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“Forgotten” Gretchen Returns–Early!

June 28, 2012

“I’ve been on vacation.” Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson must have felt indeed neglected yesterday when her substitute Alisyn Camerota and her co-anchor Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade failed to mention her name or her absence: today, she decided to return to the curvy couch this morning, apparently, at least, a day early.

Yesterday, Gretchen’s seemingly scheduled sub for today, Fox News correspondent Anna Kooiman, Tweeted, “I’ll see you tomorrow again on Fox and Friends! I’ll be hosting with two of the funniest-sweetest-smartest guys.”

Subsequently, the author penned “F&F: Gretchen Carlson Forgotten?” In the article, he noted Gretchen’s increasingly frequent absences from F&F and her fill-in Aly’s thrice-fold introduction of herself yesterday without mentioning Gretchen at all: Furthermore, he mused whether Anna would follow Aly’s lead or whether she would mention that she was substituting for Gretchen (and thus “tamp down down any rumor that all may not be well with Gretchen’s reign on the curvy couch”).

Apparently, Gretchen wanted to do the tamping down herself ASAP. Rather than Anna hosting Fox & Friends as promised this morning, Gretchen appeared in the center seat instead. And, as the show began, she announced, “I’ve been on vacation.” Interestingly, Gretchen did not say where nor did the boys ask.

Gretchen back–today.


F&F: Gretchen Carlson Forgotten?

June 27, 2012

“I’m Alisyn Camerota.” Three times, Fox & Friends guest co-host Alisyn Camerota so introduced herself this morning to her audience–without a word of regular co-anchor Gretchen Carlson.* Simply an oversight? Perhaps, but Gretchen’s absences seem to occur more and more often lately: in fact, she has not graced the curvy couch in approximately two weeks with little apparent concern from her co-anchors Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade.

However, yesterday, F&F guest co-host Anna Kooiman did repeatedly say that she was in for Gretchen. Even though Aly uttered nary a peep about the former Miss America today, perchance, Anna will do so again tomorrow (when she “subs” again). If so, perhaps, Anna’s assertion may help tamp down any rumor that all may not be well with Gretchen’s reign on the curvy couch.

Gretchen: forgotten today. Her tomorrow?

*Fox & Friends – 06/27/12 (@ 6:00 a.m. ET; 7:00 a.m. ET; and 7:59 a.m. ET)

Gretchen Gets “Cheeky” with Brian

June 12, 2012

“As much as I like your back end.” Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson missed her boys, especially Brian, apparently, or, at least, his behind. After taking off on F&F Monday to guest co-host on the all-woman The View, Gretchen rejoined her co-anchors Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy this morning with a new-found appreciation of her boys. As the F&F started, Steve mentioned Gretchen’s ABC appearance on The View and Brian waggishly noted that there were “a lot of women” on that program: In response, Gretchen joyfully exclaimed, “I miss the testosterone: I miss double testosterone!”

About a half hour later, apparently, the male hormone was beginning to have an effect on Gretchen. As she read a headline news story subtitled, “Fighting Voter Fraud,” she began to stutter. Off camera, Brian teased, “Why are you hesitating?” Chuckling, Gretchen replied, “Well, it’s pretty tough to read a teleprompter with you standing in front of it–as much as I like your back end.”*

Somewhat inaudibly, Brian apparently riposted, “Oh…[you] can always blame [me].”

Or, this morning, Gretchen can blame her hit of F&F‘s “double testosterone.” Not to mention, a shot of estrogen espresso.

Good morning!

*Fox & Friends – 06/12/12 (@ 6:33 a.m. ET)

Steve Doocy: “Our Dirtiest Show EVER!”

May 19, 2012

Anna Kooiman: “A little nervous!” “Mudder” Fox & Friends co-anchors Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade (weekday), Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs (weekend), Anna Kooiman (weekday First), and FNC meteorologist Rick Reichmuth all got down and dirty for a great cause yesterday and today. The six braved a Tough Mudder abbreviated obstacle course on the sidewalk outside their studios to promote the Wounded Warrior Project.

On Thursday, Steve teased, “Friday on FnF, our dirtiest show EVER!” True to his word, he and his younger co-host Brian Kilmeade proved their Mudder mettle Friday while co-anchor Gretchen Carlson was not up for the muddy wet T shirt contest. After his brave run, Brian remarked, “Most nervous I ever was for a segment.” Subsequently, Steve somewhat more tentatively tackled the physical endurance test: Later, seemingly still winded, he Tweeted, “Brian & I survived the @toughmudder, thanks 2 the INSPIRING #woundedwarriors guys.”

Today, Rick began his FNC Mudder trial with his usual intensity as he enthusiastically went full throttle in the mite too cool early morning. Later, buff fitness femme fatale Anna ran the course at a somewhat slower rate as she tried to not to be a “YouTube sensation for busting [her] booty going over the wall.” Approximately, an hour later, Dave athletically scaled that wall without any apparent assistance as Clayton gamely followed suit with some well-timed help from his hero friends.

Fox & Friends fun: Showing how it’s done!

H/t to Johnny Dollar: F&F “Mudder” vids via links, supra, courtesy of J$P.

Kiran: A Face for Radio?

May 17, 2012

Not exactly! Nepalese lovely Kiran Chetry “appeared” anew on Mother’s Day Eve: unfortunately, for her acolytes, she decided to”reveal” herself this time–not on the boob tube again but on the radio, on the John Batchelor Show (WABC). Not that her dulcet sounds, wit, and wisdom on audio were unappreciated but they did made her fans long for the premium package, including, obviously, any concomitant video of Kiran in the flesh. Perhaps, to make amends, Kiran did Tweet a lovely photo of herself on the set with Batchelor.

Regardless, the latest avatar of Kiran caused the author to wonder when is this beauty really going to return to her natural home, cable news morning television. Regrettably, she (or her William Morris “super-agent John Ferriter”) may have burned the bridge to the place that most complemented her smart, sassy, and sexy style, i.e., Fox & Friends, where her erstwhile rival Gretchen Carlson strangely rules the early morning roost. Nevertheless, hopefully, CNN chief Ken Jautz will return Kiran to her CNN “A.M.” throne when he decides to pull the plug on his disastrous new morning programs, Early Start and Starting Point.

Kiran: “Ray of light.” Just what CNN needs to rouse it viewers again in the early morn. But, Ken, let her fully shine this time!

Gretchen’s Wardrobe Malfunction: “Oy!”

May 14, 2012

No coffee needed! Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson certainly aroused any of  her sleepy fans with a sexy caffeine-free start this early Monday morning. And, one crewman made certain that they did not miss the shot. Oy!

When F&F returned today for a second hour (with a tease about the “plug being pulled on a popular TV show”), co-host Steve Doocy vigorously wiped the “curvy couch” table. Pointing to him and the mess, a jesting Gretchen explained, “Steve…was so rattled that we’re going to be canceled that he deposited his entire coffee on my foot.” Continuing animatedly, she remarked, “You know what, let me just take off my shoes….I’m just going to take them off right now ’cause I got coffee all over them.” Uncrossing her legs insouciantly and reaching down to remove her right shoe, she gave her viewers a java-less her viewers with a sudden up-skirt shot.

For any Gretchen’s audience who had not yet noticed the slip, an off-camera crewman (sounding like Joel, the floor manager) alerted them with a loud “oy” while her white underwear was yet in view. With the hint of a smile, Gretchen appeared to glance in his direction, pulled her short blue dress back down and continued to doff her stiletto. Meanwhile, with a twinkle in his eye, her co-anchor Brian Kilmeade looked in the same direction as he sheepishly grinned. Without so much as missing a beat, Gretchen removed her other high heel, wiped her leg, and straightened her skirt again–this time without a second wardrobe malfunction.

Oy! F&F Monday: Starting your week with a smile. Sans Starbucks.

Ogled Gretchen Gives Brian & Geraldo a Time-Out

April 20, 2012

Bawdy Brian: “You just showed you could go down if you had to.” Today, Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson became the sensual cynosure of a rather appreciative cameraman, apparently, and two of her more randy colleagues. As F&F’s final hour began, the very first shot was centered on Gretchen’s breasts: As she began to speak, the camera finally focused on her face. When it did, a reddened Gretchen exclaimed, “Oopsy, Daisy!” Generously, she jested, “Scott thought that we were going, we were on Saturday break already. That’s okay: it Friday.”

Then, after some idle chatter between her co-hosts Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy, Gretchen chimed, “By the way, Scott, that was probably my fault. Wasn’t it? Because I was putting my coffee down like this.” After recreating the scene for her audience of her placing her coffee on the floor and then trying to explain that Scott accidentally got the risque shot as he was following her, she declared, “Throw me underneath the bus, not Scott. Fantastic camera operator behind camera two. Let’s give him a hand.”

As Gretchen and Steve dutifully clapped, an abstaining Brian comically commented, “You know what I like? I liked the way Scott, as you [Gretchen] reenact it, Scott followed you.” Then, priapically, he proclaimed, “So…you just showed [that] you could go down if you had to.” As the producers interjected an “oy,” Gretchen exclaimed, “What!” Feigning innocence, Brian unconvincingly explained, “You could pan down if you had to.” Echoing his hapless male co-anchor in support, Steve interposed, “He’s following. He’s, he’s paid to follow.” With widened eyes at Brian’s ribald remark, an unpersuaded Gretchen gaped and then pursed her lips in disbelief.

Meanwhile, off camera, regular guest and FNC anchor Geraldo River exclaimed, “Can we get this show on the road?” After Gretchen cheerfully concurred, Geraldo sidled up next to Scott, teasing,  “How hard is it to point and shoot?” As Brian howled, Geraldo goatishly grabbed the camera, panning a chagrined Gretchen from foot to head. Ogling Gretchen, Geraldo joshed, “You [Scott] always get like the ladies’ legs and everything–the leg shot. I like that!”

Seemingly aghast, Steve chided, “Geraldo!” Unrepentant, Geraldo approvingly asserted, “He gets the Miss America shot!” Beaming, Brian declared, “That is the Geraldocam, suddenly.” Laughing with his characteristic machismo, Geraldo replied, “That’s right.” After the boys had their fun, a flattered Gretchen took her hand from her mouth and declared, “Geraldo, you are going to time-out with Brian!” “Chastened,” Geraldo concurred, “That’s right!”

Subsequently, after Gretchen had read the headline news and as Geraldo’s eponymous Geraldo at Large promo segment (including an apology to Brian re their disagreement on Afghanistan exit plan) concluded, Steve quipped, “Geraldo Rivera…you think that you’ll be back to apologize next week?” Chuckling, Geraldo replied, “I don’t know. I don’t know. Maybe, that leg comment about Gretchen.” Arching her left eyebrow suggestively, Gretchen purred, “Not, no, no offense taken!”

F&F Friday: “The boys are back in town!” And, Gretchen doesn’t mind a bit.

Gretchen & Casey: Still Close?

April 18, 2012

Carlson: “Not a good thing to say on tv even if you were thinking it!” Today, Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson appeared to provide grist for the gossip mill this morning about the state of her union with her hubby Casey Close (New York Yankee star Derek Jeter’s agent). If so, she can blame it on former Bill Clinton pollster and current GOP strategist Dick Morris.

During a political F&F segment on the Presidential race, Morris posited that undecided voters and likely decided voters tended to flip against the incumbent at the end of the election process: Illustrating his point with a smile, Morris remarked, “I’ve said this before with Gretchen. I asked her, “You gonna be married to the same guy next year?”* As Gretchen closed her eyes and rolled her head with a dismissive laugh, Morris continued, “And, she said, ‘Yes.’ When Gretchen softly echoed, “Yeah,” a grinning Morris concluded, “But, if she had said [that] she was undecided, I don’t think that would have been good about her marriage.”

With arched eyebrows, Gretchen declared, “Yeah, also, not a good thing to say on national tv even if you were thinking it!” Interjecting, co-anchor Brian Kilmeade deadpanned, “Right, she will say it in the break.” In response, Morris chuckled heartily.

Mighty Casey is at bat again: Home-run or strikeout? Gretch makes the Closeville call. Off-air.

*Fox & Friends – 04/18/12 (@ 6:40 a.m. ET)

Gretchen’s Confession: One-Time Run-in w/ Beer

April 12, 2012

“That was it!” Today, Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson explained her current disdain for a good cold brew. After a segment tease that beer made men smarter than their sober friends, Gretchen declared, “The worst part of that study is that I’m going to have to start liking beer.”*

In response, her co-host Brian Kilmeade quizzically queried, “You don’t like beer at all?” Rolling her eyes at him peevishly, Gretchen replied, “You, how many years have you known me?” Defensively, Brian stammered, “Well, I, but I mean, do you, I know you like one but you don’t like beer? I didn’t know you had a dislike of, of beer.”

Chuckling first at Brian seeming discomfort and then looking into the camera innocently, Gretchen admitted, “Yeah, I had a one-time run-in with beer. That was it!” “Really?,” asked a seemingly skeptical Brian. “Mm, hmm,” replied Gretchen tersely.

Arching his eyebrows playfully, Brian declared, “Mine was with tequila!” As Gretchen chuckled heartily, co-anchor Steve Doocy smilingly interjected, “Who hasn’t had one of those!” Turning to Steve, Gretchen questioned, “Since this is confession now, what was yours?”

Before Steve could reply, Brian chorused, “Steve, have you had a run-in with anything that kept you away forever?” In answer, Steve jested, “Uh, let me put it this way, when…on Capitol Hill…they’ve been talking about the Buffett Rule, I thought they were talking about the Jimmy Buffet Rule which means less than four margaritas probably a good idea.”

F&Ff: Fox & Friends fun. Whether the old saw, “Confession is good for the soul,” is true or not, it was good for a laugh or two today. “Bottoms up,” Gretchen!

Fox & Friends – 04/12/12 (@ 7:01 a.m. ET)

“Eagle” Eye: “TV’s Andy Levy” Nails Ann Coulter

April 5, 2012

Coulter’s Reagan slips: “Demonic” or ignorant? Oops! Conservative author and Mitt Romney backer Ann Coulter may be able to get away with GOP misinformation, artful or inadvertent, with Fox & Friends co-hosts Brian Kilmeade, Steve Doocy, and Gretchen Carlson but not with Red Eye‘s ombudsman “TV’s Andy Levy.” Rather, Levy nailed Coulter today and she knew it.

Three days ago, Coulter told the credulous F&F co-anchors that Ronald Reagan pulled out of his losing (1976) GOP Presidential campaign early a la Mitt Romney in 2008:* And, she indicated that Rick Santorum should follow suit now. Only problem: Ronald Reagan took his bid to the GOP convention where he narrowly lost on the first vote in a hard-fought floor fight.

Today, Coulter iterated her F&F argument to Red Eye anchor Greg Gutfeld, sidekick Bill Schulz, and RE panelists. Unfortunately, for Coulter, RE‘s fact checker Levy was listening. During Levy’s “Halftime Report,” he asked Coulter about Reagan’s taking his bid all the way to the convention.** Looking dumbfounded, Coulter obfuscated: Instead of vainly defending her erroneous assertion, she muttered that Reagan had convinced a conservative group (CPAC) not to back a third-party candidate and had campaigned for President Ford (and that Romney had exited early). Fortunately, for Coulter, Levy merely pressed her a mite more and compassionately moved on.

Catching Ann Coulter’s Reagan gaffes? Brickbats for Brian, Steve, and Gretch. But, bravo, Andy!

*Fox & Friends – 04/02/12 (@ 3:13 into Fox News Insider vid)

**Red Eye – 04/05/12 (@ 3:35 a.m. ET)

Update: For Red Eye “Halftime Report vid, link here.

Gretchen: “Unless You’d Like Me Nude” Again

April 3, 2012

Brian: How many people want to see Gretchen naked? FBN anchor Stuart Varney, for one, apparently. Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson got FBN’s biz brain all excited this morning as the “naked” weather gal this morning. And, he was ready for an encore!

Immediately, before Varney’s appearance, Gretchen and co-anchor Brian Kilmeade did the weathercast (since co-anchor and Kansas Jayhawks FAN Steve Doocy had been “forced” to do sports and report the Kentucky NCAA championship victory over Kansas).* Initially, Brian stepped before the “weather wall” and asked Gretchen to join him as his assistant. Waving her in, Brian rakishly queried, “How many people want to see Gretchen naked? Let’s make this thing happen!” Exclaiming, “What!,” Gretchen sashayed to join him at the green “weather wall” in her  similarly colored dress.” When her dress became invisible, she began to seductively dance a la a cinematic Arabian harem girl. In response, Brian joked, “Finally, the ghost of Mrs. Muir to 1968!”

Subsequently, Gretchen and Brian joined Steve on the curvy couch for their interview of Varney on the GSA Vegas party brouhaha. As Varney’s segment concluded, Brian teased FBN’s Varney & Co. and then Steve jested, “Do you need Brian and Gretch to come help you with weather?” Without a scintilla of hesitation, Varney emphatically exclaimed, “I’d like another forecast like that one! Yes, sir!”

Chuckling heartily, Gretchen declared, “I might have to change my dress, though.” Suddenly, snapping his head toward her, Varney pleaded, “Don’t!” Perhaps, channeling Mae West, Gretchen purred, “Unless you’d like me nude for a second time around.” Looking down and shaking his head, Varney replied, “No comment!”

Gretchen, ‘nuf said?

*Fox & Friends – 04/03/12 (@ 6:37 a.m. ET)

“Wolf”! F&F Embraces CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta

March 14, 2012

Co-host Brian Kilmeade: “He finally found himself on the right network! Fox & Friends gave CNN’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta a very warm reception as he touted his brand new book, Monday Mornings.* In turn, Sanjay did not mention FNC’s rival CNN by name but he did open up to Brian and his co-anchors Eric Bolling and Gretchen Carlson with notable frankness about his favorite CNN colleague.

When Eric introduced Sanjay’s segment, he dubbed him “one of America’s top docs.” Subsequently, Brian elaborated that Sanjay was a “practicing physician at Emory University Hospital and author of the brand new novel Monday Mornings.”Then, a smiling Brian exclaimed, “And, he finally found himself on the right network!” In response, a smiling Dr. Sanjay chuckled heartily. Thereafter, he discussed his book with an eager audience of co-hosts.

As the interview of Sanjay began to conclude, Brian mischievously queried, “Can I ask you one question? You can duck this question if you want. But, if you had a choice between hanging out with Anderson Cooper or Wolf Blitzer (both top CNN anchors), who would you choose? Without a scintilla of hesitation, a grinning Gupta replied, “Wolfman every single time!”

Egging him on, Brian asked, “Much better than Anderson Cooper?” Beginning to hedge a tad, Sanjay said, “Well, not much better but Wolf’s a….” Before Sanjay could finish, Brian interposed, “A lot better? Smiling, Sanjay conceded, “A lot.”

Interjecting, a surprised Gretchen exclaimed, “Wow! I like, you didn’t take the Fifth on that question! Sanjay responded, “Well, I like to answer the questions, not duck.”  Meanwhile, a beaming Brian softly chorused, “He doesn’t duck!” Admiringly, Gretchen added, “Wow! Good for you!”

Unrepentant, Sanjay exclaimed, “Wolfman’s great!”

Then, as Sanjay’s segment concluded, Gretchen wished him continued success and promo’d his book once more. Grateful for his enthusiastic embrace by his FNC competitors, Sanjay earnestly exclaimed, “Thanks for having me! Appreciate it, guys!”

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta: A future FNC “Medical A-Team” leader?

[Author’s aside: For American Morning fans during the John Roberts/Kiran Chetry era, F&F provided a redux almost: before erstwhile AM contributor Sanjay’s segment, his “bromance” buddy, whilom AM co-host John Roberts, appeared approximately thirty minutes earlier (as now an FNC senior national correspondent).** Had Sanjay brought along another certain friend who attended his big book bash last night, it really would have been AM revisited. That friend? Quondam AM co-anchor Kiran Chetry–ironically, a former Fox & Friends co-anchor.]

*Fox & Friends – 03/14/12 (@ 8:36 a.m. ET)

**Fox & Friends – 03/14/12 (@ 8:02 a.m. ET)

Update: Video of Sanjay’s segment via TVNewser.

Gretchen’s Beefcake: Shirtless Dave Briggs

March 12, 2012

Lusty Carlton: “Whoo-who! Alright! Wooh! Alright, Dave!…I might suggest that he does more of those segments.” This morning, Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson appeared to get all hot and bothered over the the sight of the bare chest of her handsome younger F&F Weekend counterpart Dave Briggs.

Reading the headline news mid-show, Gretchen reported Dave’s weekend Penguin Plunge in Westport, Connecticut, for Special Olympics of Connecticut.* As producers aired the accompanying vid of the swimmers taking their “Arctic” dip, she did not see him immediately: However, when Gretchen suddenly saw a close-up of a shirtless Dave fleeing the freezing cold water, she excitedly exclaimed, “There he is! There he is! Whoo-who! Alright! Wooh! Alright, Dave! Okay!”

Subsequently, after finishing the rest of her Connecticut Penguin Plunge story, Gretchen cooed, “I might suggest that he does more of those segments.” Looking over at Gretchen, guest co-host Eric Bolling shook his head and smiled uncomfortably. In response, Gretchen looked back at Eric and racily cackled,”Nice job, Dave.”

Then, segueing to their phone interview of Donald Trump, a grinning Gretchen queried, “Uh, Donald, are you going to be doing that anytime soon.” In reply, Trump declared, “Well, I’m not so sure. Doesn’t look too good to me.” Giggling, Gretchen randily raised her eyebrows and purred, “I was talking about going shirtless.”

When an amused Trump answered, “Well, shirtless I love. Right? Shirtless I love,” a smiling Gretchen answered, “Oh, okay.” Exasperated seemingly, Eric exclaimed, “Uh, can, can we move on now!” As Gretchen giggled anew, Trump laughed, “Okay. Alright.”

Perhaps, Gretchen has to move on this year. But, she gets another chance to gawk at more Briggs beefcake on New Year’s Day 2013. In fact, Gretchen gets double the pleasure: Dave plans to take the polar plunge in Maine then–with his friend F&FW meteorologist Rick Reichmuth.**

Poor Gretchen: it is going to be a long 2012.

*Fox & Friends – 03/12/12 (@ 7:33 a.m. ET)

**Fox & Friends Weekend – 03/11/12 (@ 7:34 a.m. ET)

Carlson: I’m a Cougar!

January 20, 2012

“I just don’t act on it.” Rwwr! This morning, Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson made no bones about her attraction for much younger guys after a F&F headline news story about a Utah high school that decided against choosing the “cougar [the cat] as a mascot because it [didn’t] want to offend another kind of cougar.”* In fact, she was “outraged.”

During the F&F mid-show headline news segment this morning, Gretchen’s co-host Brian Kilmeade read the ditched-cougar-mascot account and producers aired an accompanying Cougar Town clip of a flashing Courtney Cox. As he explained, “If you watch Cougar Town, you know Courtney Cox plays an older woman who dates younger men, Gretchen whooped, “Alright!” When Brian elaborated that some parents and school board members were consequently for another mascot, the bawdy former Miss America exclaimed, “Oh, come on! Come on! That is so ridiculous! And, I can say so with authority!”

Amused, Brian asked, “So you are outraged?” Lifting her right eyebrow suggestively, Gretchen cooed, “I’m a cougar!” Pruriently prodding her on, Brian continued, “You’re a cougar?” Shrugging her shoulder and smiling coyly, Gretchen insisted, “I mean I don’t act on it but I’m a cougar.”

Tweaking a randy Gretchen, Brian jested, “Right, I know: Casey’s 29. This is something brand new.” While chuckling at Brian’s playful but, perhaps, untimely reminder of her middle-aged hubby Casey Close, Gretchen protested, “I just mean in age alone–not that I’m gonna act on it.”

Crouching cougar: Hidden Carlson?

*Fox & Friends – 01/20/12 (@ 7:36 a.m. ET)

[Author’s aside: For related Carpe Diem articles, cf. Gretchen: Cougar 2 Pussycat, “Cougar” Carlson: “I’m in the Mood,” “Cougar” Carlson: Saved by the Bell, and Gretch: Rub My Toes, Peter Doocy.]

Camerota Censored Again: Bikini Pic Post Cut

January 15, 2012

BUT, Carpe Diem found it and Aly’s photos for her fans. First, her wedding video: now, her 80’s risque pic post. Almost two months ago, Carpe Diem reported that Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Alisyn Camerota and her hubby Tim Lewis‘ edgy “You Sexy Thing” wedding dance video had been bowdlerized from F&F‘s “In the Greenroom” blog. Today, the author noticed that F&F has gone even further: now, apparently, not only did they remove that post itself (and its introductory one) but also excised an even sexier Aly photo post from her distant past.

Almost three and a half years ago (07/02/08),* during a “Back to the 80’s” segment with F&F co-hosts Brian Kilmeade, Steve Doocy, and Gretchen Carlson, then Fox & Friends news reader Aly happily displayed pics from her heady 80’s years.** After producers aired a photo of the leopard-clad lass and her family at the beach in Wildwood, New Jersey, Aly penned an “80’s Photos” post which shared pics of herself and various amorous blurred-out beaux (one, two), a big-haired prom pic, and then the piece de resistance–Aly and her co-ed buds basking in the sun.

As the full-screen photo of a taut, tanned, and bikini-clad Aly appeared, she proudly proclaimed, “Now, this is what’s so important about this picture: That’s what somebody looks like before three children. This is what the abs were like.” As an appreciative Brian exclaimed, “Oh!,” a smiling Aly continued, “I hope as many– people, if you’re not watching your television right now, please come to the tv and stare at this. You’ll never see this again: I’m a figment of my former self.”

Seductively, Aly added, “Listen, if you can somehow take your eyes up from my abs, look at the Wayfarer sunglasses…and that is my Joan Jett mullet–short in the front, long in the back!” Priapically, Steve asked, “What did you call that yesterday?” Racily, Aly animatedly answered, “Business in front: party in the rear!”

As Steve and Aly laughed wickedly in unison, a bawdy Brian exclaimed, “Yeah, fantastic!” Seemingly somewhat jealous, Gretchen acerbically chuckled, “I have a feeling that little get-together wasn’t very innocent.”

Unabashedly, Aly replied, “Uh, none of those that we just saw. And, I’m amazed that they’re…covering the face[s] of the guilty in some of these even though I did not tell them to: Somehow, our producers instinctively knew.” In a final riposte, Steve jested, “Some people call those snap shots of the ‘guilty’: others call them evidence. And, that’s why we’ve fuzzed people out.”

Unfortunately, F&FW fans, Steve may not have been “jesting” after all. Seemingly, FNC has gone one step further “for Aly”: Not only have they covered “the face of the ‘guilty'” but they have expunged the evidence altogether.

Sexy “Camerota CENSORED” again: But, this time, did Aly “tell them to”?

*Fox & Friends – 07/02/08 (@ 8:36 a.m. ET)

**Aly and fam – 3rd row, 1st pic; Aly and beaux (3rd row, 4th & 8th pics); “prom” Aly (3rd row, 9th pic); and Aly in her piece de resistance (2nd row, 11th pic).

Aly: “Poor Karl Rove! Poor Karl Rove!”

January 8, 2012

Redux Dave: “Wow. ” Yesterday, FNC contributor Karl Rove‘s faux pas of calling F&FW co-anchor Alisyn CamerotaGretchen [Carlson]” yesterday was characterized as “awkward” by Mediaite and “addled” by Carpe Diem. Seemingly, in response, F&FW producers and co-hosts Aly, Dave Briggs, and Mike Jerrick (fill-in for Clayton Morris) appeared eager to quickly put the incident to bed.

When the second hour of F&FW started with its trio seated on the curvy couch as usual, Aly welcomed guest co-host Mike Jerrick to the show. Subsequently, Dave turned to Aly, deadpanning, “Good to have you back, Gretchen.” Seemingly simulating amusement, Aly chuckled, “Poor Karl Rove! Poor Karl Rove!”

As Mike guffawed, a grinning Dave elaborated, “For those of you that weren’t here watching yesterday, Karl Rove, he called her [Aly] Gretchen.” Offering a rather lame excuse for Rove’s gaffe, Mike interjected, “Well, he can’t see us.” Sympathetically, Aly insisted, “I know! And, also, that’s just a…slip….He knows who I am!”

Then, defending her maladroit “wooer” further, Aly protested, “He does protect me from you [Dave] all of the time. That was his goal to protect me from Dave and Clayton which is a very altruistic, honorable goal, I believe.”

Interjecting, Mike jested, “Yeah. He’s scary! It’s fine, Juliet [Huddy]. It’ll be fine!”

Then, appearing to spoof his response yesterday to Rove’s gaffe, a slightly smiling Dave feigned outrage, arching his eyebrows, tilting his head, and monotoning, “Wow.”

Shaking her head, Aly pointed to Mike, giggling, “Well, nah. Makes sense!”

Nah. But, it was funny. Poor Karl Rove!

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 01/08/12 (@ 6:59 a.m. ET)

Aly Addles “Bush’s Brain”

January 7, 2012

Oops! “Chivalrous” Rove calls Aly “Gretchen.” FNC contributor Karl Rove got off to a false start with Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Alisyn Camerota as the new year began. In his first appearance in 2012 on F&FW, Rove regaled Aly and her F&FW co-hosts, Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs with his arcane knowledge of national politics (as he took potshots at GOP opponents of the Bushes’ apparent Presidential pick, Mitt Romney). After awing the F&FW boys, the former Senior Advisor to George W. Bush made an ill-advised attempt to woo the girl.*

When his segment had drawn to an end and Dave, Aly, and Clayton had bid him adieu, Rove abruptly remarked, “I have incidentally made a New Year’s resolution!…Mine is to do a better job of protecting Gretchen against the two of you guys.”

Arching her eyebrows and smiling scantly at Rove’s amorous misstep, a slighted Aly exclaimed, “Uh. Or, Alisyn!”

Meanwhile, Dave’s eyes widened and his mouth gaped at Rove’s gaffe. Putting his hand on Aly’s shoulder in succor, he echoed, “Or, Alisyn!”  Then, pointing to Aly with his other, Dave gibed, “Or, remember her name! That might be a good place to start.”

Throwing his hands up in the air, a chagrined Rove responded, “Oh, Alisyn. I’m sorry!” Chuckling sweetly, Aly answered, “Karl, I accept your offer of protection. Call me anything.” Reddened from embarrassment, Rove replied, “I’m so sorry!”

Subsequently, after Clayton momentarily teased an upcoming story, the co-anchors said goodbye to Rove again. As they concluded, still piqued, perhaps, Aly deadpanned, “Great to see you, Mike Huckabee. Thank you.” As Clayton laughed at her snipe, a similarly amused Dave aptly declared, “Wow!”

Exactly, Karl. Aly: no Gretchen Carlson. As Dave cautioned, you may want to resolve to remember that in the future.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 01/07/12 (@ 9:39 a.m. ET)

Update: Video (via Mediaite).

Ainsley Sexy: Red, White, and Blue?

December 26, 2011

Visions of holidays past. Yesterday, on Christmas Day, former Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Ainsley Earhardt returned to the F&FW curvy couch to rejoin her quilom co-anchor Dave Briggs and sit with F&FW old-timer Kelly Wright. However, today, the blond beauty came back to reign–albeit somewhat submissively–over both of her former F&FW hubbies, Dave and Clayton Morris. Blasts from the F&FW past!

Yesterday, Ainsley took the helm as she sexily steered the F&FW ship for Dave and Kelly. Adorned in a festive short, sleeveless red dress with a sensual slit in her decolletage, the somewhat subdued South Carolina beautiful belle confidently still attracted Dave’s appreciative eye. And, as for Kelly, who once sat on the curvy couch between F&FW‘s hottest female duo, Alisyn Camerota and Kiran Chetry, Ainz stole his heart with a close dance and a plug of his latest CD. As for her F&FW fans, their ringless goddess seemed to still have it.

But, today, Ainz reigned anew from her F&F throne–this time, the weekday edition–over not only Dave but also her other erstwhile F&FW co-anchor, Clayton Morris. Dressed in a white virginal version of her Christmas red dress, Ainsley appeared quite confident as she argued with her boys Dave and Clayton with alacrity. In fact, she reminded the author of Gretchen Carlson–but a mellifluous one who would not deign to lecture her audience or her co-hosts about the “big picture” or anything else of which they already knew full well.

Ainsley was back in fine form–in red and white. And, in blue? No. But, her male admirers may be if she does not return to them somewhat more oft in the future.

F&F Holiday: Gretch Away

December 23, 2011

Christmas cheer: Aly & Juliet appear. Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson took off early for her holiday vacation. But, true-blue fill-in co-anchors, Alisyn Camerota and Juliet Huddy, more than took up the slack this Thursday and Friday, respectively. Unlike the former Miss America who demands the attention of her co-anchors, Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy, and the F&F fans, these FNC reigning beauties more than earned it.

What a delight: Aly and Juliet were as usual–smart, sexy, and scintillating.  But, for the author who still can not quite grasp how Gretchen gained E.D. Hill‘s long-held throne over her seemingly more socially adept, less solipsist rivals, Aly and Juliet (not to mention former FNC rising star, Kiran Chetry), their appearances were a bit bittersweet. And, if Brian and Steve’s less contrived conversations and more relaxed demeanor were any indication, they appeared to concur–happy for the moment for the “new” spirits and their Christmas cheer.

F&F holidays: Skal!

Babysitter Bachmann: Gretchen Reminisces

November 23, 2011

“My Cher moment”: Michelle’s subtle sop? Before getting “*itch slappedby Jimmy Fallon and his house band last night, GOP candidate Michele Bachmann received a much warmer welcome from Fox & Friends anchor Gretchen Carlson and her co-hosts Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy earlier in the morning. In her return to the F&F curvy couch Tuesday before the Republican debate, Bachmann opined on politics, her new book, Core of Conviction: My Story, and–her teen years as Gretchen’s babysitter.

After the interview about politics, Brian asked Bachmann about her memoir, querying, “What are going to learn in this book that we didn’t learn already?” In response, Bachmann recalled her family’s abrupt fall from the middle class into poverty and recounted how she had to get a baby-sitting job to pay for such necessities as her glasses, clothes, and school lunch. Interjecting her own story, Gretchen remarked, “Speaking of babysitting, one of the families you babysat was my family.”

Animatedly, Bachmann replied, “That’s right! One of the best families ever.” As producers aired a black-and-white photo [@ 05:29 of vid] of a radiant young Bachmann, apparently, keeping an overjoyed child afloat in the water, Gretchen rejoined, “Well, thank you very much. But, one of the small-world coincidences right there. And…there’s Michelle with me in the pool when I believe we were at the resort.”

As Gretchen reminisced, Michelle interposed, “I was about fifteen, and, so, maybe, you were, maybe, six.” Gretchen answered, “I was about six, five or six. And what I loved about Michele Bachmann, back then Michelle Amble, was her long hair.” Then pointing to the bottom of her bum, a wide-eyed Gretchen exclaimed, “It went all the way down to right here!”

Beaming broadly, Bachmann cooed, “Oh, yeah….My Cher period!” Nodding her yes, Gretchen pointed at Bachman and joyfully tattled, “And, she let me drink grape soda, too!” Laughing, Bachmann concluded, “Yes…I was a very good babysitter!”

Bachmann’s “my Cher period”: a subtle sop to the unamused mother of Dancing with the Stars celeb Chaz Bono?”