.” “Definitely,” retorted John. “Alright,” answered Kiran.” Beaming at the viewer, John responded, “Looking forward to more.”

Subsequently, when John segued to his “sweetie” and CNN Newsroom host, Kyra Phillips, she was not about to let that sleeping dog lie. Alluding to Favre’s current NFL troubles (pertaining to alleged graphic sexts sent to Jennifer Sterger, a NY Jets reporter and Playboy/Maxim model), Kyra brassily boasted, “I know what Kiran was thinking: Brett Favre, all those text messages must be inspiring him to do well on the field. Right, Kiran? Just saying!”

As Kyra’s affianced nodded his head in agreement and looked on with a sheepish grin, Kiran demurely replied, “Well, I was thinking that there is possible talk that he might, you know, get in trouble, perhaps, suspended. So, we’ll see how the rest of the season goes.” Cackling wickedly, Kyra replied, “Yes, we shall. As we know, those boys get by with a lot of trouble.”

Raising his eyebrows, John remarked, “I wasn’t going to go there!” Seeming to know him all too well, Kyra simply smiled and said, “Mm, hmm.” In response, John wisely chuckled to himself and remained silent.

A still too rare moment of AM levity. Perhaps, CNN’s new Executive VP Ken Jautz’s sage advice on improving ratings during CNN primetime is beginning to be applied in the morning. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, he said, “We need to make our primetime more compelling and engaging, sometimes more fun, you could even say.” Hopefully, AM executive producer Jamie Kraft was listening.

Kyra & John: Still Sitting in a Tree?

October 5, 2010

Roberts: “I thought I was being ditched.” After interviewing the real “Social NetworkWinklevi, Harvard’s smart male version of the Barbi Twins Friday, American Morning co-anchor John Roberts was clearly impressed. To guest co-host Christine Romans, Roberts noted, “Twenty-nine years old….[They] just got MBA’s from Oxford, they got that huge [$65 million] settlement…[and] they’re stunningly handsome.”* Over an hour later, at the end of the AM, Roberts was still under the spell of the Adonis twins: Tossing to his fiancee and CNN Newsroom host Kyra Phillips, he declared, “Handsome fellows. Yah?”**

Playfully, Phillips responded, “Yes, very handsome! Are they single?” As Roberts bit his tongue for a moment, Romans interjected, “Oh, we didn’t ask that question, Kyra.” Shrugging her shoulders in mock derision, Phillips replied, “Yeah. Hello!”

Having collected his thoughts, Roberts intoned, “It’s a strange question from a woman in your position to be asking, isn’t it?” Raising her eyebrows and smiling faintly, Phillips responded, “Oh, please, I was just asking for all the young ladies in the newsroom who are in their mid-twenties. Yeah, about thirty years older [sic] than you or me.” Reddened, Roberts chortled, “I thought I was being ditched.”

Validating her devotion, Phillips exclaimed, “Never! Never! I love you dearly.” Reassured, a grinning Roberts then remarked, “Yes, they, they are single.”

*American Morning – 10/01/10 (@7:49 a.m. ET)

**American Morning – 10/01/10 (@9:00 a.m. ET)

Crusty John: 2 Curt 2 Kiran?

September 8, 2010

Apparently, not rested enough from his Labor Day vacation, American Morning co-anchor John Roberts appeared to snap this morning at his co-host Kiran Chetry. After Kiran read a headline news story to his left, John began his preview to his interview with David Axelrod, President Obama’s senior advisor. Immediately before Axelrod appeared on screen, John glanced down to his left in ire but continued his introduction. After he then thanked Axelrod for his appearance (in a split-screen shot with Axelrod), John’s jaw suddenly tensed and his eyes blinked as he started his query. Mid-sentence, he again looked to his left and brusquely remarked, “Excuse me. Would, would you mind stop–not doing that while I’m talking? Thank you. Appreciate that.”  As if in feigned apology, he added, “If you don’t mind.” Meanwhile, Axelrod looked on in bemusement and chuckled to himself.

John must have had some holiday. Perhaps, paradoxically, he needs a vacation after his vacation. Take a good nap, John: Kiran and Kyra will thank you.

American Morning – 09/08/10 (@7:08 a.m. ET)

Kyra: JD, “U Can Meet W/ the Psychologist”

August 11, 2010

John: Kyra, “And, I’ll introduce you to the anger management counselor.” Rather than showering each other with amorous pecks this morning, CNN Newsroom anchor Kyra Phillips and American Morning co-host John Roberts pecked at each other during a playful lovers spat on CNN Newsroom.

During his segment entitled “Why People Snap,” John recapped for his fiancee Kyra and her audience an earlier segment on AM of the same title with clinical psychologist Jeff Gardere and anger management counselor Janet Pfeiffer. After he did, Kyra began to discuss Pfeiffer’s technique to avoid striking out, saying, “You know it’s interesting, you’re saying that your anger management counselor said, ‘SWAT’…What is it? Stop, walk, and?”* Chuckling, John said, “Stop, walk, and talk. And, not my anger management counselor [but] the one we had on the program this morning.” Smiling and shaking her head, Kyra replied, “I was going to say that’s not mine either.”

Subsequently, Kyra compared the Pfeiffer SWAT technique and the police SWAT (special weapons and tactics) team since they are both intended to tamp down the “threat of violence or anything drastic.” When John laughed at her comparison as being incongruous, Kyra explained, “They’re not supposed to get violent, not supposed to use the weapons, okay? Just the tactics. So, you remember that SWAT.” Sweetly smiling, she continued, “I guess you and I both can practice that next time.”

Not willing to give his lady the last word, John jested, “Alright. And, I’ll introduce you to the anger management counselor.” With raised eyebrows and a serpentine smile, she acerbically riposted, “Yeah. Uh, huh. You can meet with the psychologist: You need a lot of clinical psychology.” In response to her rapier wit, a reddened John shook his head, smiled broadly, and muttered something inaudible under his breath. With John not fully in amative obeisance, Kyra coolly and saccharinely bid her beau adieu, saying, “Alright. Love you. Bye.”

*CNN Newsroom – 08/11/10 (@9:40 a.m.)

Oops! AM Airs “N” Word

August 4, 2010

Bleep! Bleep! Bleep!…”N*****.” No, it was not a rap video nor a Chris Rock comedy routine that let the “N” word rip today: rather, it was CNN’s American Morning.

Initially, AM had somewhat successfully censored the offensive term thrice when it first aired an interview with the mother of the Connecticut Budweiser distributor killer’s girlfriend.* During the segment with CNN correspondent Alison Kosik, the girlfriend’s mother indicated that the gunman Omar Thornton had been racially harassed and gave instances using the ‘N’ word thrice explicitly. When she did, AM producers bleeped it but it was not completely rendered inaudible each time.

Approximately, an hour later, CNN ran the story anew. Reading the headline news account, co-host Kiran Chetry stated, “People who knew the alleged gunman…are trying to make sense of the shooting rampage….The mother of Thornton’s girlfriend says he was angry about his treatment on the job.”** After she did, producers ran a clip of the interview again. However, this time the mother was unedited: She stated, “He was being harassed racially at work. Supposedly, there [were]…pictures on his cellphone…showing that there was the word ‘n*****’ written on the bathroom walls.”

Strangely, neither Kiran nor co-host John Roberts apologized nor even mentioned the apparent slip-up. However, AM executive producer Jamie Kraft apparently noticed: He did not run the story again during the second half of the show. Apparently, someone else at CNN took note as well:, When Kosik’s report resurfaced later on CNN Newsroom with Kyra Phillips, the mother’s interview was conspicuously cut.***

*American Morning – 08/04/10 (@6:16 a.m. ET)
**American Morning – 08/04/10 (@7:15 a.m. ET)
***CNN Newsroom – 08/04/10 (@9:01 a.m. ET)

Roberts: I’ve Got a Crush on Oh!Anna

June 30, 2010

“John Roberts…loves sultry redheads.” Apparently, American Morning co-anchor John Robert’s fiancee was watching her boy salivate over Ann Chapman, the sexy supposed spook (one of the alleged Russian eleven operatives scooped up by the FBI recently). When Roberts appeared on her show, CNN Newsroom, the chestnut-coiffed cutie gave him a good ribbing.

When John first introduced the “Real Life ‘Bond Girl’: inside alleged Russian spy ring” report, he said, “Our Deb Feyerick…[is] here now with a closer look at some of the accused.” Seemingly ensnared by Anna’s allure (and, perhaps, her sensual photos), a grinning John stuttered, “And, certainly a lot of people are focusing on the, the, the redhead.” Smiling back at him, Deb replied, “It’s giving it legs, definitely.” Beaming broadly, John responded, “Oh! Very nice.” As Deb concluded her segment, John unconvincingly commented, “I’m, I’m amazed at the fascination with this young woman. Chapman is her name?”

Later, when Deb’s segment had run again in the third hour, John elaborated, “I love this fascination with Anna Chapman. She’s like the Elektra King [Bond babe] of this whole thing. You know, the woman in the ‘World Is Not Enough.'”

Despite John’s apparent attempts to transfer his “fascination” with the modern day Mata Hari to others on AM, Kyra was not so easily fooled. According to TVNewser,  when John appeared on her program, CNN Newsroom, to discuss the suspected Russian operative, Kyra kidded, “The bombshell fits right in among the fictional Bond girls: seductive sultry and allegedly searching for intel among US power-players. John Roberts, who loves sultry redheads, live in New York with our AM Extra.” In response, he reportedly replied, “Where do I go from there?” After his report, he protested, “Just — just for the record, there’s only one sultry redhead that fascinates me.” Aptly, Kyra answered, “Thank goodness and luckily, you are engaged to her.”

Roberts: “The Wife” Kyra

May 13, 2010

American Morning co-anchor John Roberts finally alerted his audience to his engagement to CNN colleague Kyra Phillips today. Before he promoted Kyra’s upcoming CNN Newsroom (which immediately follows AM), John turned to guest host Christine Romans and casually commented, “Got to give the wife a plug here.”* Not saying a word, Christine simply giggled in response.

According to the author’s knowledge, this is the first time that John has acknowledged the upcoming nuptials of himself and Kyra. Approximately 2 1/2 weeks ago, April 25, TV Newser reported that  the two became engaged on a weekend getaway in West Virginia: Kyra accepted John’s proposal after he popped the question on bended knee to his avid amateur golfer gal on the 18th hole of the Greenbrier Resort golf course. Interestingly enough, when John returned to AM the following Tuesday, neither he nor his AM colleagues made mention of his winning the hand of his beloved.

*American Morning – 05/13/10 (@8:56 a.m. ET)

Kyra Prefers “Johnny Canuck”?

April 27, 2010

Phillips’ Red-headed Roberts. American Morning co-anchor John Roberts cannot accuse his woman of turning his hair gray as some men are wont to do. In fact, it appears that his betrothed, Kyra Phillips, has conversely changed his silver mane into a reddish-hued one. Perhaps, the golf-obsessed CNN Newsroom anchor wants her hubby-to-be to return to his Scottish roots.

When the two began their sub rosa relationship in December 2008, John wore his “gray head of wisdom” with pride as American Morning’s “voice from the mountaintop.” Apparently, Kyra preferred the MuchMusic veejay with the famed mullet from Canada. (In fact, she calls him “J.D.” as he was known then according to John in a recent interview with’s Alan Cross.) Today, as Kyra’s fiance, John sports a younger more fashionable look with his shortly-cropped locks tinged reddish brown. (If the reader missed AM today, cf. link1 or link2 or tune in tomorrow for a clearer view.)

Now, if only Kyra can also quicken John’s youthful exuberance and irreverence to shake up CNN’s too often staid and stodgy news. Or, at least, she could show AM executive producer Jamie Kraft John’s crazy costumed interview with “Nash the Slash to incorporate some Fox & Friends-like fun into the morning. If AM co-host Kiran Chretry (an F&F alum) joins John in the levity, maybe, AM can finally start competing with FNC’s juggernaut.

[Serendipitous factoid: John credits Kiwi country singer Keith Urban for his newly found appreciation of country music. In his interview with Cross, supra, John said that despite his long-time dislike for the genre that Keith Urban “really turned me on” to country music. In so doing, he remarked, “I’m a huge fan of Keith Urban not just because he’s a great singer and an amazing performer…but he’s an amazing guitarist.” Laughing, John added, “My girlfriend (Kyra) insists I have a ‘mancrush’ on Keith Urban [but] it’s not a ‘mancrush’ but I do appreciate his musicality and his talent.]

John “Traps” Kyra

April 26, 2010

American Morning co-host John Roberts and CNN Newsroom anchor Kyra Phillips are now engaged according to TVNewser. After almost one and a half years of dating, John popped the question to his comely CNN colleague at the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia. Apparently, as the two lovebirds were about to conclude a round of golf, Kyra approached the flag and noticed a card affixed to the pin (with the engagement ring hidden in the hole). Romantically, John got down on bended knee and asked for her hand in marriage with two Greenbrier staff members at the ready to pour the celebratory champagne if Kyra answered yes. She did.

Congratulations, John and Kyra.

H/t TVNewser.

[Both John and Kyra have been married before. For a look back at when their courtship first began, cf. John Hush-Hush on Question about KP (National Post) and New York Magazine’s CNN Anchors Kyra Phillips and John Roberts Secretly Dating? [Updated] (New York Magazine Daily Intel).]

Kiran: Shaken & Stirred

April 22, 2010

Chetry: Craig Crazy. American Morning’s Aphrodite Kiran Chetry may enjoy getting her male acolytes all hot and bothered on occasion but yesterday it was Kiran who became the flustered votary of her Adonis. When AM returned almost mid-show to the theme of James Bond, Kiran drew “her gun” like an Angel (Charlie’s)  before reading the headlines. She began, “Welcome back! I guess you can guess what we’re talking about this morning.”*

Then, as producers ran the footage of Craig rising from the surf in his bathing scivvies in Casino Royale, Kiran continued, “007 may have a hard time surviving his latest adventure. The twenty-third James Bond film has been postponed indef [ending mid-word]. Appearing suddenly to be overcome by the vapors, Kiran exclaimed, “Hold on, I can’t speak!” Abashedly, she laughed, “Lord have mercy! Sorry!”

After regaining her composure and finishing the story, her co-anchor John Roberts nonchalantly queried, “So, who was the best Bond?” John proclaimed that it was Sean Connery. Not swayed in the least, Kiran defiantly declared, “I picked Daniel Craig. I’m sorry. It was that scene we showed.”

Agreeably, John replied, “I also like Daniel Craig: I think he’s a very good Bond. I really do.” Raising her eyes lustily, Kiran enthusiastically concurred, “Me, too!” Realizing that he might want to distinguish his comments, John replied, “I like him for different reasons than you do.”

Turning to John, Kiran riantly responded, “Next time we’ll do your favorite Bond girls. How about that? We’ll keep it fair.” Gallantly, John answered, “Nah! I got one girl [Kyra Phillips] that’s my favorite.” Kiran simply laughed.

Kiran: the next bodacious Bond girl? Don’t laugh. She certainly made a luscious Lara Croft!

American Morning – 04/21/10 (@7:19 a.m. ET)

Kiran vs. Kyra

April 16, 2010

On-camera wife vs. off-screen girlfriend. American Morning co-anchor John Roberts was the lucky man in the middle yesterday between his television wife co-host Kiran Chetry and paramour Kyra Phillips (CNN Newsroom anchor). For the reader unfamiliar with the brunette beauties, they look rather similar: in fact, they might be mistaken for sisters with Kiran being the younger and fairer of the two.

Before the fun began during “Dr. [Sanjay] Gupta’s Mailbag” segment, co-anchor John Roberts read a viewer’s Tweet asking, “How can I reduce my growing belly?”: then, chuckling, he abashedly commented, “It was funny: I was looking into this myself this morning ’cause my sweetheart’s always busting on me for, you know, ‘You ought to get a six pack [well-toned abs]: you got to eat properly. I might be a little old for a six pack but, maybe, I can get in one or two in there. You know?”*

Sympathetically, Sanjay replied, “Not at all.” Then, suddenly, putting his hand to his ear and pointing off set, a smiling Sanjay said, “I think I hear Kyra cackling somewhere in the background just right now. Even louder now!” Chortling heartily, John said, “I hear her, too. As he did, off camera, Kyra yelled, “He’ll never have a six pack.” Repeating her for John’s sake, Sanja stated, “He’ll never have a six pack.” Touching his earpiece, John responded, “Oh, yeah! I hear her, too.”

Subsequently, John’s AM co-host, Kiran Chetry, not quite catching the tense of Kyra’ comment, interjected, “She’s screaming, ‘He never had a six pack.'” Turning completely towards John and gesticulating animatedly, Kiran exclaimed, “She just let you off the hook! If you never had one, how are you going to get one now?” Somewhat evasively, John joshed, “I had a six pack in my hands over the weekend. Some Longboard Beer, that’s what it was.”

Later, after Sanjay finally answered question, Kiran told him that he was “getting very thin from the triathlon training” and “we weren’t sending you a six pack.” Piping up and waving the loser sign wildly, John stated, “By the way, you can talk to Kyra about six packs. Okay?” Sanjay chuckled, “I will. I am right now…I’m gonna walk over there.”

Ending the segment, Kiran lightly pounded the desk with her fist, picked up her papers, and leaned back in her chain. Turning her eyes upon her tv hubby (who looked down and away), Kiran took one parting shot at her off-screen rival Kyra. She sniped, “What’s good for the gander is good for the goose!”

American Morning catfight? Rowrrrr!

American Morning – 04/15/10 (@8:55 a.m. ET)

Kyra: “Very Awkward Moment!”

April 5, 2010

“Mommy’s milk” cheese: “Would you try it?” So asked American Morning co-anchor John Roberts of his co-host Kiran Chetry after a rather unusual Jeanne Moos report Friday dubbed “Breast Milk Cheese.”* As to the unique cheese made by New York chef Daniel Angerer of Klee’s Brassiere from his wife’s breast milk, a smiling Kiran racily replied, “Yeah! Of course!” After a pregnant pause, she giggled, “Would you? You have before!”

As the floor crew laughed and an embarrassed John was rendered speechless, Kiran exclaimed, “We were all babies once, people!” Finally, finding his voice, John protested, “It wasn’t cheese!” As Kiran chuckled heartily, John added, “Nobody had made it into cheese.”

Subsequently, concluding the segment and the show, Kiran tossed to Kyra Phillips, CNN Newsroom‘s anchor and John’s reported girlfriend. An almost flushed Kyra tittered, “Ooh! Awkward moment. Very awkward moment!” Shaking his head in agreement, John softly echoed, “Awkward moment.”

Apparently, trying to provide an abashed John a bit of cover, to Kyra, Kiran commented, “You’ve tried it, too. You know it!” As John wisely remained mute, a still chagrined Kyra laughed, “Oh, yes! Okay. Moving right along!”

American Morning: The breast news in the morning!

*American Morning – 04/02/10 (@8:58 a.m. ET)

Kyra: “I Can’t Wait”

April 1, 2010

If there was any doubt about their relationship as a couple, both John Roberts and Kyra Phillips appeared eager to dispel it this morning. On American Morning, John had April-fooled his co-host Kiran Chetry, CNN biz correspondent Christine Roberts, and an unnamed third person with the claim that President Obama had named him ambassador to Canada (his homeland). As AM ended, John tossed to the anchor of CNN Newsroom, his reported flame Kyra Phillips.

When he did, Kyra facetiously remarked, “John, Congratulations on your new position, ambassador to Canada. That’s amazing!”* Before he could reply, Kiran laughed and added, “We’re so proud of him.” Jesting, John riposted, “I was very surprised by it.” Giggling, Kyra responded, “Kiran and I, especially, wish you the best of luck. Moving right along!”

Not quite ready to do so, John haltingly asked, “Are you, are?” Kyra prompted, “Yes?” John continued, “Are you coming?” Animatedly, Kyra answered, “Of course! I can’t wait to be a first lady!” A rather reddened John and an incredulous Kiran chuckled as that revealing segue ended.

*American Morning – 04/01/10 (@9:00 a.m. ET)

Kyra: “John, You’re Just Faking It!”

March 24, 2010

Biden: Kyra Phillips remembers her live mike moment?* Before American Morning co-hosts John Roberts and Kiran Chetry tossed to CNN Newsroom anchor Kyra Phillips today, they briefly discussed Joe Biden’s latest gaffe. After a Jeanne Moos report entitled “Yes He Did…Again: V.P. Biden Drops F-bom at health care ceremony,” John jested “Now all Presidential live events will on be a six-second delay.” Subsequently, when he and Kiran segued to Kyra, Kyra, apparently, recalling her own infamous bathroom open-mic incident* commented, “Admit it, you guys: If they kept all our mikes on during the commercial breaks, they’d have plenty of bloopers.”

As John smiled and stayed mute, Kiran answered, “Oh, yes! No argument here.” Kyra replied, “See, Kiran I love how transparent you are.” Then wagging her finger at her reported boyfriend John, Kyra continued, “John, you’re just faking it.” As John (who has had his own “fr**king” and “WTF” AM occasions) simply chuckled and Kiran waited expectantly for his further response in vain, Kyra laughed, “I know. I had to leave it there.”

But, Carpe Diem did not.

*YouTube video (August 29, 2006)

** transcript (August 29, 2006)

Roberts: Green with Envy?

March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! American Morning co-host John Roberts was definitely feeling the green of the day–or, at least, the M&M green. Whether it was the contagion of the purportedly philandering “greens” giant Tiger Woods or the beguilement of his gorgeous green-clad colleague Kiran Chetry, John appeared all revved up and ready to roar.

After airing a story about Woods’ return to golf next month at the Masters (while reportedly still in sex addiction therapy), John looked at Kiran and wistfully declared, “So, here’s a prediction. Alright? I’m going to go out on a limb here. By the end of this year, he’s going to be bigger than ever.”* Raising her eyebrows skeptically, Kiran, a married mother of two, replied, “We’ll see what happens.” John, a recently divorced father of two persisted, “It’s the perfect spot for redemption as well, you know?…If he does well, if he finishes in the top five, he’ll be golden: if he wins, man, that’s just going to blow wide open.” In a silent response, Kiran turned to the audience with a seemingly forced smile and her shoulders slightly shook repeatedly as if in dismissive laughter.

Later, during CNN’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s segment dubbed “Heartbreaking Stock Stress,” Kiran asked how to best manage such stress. When Sanjay answered that prayer/meditation, “happy” time for one’s self, sex, and laughter, Kiran, with a slightly suggestive lilt, responded, “Some good advice! There you go. Sanjay, thanks so much.”** Chuckling, John remarked, “Some great advice!” Grinning broadly, Kiran naughtily queried, “You like meditating, huh?” Still looking straight ahead, John facetiously retorted, “Yeah. And, yoga.”

Watch out, Kyra, your old boy appears ready to party!

*American Morning – 03/17/10 (@6:43 a.m. ET)

**American Morning – 03/17/10 (@7:57 a.m. ET)

Roberts: “I Got a Closet, Too”

January 8, 2010

Kiran Chetry, American Morning’s naughty-but-nice co-anchor put John Roberts, her co-host, on the hot seat this morning. After a Jeanne Moos segment entitled “Budget Nerd, Ladies Man” (about Obama budget chief Peter Orszag, a divorced father of two who just got engaged to ABC “money honey” Bianna Golodryga only a few weeks after a shipping mistress bore his “love child), Kiran knowingly turned to John for his take. When he remained steadfastly mute, she fluttered her eyelashes and asked, “Well, what do you think?” Appearing more than a mite uncomfortable, John, also a divorced father of two, threw up his hands and stated, “Hey, you know, live and let live!” To which, Kiran knowingly guffawed.

Chuckling, John exclaimed, “I ain’t saying nothing about nobody!” In an aside to the audience, Kiran raised her eyebrows and smiling declared, “Our lips are sealed.” Looking back as if for his flame CNN anchor Kyra Phillips (who was to later appear on the show), John explained, “I got a closet, too, you know!” Kiran doubled back with laughter.

Realizing that she may need to help John out of his hole that she had helped dig, Kiran said, “Oh, man! But, you live in New York so yours is small. That’s the good news. It’s so small you hardly fit anything in there.” Almost as red-faced as his CNN coffee mug to which he then pointed, John replied, “It’s a very tiny little closet….I couldn’t get this cup in my closet.”

Happily, for John, the segment and the conversation were over. And, no mention of any other closets. Nor, their contents.