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Clayton: “The [Aly] Update”

July 16, 2011

“Where’s Alisyn?…It might be 2014.” This morning Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Clayton Morris and his co-hosts Dave Briggs and Molly Line joked anew about Alisyn Camerota’s personally promised return. After welcoming viewers mid show, a grinning Clayton remarked, “Emails, we saw people out here for the concert series [asking], ‘Where’s Aly? Where’s Alisyn?’ We said, ‘Uh, it might be 2014.'”*

As Molly laughed heartily, Dave chuckled, “Maybe, by the time the presidential elections come around.” Perhaps, not quite ready to relinquish her reins anytime soon, Molly exclaimed, “She’s still here [FNC], though. She’s here all the time! She’s everywhere. She’s all over.”

Then, trying to reassure Aly’s fervant F&FW fans, Clayton insisted, “She’ll be back soon. The maternity, the maternity shuffle is still continuing. So, that’s the update.”

At least, “that’s the plan for now.” As an absent Aly stays adrift on FNC weekdays for three months running with appearances on America’s Newsroom, Happening Now, America Live, and even the weekday Fox & Friends, “the maternity shuffle” claim seems less and less credible. Nevertheless, Clayton may be right.

Who knows? Maybe, Aly will return for her third stint at Fox & Friends Weekend in 2014–if the F&FW ship again starts to list with “the new girl.”

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 07/16/11 (@ 8:01 a.m. ET)

“Update” update: Apparently, Aly is still not so sure about her return either. When a Twitter follower of hers asked, “Miss you on weekend with Dave and Clayton….[a]re you ever coming back [to F&FW]?,” Aly evasively answered, “I miss the guys too!”


“King” Jerrick: Clayton Who?

July 9, 2011

Yet again? Yes, Fox & Friends Weekend guest co-host Mike Jerrick returned to the curvy couch today once more without a single word of acknowledgement of the co-anchor that he had replaced, Clayton Morris. His odd omission was made especially conspicuous in light of the fact that his fellow F&FW “guest” co-host Molly Line began each hour proclaiming that she was “in for Alisyn Camerota.” Stranger yet, co-host Dave Briggs likewise failed to mention the vacationing Clayton when he introduced Mike at the start of the show: He simply said, “Good morning to all of you! Molly and Mike are in this morning….It’s been a while, Mike.”

An unceremonious snub to Clayton? Perchance. But, perhaps, the F&FW producers merely deemed it a mite mal a propos to point out that their F&FW golden oldie was subbing for his greener, younger Philly friend. Nevertheless, even F&FW guest Karl Rove seemed to conveniently overlook his chum Clayton’s absence. In fact, when he was introduced for his regular F&FW segment by Mike, Rove fulsomely flattered, “I can’t believe it: We have the king of Philadelphia here in New York today, Mike.”*

Taking his cue, Dave playfully bent over in obiesance twice to Mike as Molly dutifully followed suit, saying, “Now, we have to bow.” Smiling, Rove remarked, “Dave, Molly, I went to Philadelphia and he made me kneel and kiss the ring before he allowed me into the studio. It was really amazing.” As a deadpanning Dave declared “Right,” Molly pointed to Mike’s ring finger, jesting, “Oh! Wow! We had to do that, too, this morning.”

Perhaps, a fitting tribute to the former F&FW royal. But, a tip of the hat to the new kid on the curvy couch who would be king might have been in order, too. Unless, of course, the “King of Philadelphia” is plotting his return to his erstwhile F&FW throne.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 07/09/11 (8:16 a.m. ET)

Shine’s Line: “That’s the Plan for Now”

July 9, 2011

“I’m Molly Line in for Alisyn Camerota.” Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Molly Line so welcomed her viewers to the show four times this morning with that insistent line.* Perchance, the current Fox & Friends Saturday co-host who twice laughed seemingly at the prospect of the return of “regular” co-host Alisyn Camerota to F&FW intended to iterate the company line to convince doubtful Alisyn Camerota fans that their favorite host will some day return to her center seat on the curvy couch.

Of course, Molly, “the new girl” of F&F, may well find her task to be Sisyphean at best. After all, Aly has been absent for almost three months from Fox & Friends Weekend and her frequent appearances on other F&F daytime shows, i.e., America’s Newsroom, America Live, Happening Now, and even weekday Fox & Friends in the meantime seem to belie Molly’s now fervent assertions.

At the end of F&FW today, a, perhaps, telling exchange occurred. After F&FW co-anchor Dave Briggs promo’d the program tomorrow, he declared, “Molly Line will be back Saturday, I believe. I assume.” Arching her eyebrows, a smiling Molly shrugged her shoulders and exclaimed, “That’s the plan right now. Yeah!” Chuckling, Dave echoed, “That’s the plan for right now.”

That’s the plan for now: Molly Line in for Alisyn Camerota next Saturday, too. With Aly on vacation all this weekend, Fox News Senior VP of Programming Bill Shine’s “plan for now” for Aly ironically will at least be longer than his plan for his new “shakeup” summertime series The Five (if she returns next weekend). However, unfortunately, for Aly’s acolytes her recently personally promised return seems neither imminent nor foreseeable.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 07/09/11 (at the top of each hour – 6:00 a.m. ET; 7:00 a.m. ET; 7:59 a.m. ET; and 8:59 a.m. ET)

Apologetic Aly: “I’ll Be Back”

June 18, 2011

Camerota: “I do feel like I sorta vanished without a trace….I’m sorry for all the questions.” Today, Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Alisyn Camerota called in to her weekend show to reassure her concerned fans that she would indeed return to F&FW. At least, sometime in the future.

Before Aly’s telephonic appearance, F&FW producers ran a comedic collage of clips of her and her co-anchors Dave Briggs and Clayton Morris, at Shea Stadium on FOX fan night yesterday.* In the final snippet, America’s Newsroom co-host Bill Hemmer grabbed a reluctant Aly and led her away from her F&FW boys. As Dave and Clayton protested, Aly threw them a kiss and remarked, “I’ve got to go with Bill. I’m sorry. I’ll be back!”

As the humorous montage ended, Clayton dryly commented, “That’s the story of our lives, Bill Hemmer yanking Alisyn away. And, we…managed to get Alisyn on the phone this morning.” On cue, Aly animatedly exclaimed, “Hey, guys! What’s going on, my estranged TV husbands and their new wife [Molly Line]. Hey, Molly!” As Molly laughed, Clayton commented, “I know, my TV wife: we miss you.”

Shaking his head with a wry smile, Dave interjected, “You left us for Bill Hemmer. It was right there.”

Amused, Aly explained, “Well, it’s not permanent. As you know, I’m very fickle. And, I like the whole sort of square dance of different men. So, I’ll be back.”

Clayton responded, “Oh, good. Yeah, it was great to see you last night.” Then, echoing his excepted explanation of two weeks ago, he remarked, “We’re doing the maternity shuffle right now. Explain this maternity shuffle because you’re in the midst of it. Right?”

Elucidating somewhat, Aly answered, “Yeah, Megyn [Kelly of America Live] is out because she had a pretty baby girl; and Martha MacCallum [of America’s Newsroom] is filling in her; and I’m filling in for Martha; and sometimes I’m filling in for Megyn; and Molly is so sweet to fill in for me.” Then, she rightly remarked, “I know it’s been a crazy couple of months.”

After some subsequent impertinent palaver, Clayton commented, “Finally, we’ve been able to answer all of that question [sic] because we get e-mails and Tweets all the time, ‘Where’s Aly?’ So, now everyone knows.”

Apologetically, Aly answered, “I know, and I feel so badly about that. I mean I do feel like I sorta vanished without a trace even though I am hiding in plain sight from 9 to 11 every morning on the East Coast. But, I do really miss you guys, and I really miss all of our loyal viewers.”

Conciliatorialy, Aly concluded, “And, so I’m sorry for all the questions. And, I’m just happy to see you guys last night, and…we’ll be reunited.”

But, when? During Megyn’s maternity leave, Martha has repeatedly gone home to America’s Newsroom while Aly has stayed away from Fox & Friends Weekend. Something afoot, Aly?

[Author’s aside: In the intro to the final hour of the show, Molly remarked, “In for Alisyn. Get a chance to hang out with you guys until she returns: “The new girl” appears to intimate that she has secured the center seat on the F&FW curvy couch until Aly comes back–at least, on Saturdays. As for Sundays, it seems that Ainsley may have similarly locked in her sub role for Aly: During Aly’s phone-in (7:34 a.m. ET), Dave declared, “We want to say that we really appreciate your, your fill-ins here: Molly and Ainsley have done a great job.” N.B. No mention was made of Juliet Huddy or any other Aly sub.]

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 06/18/11 (7:32 a.m. ET)

Clayton: Aly’s “Maternity Shuffle”

June 6, 2011

Or, Bill Shine’s three-card monte? Just when is Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Alisyn Camerota returning to her show?  Three weeks ago, co-host Clayton Morris said, “She might be back next weekend.” Two weeks ago, he said, “We don’t know.” Saturday, he said, “The maternity leave shuffle continues. Uh, Aly still filling in for Martha [MacCallum on America’s Newsroom] who’s filling in for Megyn [Kelly on America Live]: So, a few more weeks.”*

As Clayton continued to fecklessly try to allay the fears of Aly’s fans Saturday, guest co-host Molly Line laughed yet again and co-anchor Dave Briggs smiled once more. But, Aly’s acolytes continue to wonder why she still has not returned to her F&FW post in eight weeks. Not unnoticed is that Aly’s “maternity shuffle partner” Martha MacCallum has returned to her own program, America’s Newsroom, for the last two weeks (if but for a day or so): furthermore, Martha said that she will also be on AN this coming Thursday and Friday.**

However, not only has Aly not gone back to F&FW but also she has not answered her Twitter followers (including the author) as to when she will. Perhaps, Aly has simply moved on or FNC Executive VP of Programming Bill Shine has moved her on. Remember, almost two months before Megyn Kelly went on maternity leave, Shine appeared to do an audition for the curvy couch center seat on F&FW (and F&F). (Cf. “5 Straight Days: 5 Hot Hostesses!“)

Shine, no more unexplained F&FW exits, e.g., Kiran Chetry, Page Hopkins, etc. Your FNC viewers and Aly’s fans deserve better. Is Aly still your F&FW starter?

*Fox & Friends Saturday – 06/04/11 (@ 9:01 a.m. ET)

**America’s Newsroom – 06/03/11 (@ 10:59 a.m. ET)

Megyn’s Baby Girl: Yardley Evans Arrives

April 14, 2011

America Live anchor Megyn Kelly and her hubby Doug Brunt welcomed into their family a baby girl this morning at 10 a.m. ET according to AL guest host Martha MacCallum.* Their daughter, Yardley Evans, weighed in at seven pounds twelve ounces.  She “supplants” her big brother, eighteen-month-old Edward Yates, as the baby of the family.

Congratulations, Megyn and Doug!

[Author’s aside: Megyn did indeed let the cat out of the bag to her AM audience a month ago today (03/14/11).]

*America Live – 04/14/11 (@ 2:59 p.m. ET)

Mommie Megyn: Away With Leave

April 7, 2011

America Live anchor Megyn Kelly announced today that she is going on maternity leave tomorrow. Before presiding over her all-gal “Power Panel” today, the gorgeous gravid host Tweeted, “Today I’ll be delivering my Top 5 Things Not to Say to a Pregnant Woman, Round 2….Baby due next week!” Later, when she concluded that segment, she turned to her guests (Krystal Ball, Andrea Tantaros, and Sam Bennett), remarking, “I’m going to miss you guys when I’m on maternity leave.”* Then, as an aside to her audience, Megyn continued, “Tomorrow is my last show before that–just in case the viewers were wondering.”

Yes, your AL fans were wondering, Megyn. Thanks for sharing this special, joyous event. Of course, you surely realize that photos of your little one and his/her lovely mom will be eagerly anticipated–and sincerely appreciated.

Megyn, may you be blessed with a safe delivery and a healthy, beautiful baby!

[Author’s aside: Megyn and her hubby, Doug Brunt, are expecting their second child. They also have an eighteen-month-old son, Edward Yates.]

*America Live – 04/07/11 (@ 2:44 p.m. ET)

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Update: Tonight (04/07/11), Megyn appeared on the O’Reilly Factor and Bill O’Reilly noted that it would be her “last appearance for a while” because she was going to “have the baby next week.” When he pressed her as to the gender of her baby, she coyly responded, “You’ll find out on Thursday.” Carpe Diem reader, you now a date–a due date.

Megyn: I Was the Victim of Bullying

March 22, 2011

Kelly’s catfight recalled? Today, after a segment on school bullying, American Morning anchor Megyn Kelly obliquely remarked, “I was the victim of such bullying [re viral Aussie-big-boy-victim vid] when I was in school.”* Then, as a school counselor might intone, she added, “And, one positive angle I can offer to young girls out there who are victims of it is [that] I do think it makes you a more empathetic person. And, you can take that with you throughout your life and use it  [in] situations like this.”

When Megyn revealed that rather ambagious aside on AL today about her being picked on as a young girl, the author recollected Megyn saucily telling Bill Hemmer (her then America’s Newsroom co-host) about such a high school tormentor. In her account then, Megyn disclosed that when she was a sophomore “in [her] cheerleading uniform,” she was confronted by a senior girl who called her “the ‘b’ word.” In response, Megyn had retorted, “If you call me that one more time, you’re gonna regret it.” When the senior bully did so, Megyn stated that she “let her have it” and that they both” were down on the ground rolling around…in the girl’s locker room” until the gym teacher stopped intervened.

However, Megyn’s bullying moral then was much more direct than it was today. To Bill and her AM audience, she crowed, “She never bothered me again–not that I’m advocating violence.”

*America Live – 03/22/11 (@ 1:50 p.m. ET)

Megyn’s Baby Girl?

March 5, 2011

Kelly: “Little buddy” a “she.” Four months ago, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly announced to her America Live audience that she was pregnant with her second child. When doing so, she referred to her unborn baby as her “little buddy.” At the time, the author assumed that she may have let the gender of her little one in the oven slip by using a seemingly masculine sobriquet. However, yesterday Megyn appeared to signal just the opposite.

During her all-female Power Panel segment (with Women’s Campaign Form CEO Sam Bennett, Dem strategist Krystal Ball, and conservative columnist Andrea Tantaros), Megyn appeared to let the cat out of the bag. During a discussion about Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schulz’s assertion that babies were going to turn into criminals if child-care cuts occurred, Megyn scoffed, “If sounds a little like fear-mongering like ‘If you make these cuts that Republicans are calling for, we’re going to have way more criminals. Those little kids right now, my little Yates (her seventeen-month-old son), criminal!” Subsequently, placing both of her hands over her belly, Megyn laughed, “Okay, and, this little baby here, unless she goes to Head Start.”

Speaking of “head start,” Megyn, it sounds as if you just gave your fans one in the baby-gender-guessing game.

*America Live – 03/04/11 (@  2:33 p.m. ET)

Janice Dean: “The Baby Machine” Delivers

February 12, 2011

Her latest collaborative work, Theodore Patrick Newman. Fox meterologist Janice Dean and hubby Sean Newman welcomed their second son into the world Wednesday according to America Live anchor Megyn Kelly, an FNC colleague and good friend of Janice. As Megyn concluded her show yesterday with a live shot of a Cairo child representing the future of Egypt, she segued to four close-up photos of Janice’s beautiful little boy and announced his birth.

In her joyful account, Megyn reported that little Theodore weighed in at seven pounds ten ounces. Also, she disclosed that she had visited both mom and babe Thursday and that they both were doing great. Elaborating, she added, “Theodore could not be sweeter and Janice looks amazing.”

Congratulations, Janice and Sean!

[Author’s aside: Janice and Sean now have two children, Theodore and his two-year-old brother Matthew.]

Janice Dean Takes Maternity Leave

January 27, 2011

Tomorrow. Fox News meteorologist Janice “Dancing Machine” Dean Tweeted yesterday that she will begin her maternity leave this Friday in a flurry of Tweets to her followers. (As Carpe Diem previously reported, Dean and her fireman hubby, Sean Newman, are expecting a second son early next month.) When one fan joked that the birth would be “great TV, Dean joked, “Look out utube!” On a more serious note, Dean disclosed that her good friend and America Live host, Megyn Kelly, “will have the exclusive baby pics when he comes on her show!”

Janice, may you be blessed with a safe delivery and a healthy child!

Who’s Briefing Obama?

January 10, 2011

Mr. Brennan, perhaps, Jim Clapper should be “sitting in front of the TV 24 hours a dayafter all. To his briefers’ disgrace, President Barack Obama made two salient mistakes in succession today in front of French President Nicolas Sarkozy and the American people as he praised the heroes of the Arizona tragedy. After a few perfunctory remarks about the shooting of Representative Gabrielle Giffords and some of her constituents, Obama opined, “I think it’s important for us to also focus though on the extraordinary courage that was shown during the course of these events: the twenty-year-old college student who ran into the line of fire to rescue his boss, a wounded woman who helped secure the ammunition that might have caused even more damage; [and] the citizens who wrestled down the gunman.”

Ouch! Had the director of national intelligence Clapper been watching Fox News’ America Live, he would have seen a healthy Patricia Maisch, who grabbed the magazine from the shooter: contrary to earlier reports, she had not been shot and was not among the casualties.* Had Clapper been watching CNN’s American Morning, he would have heard the twenty-year-old intern, Daniel Hernandez, who came to Representive Giffords aid, say, “I don’t know if the gunshots were still going on when I was running towards the Congresswoman.”** Even if it were not the job of Clapper to appropriately apprise the President, someone should have.

It is simply inexcusable for any cable news viewer to be better informed than the President of the United States of America. Not only is it embarrassing for the Commander in Chief to be out of the loop but also it is a bit scary for John Q. Public. Time to turn on the tv, Mr. Brennan?

*America Live – 01/10/11 (@ 1:30 a.m. ET)

**American Morning – 01/10/11 (@ 8:13 a.m. ET)

Huddy: A “Naughty” Heel?

January 7, 2011 spokesman: “Still trying to get info” on Juliet Huddy’ promised shoes for the needy. On Thanksgiving Day, America Live guest co-anchor Juliet Huddy offered to sell her soul, er, sole(s) to the highest bidder to help raise money for impoverished people around the globe. Unfortunately, she has yet to deliver.

On that Thanksgiving Day AL show, Juliet and her fellow guest co-anchor Rick Folbaum interviewed CEO Wayne Elsey about his charity that supplies new and used shoes to the world’s poor. During the colloquy, Rick playfully bent down and stripped Juliet’s foot of her sleek stiletto and jested to Elsey that he would be sending it in the mail to

Almost an hour later, as the show was ending, Juliet revealed, “They [] actually asked…if I would sign it and then they would try to do like a little, a little auction thing.” To the viewers, Rick announced, “ [another address].” As Juliet enthusiastically took her pen, Rick elaborated, “You [the viewer] can get these shoes!”

Amping up the ardor and anticipation for the bidding on Juliet’s worn shoes at, Rick racily asked, “What size are they, by the way?” After answering that her high heels were a size eight, Julie suggestively upped the ante, adding, “And, they’re by Naughty Monkey’s Closet. Naughty Monkey!” Subsequently, she signed her sexy stiletto and ordered, “Bid!”

Unfortunately for Juliet’s fans and fanciers, they have been unable to comply with her command: I.e., Juliet has yet to give her soles for the souls who need shoes. In fact, her chosen charity,, has not even mentioned the auction at all on either of their web addresses since Juliet offered and signed her shoes up for bid.

Consequently, Carpe Diem has repeatedly called for an explanation. On December 6, spokesperson Elizabeth replied that she had checked on Juliet’s shoes that day, that they were in route, and that they should be up for bid the following week. When they were not, Carpe Diem checked back on December 20: this time, Elizabeth indicated that she had checked with FNC and that they had not sent the shoes but that they should be in after New Year’s Day. Yesterday, when the Carpe Diem followed up yet again, Elizabeth said that was “still trying to get info” on Juliet’s shoes.

Juliet, are you being a “Naughty” heel, and giving the runaround? Remember your promise to the needy on Thanksgiving Day. Time to pony up!

Morning in America Again? Almost.

December 16, 2010

Graphics and gams: Rise and shine! A new day is dawning on American Morning as CNN’s “Ray of Light,” Kiran Chetry, shines ever brighter. Yesterday new CNN chief Ken Jautz formally announced a new and improved AM with a “more upbeat and faster-paced” format and less of its old personnel, i.e., co-anchor John Roberts and EP Jamie Kraft.

On November 23, Jautz began his much needed transformation of AM by creating a spanking-new set with not only sunny graphics that awakened the AM audience but also a very sexy see-through desk that further aroused the male admirers of Kiran (a la Megyn Kelly’s America Live one). Unfortunately, these improvements of Jautz in part seem short lived: Seemingly, some priggish and prudish producer embraced anew the CNN castrato ethos only  two days later. I.e., the foolish philistine eunuch veiled Kiran’s lovely legs with apparently a reflective coating on the glass table that would have made John Ashcroft proud.

Unfortunately, for now, Jautz’s American Morning is a much more muted and bowdlerized version of FNC’s Fox & Friends. However, Jautz is promising to elevate the status of his anemic cable morning news show: Jautz asserts that he is transforming AM “to make it better suited to the morning” by rendering it “more upbeat and faster paced.” Beyond the format changes, Jautz states that he wanted to “make sure we have the right ‘American Morning family,’ as it were and we will be looking at different people [including T.J. Holmes] alongside Kiran on a rotating basis.”

A promising start. Happily, Jautz, unlike some of his colleagues, finally seems to realize that there may well be a desirable demographic beyond the Upper East Side effete elite. Here’s to a real American Morning soon!

Clayton: Natali Who?

December 12, 2010

“My son [Miles Benjamin Morris] here.”* And, his mother by his side is, Mr. Morris? Sorry, Fox & Friends fans, still no introduction necessary, apparently. Interestingly, F&FW co-host Clayton Morris seems to be taking the Prince Charles tact when it comes to introducing his new wife Natali Morris nee Del Conte to his F&FW fans.

As the reader may remember, reported in April that it had received a “tip” that married F&FW co-anchor Clayton and a certain guest, Natali Del Conte, were having an affair; that this same Natali was rumored to be pregnant with their love child; and that Clayton’s then wife [Sara Batterson] had filed for divorce. Since then, Clayton and Natali have both acknowledged the birth of their son Miles (July 27) and have subsequently married (October 20). However, in the author’s memory, Clayton has never disclosed on Fox & Friends that Natali Del Conti is his wife. (N.B. During a Clayton-diaper-changing segment shortly after Mile’s birth, co-host Dave Briggs appeared to begin Natali’s introduction to the F&FW audience for Clayton by crediting Natali by first name for sending in the video.) Today, when given a perfect opportunity to do so, Clayton avoided it.

During a segment entitled “Gadget Gift Guide: Clayton’s Top Tech Picks for Mom” with co-anchors Dave and Alisyn Camerota, Clayton touted MacBook Air with an app iLife that helps one generate photo-albums. Picking up one such album, Clayton commented, “I created this one of my son here.” Subsequently, pointing to the album named “Miles Benjamin Morris 2010” (with a darling cover photo of Clayton’s son), Aly interjected, “Now, see, I want this but I want it with pictures of Miles because he’s the cutest baby in the world.” Proudly opening up the album for the viewers to enjoy, Clayton displayed three more photos (one of Miles alone and two others of him with his loving mom Natali). Oddly, of his beautiful new bride Natali, Clayton uttered nary a word.

At least, not yet.

*Fox & Friends – December 12, 2010 (@ 9:55 a.m. ET)

Hot on Huddy’s Heels

December 6, 2010

Juliet’s sexy sole on sale–at last. On Thanksgiving Day, Fox News’ guest anchor Juliet Huddy teased her America Live viewers with the news that she was going to offer them her signed stilettos–the very red and white ones that she was then wearing–to raise funds for the world’s impoverished peoples on the‘s website, However, thereafter, both Juliet and the charity have remained strangely mute as to the auction until today.

Since Juliet has not provided any news as to her shoe auction to her Twitter followers, the author decided to call the Tennessee headquarters of After repeated calls last week for more information, the author was finally routed today to Elizabeth, a representative who said that she had checked on the status of Juliet’s shoes today. Elizabeth informed the author that they are now in route to her organization and should be on auction next week at both and

Don’t be shy, guys. Ante up the cash. Do it for a good cause–and Juliet’s Naughty Monkeys!

Juliet Huddy Sells Her Sole

November 26, 2010

Offers it to the highest bidder. For Thanksgiving, America Live guest host Juliet Huddy gave the needy a leg up and foot fanciers a thrill up it yesterday. And, her fellow AL substitute anchor Rick Folbaum was more than happy to help in their interview of Soles4Souls CEO Wayne Elsey about the charity that collects shoes for impoverished people around the world. As Elsey concluded his spiel for more shoes, Rick intoned, “Wayne, I don’t know whether you need a red-and-white pump but I’m reaching down and taking off Juliet’s right now: we’ve got your address.” As Rick cheerfully bared Juliet’s supple foot with toenails of ruby red, a blushing Juliet laughed.

Being in another studio (without a vid feed apparently), Elsey replied, “I can’t see that.” Without answering, Rick continued, “Well, it’s in the mail.” More helpfully, Juliet interjected, “They’re beautiful. Trust me!” Looking at Juliet’s high heel, Rick readily agreed, “It is. It’s very nice!” Smiling, Juliet playfully snatched her shoe back from Rick and then thanked Elsey for his appearance on the show. As the segment ended, a still chagrined Juliet commented, “Alright, let me put my shoe back on while we do this next one: This is not the most p [trailing off].”

Whether she meant professional or not, her shoe was not destined to stay on. As America Live was about to conclude, Juliet declared, “[E]arlier in the show, we told you [the audience] about a charity called Sole4Soles….They actually asked if I–’cause you [Rick] took my shoe off, that was a little weird.” Bending down as she stripped off her shoe again, Juliet continued, “But, they asked if I would sign it and then they would try to do like a little, a little auction thing.”

Hopefully, Rick interposed, “Are you gonna do it? Sign it!” Arching her eyes at the audience, Juliet jested, “That’s gonna be a money-making thing! So, bids start at a million dollars. And, no, I’m just kidding.”

Pointing his pen, for emphasis, at the audience, Rick proclaimed, “!” Turning to Juliet, Rick instructed, Sign it!” As Juliet eagerly grabbed her pen, Rick remarked, “You [the viewer] can get these shoes!” Making the sell, perhaps, of Juliet, Rick racily queried, “What size are they, by the way?”

Looking down inside her sleek stiletto, Juliet responded, “Uh, they’re, I believe, an eight.” Saucily, Juliet quickly added, “And they’re by Naughty Monkey‘s Closet. Naughty Monkey!” Subsequently, after signing her sexy sole, Juliet held it up and commanded, “Bid!”

While America Live‘s madam is away, its mistress doth play. Obey!

*America Live – 11/25/10 (1:56 p.m. ET)

**America Live – 11/25/10 (2:59 p.m. ET)

Update: In a Tweet before America Live Friday (11/26/10), Juliet teased, “Info on where to bid for my autographed shoes – and WHY to bid – in 2pm est hour!”

Update2: During the final segment of America Live Friday, Juliet and Rob reminded viewers where to go, namely, and why, i.e., charity, to bid for Juliet’s signed shoes that she wore Thursday. Unfortunately, the address does not link yet to the auction for Juliet’s shoes: Rather, it redirects one to the organization’s main site

Megyn Kelly: “GQ Intelligence…Hot”

November 22, 2010

Slate: “A Post-Feminist News Babe.” America Live anchor Megyn Kelly is no man and proud of it. As her alluring photos and Greg Veis interview in 2010 GQ Men of the Year edition prove, Megyn has spurned the Procrustean yoke of her feminist forerunners who felt compelled to almost ape a man in apparel to solicit respect. Instead, she fearlessly forges her future as the smart and sexy face of Fox News.

This year, Megyn’s star has begun to shine brightly as the media has really begun to take note of the beautiful blond journalist at FNC. Shortly, before her debut on America Live (AL), the New York Times reported on January 31, 2010, that Megyn was a “centerpiece of the news side of Fox News” and “seem[ed] to be progressing through Fox’s star-making machinery.” In a review soon thereafter (February 12), deemed Megyn a “post-feminist news babe” not shy with her sexuality as it cited her casual comfort at colleagues’ colorful banter, the revealing camera shots of her sexy stems, and her amorous, adventurous advice for her distaff audience. Then, two months later, Howard Stern, the satyric shock jock and self-anointed “King of All Media,” really noticed Megyn and got her to open up to his “very personal questions”: in so doing, disclosed that her breasts were real, that her husband Doug Brunt called them (“killer bees”), and that her sex life was unimpeded by pregnancy.

Now, in the GQ Men of the Year issue, the almost forty-year-old, gravid again, journalist daringly goes one step further with her incredibly sexy shots to accompany her interview with Veis. Posing for two provocative photos in a beautiful black mini with a plunging neckline, Megyn flaunts her “killer B’s” and luscious legs. Seductively, Megyn beckons her admirers with only a wedding ring to damper their desire. Modestly, she explains, “People want to see the anchor.”


Megyn Preggers Again

November 8, 2010

With her “little buddy.” Only two and half months after her friend, FNC meteorologist Janice Dean, proclaimed her pregnancy to viewers during an America Live weather report, AN anchor Megyn Kelly followed suit today. After teasing her Twitter followers that there was “big news to break today–news you won’t hear anywhere else but America Live…in our 2p hour,” Megyn waited until the last five minutes to share the good news.*

After Megyn segued to the weather segment, a gravid Janice began her report and stopped suddenly, saying, “Before I get to the next part of the forecast, Megyn, I just want to take this opportunity real quick to say what a fantastic job you did on Election night. You were like the Energy bunny, the Energizer bunny….You did your show and then you were on for hours and hours and hours with all of the voting taking place. You did just an amazing job!”

Slightly smiling, Megyn replied, “Thank you very much, Janice. And, you know, if I do say so myself, it was even more amazing because I did it on no caffeine. As Janice feigned ignorance with her jaws agape and mouthed why, Megyn began to explicate, stating, “And the reason I did it without any caffeine is because.” Then, pausing for effect and turning sideways to show her protruding belly to the viewers, a beaming Megyn continued, “I, too, am expecting a little baby!”

Pumping her fists in celebration, Janice exclaimed, “Fox News Alert: Forecast calling for babies!” Before she read it onscreen, Janice disclosed, “I have to admit that I, I kind of new about this [inaudible].” After Megyn responded, “Yeah, you were in on the secret early,” Janice announced, “April 2011, clear skies. We’re hoping for delivery. Congratulations, Megyn, Doug, and big brother Yates!” Then, turning into the uninhibited Dancing Machine again, Janice began joyfully gyrating, explaining, “I’m doing a belly dance for you.”

With a prefatory aside to the AL audience, Megyn remarked, “Janice’s baby is due in February, and mine is coming in April. So, we should have, at least, a month of shared maternity leave, JD.” Janice earnestly replied, “I can’t wait, Megyn. I’m so excited, so excited for you guys. This is such great news.” An appreciative Megyn answered, “Thank you, thank you so much, Janice. Throwing her a double-handed kiss, Megyn added, “Mmwhah. I love you. I love you.”

Concluding, Megyn commented, ‘She has been so supportive and such a great friend to me. And my husband Doug and I are very, very excited. So, we’ll take a brief maternity leave after this little buddy comes. And, then, I’ll be back.”

“Little buddy”: hmm. A little brother for Yates, Megyn?

[Author’s aside: Megyn is married to Doug Brunt, an Internet security executive, and the father of their thirteen-and-half month old Edward Yates.]

America Live – 11/08/10 (2:55 p.m. ET)

Update: Megyn’s pregnancy announcement (vid via

Megyn: No Body Shots

October 11, 2010

Kelly: “There’s nothing wrong with sex appeal and there’s nothing wrong with sex.” Today America Live co-host Megyn Kelly adamantly defended coming-of-age Miley Cyrus’ sexy new video, “Who Owns My Heart.” In a segment with Parents Television Council president Tim Winter, who took issue with the young music star for her video’s risque content, Megyn observed, “Miley Cyrus, yes, she’s seventeen years old but she is, she looks like, she acts like a woman now….Isn’t she entitled to be a little sexy?”* Elaborating somewhat lubriciously, Megyn continued, “I know, I know she’s racy in this in black underwear, black and lace eye mask, scantily dressed, and there’s gyrating and there’s caressing herself.” Then, she queried, “But…how long does she owe this obligation to these young girls to sort of maintain a G-rated image?”

As Winter began to respond that most parents did not want Miley to follow the steps of Britney Spears from wholesome Disney star to wayward idol, Megyn asked, “What do you think this is going to do to the little girls who have loved her as little Hannah Montana?” When Winter replied that it was the “latest symptom in…a very broad epidemic of sexualization of little girls” in the modern culture, Megyn responded, “You know, some people would talk about it as sexual liberation as sort of–I’m not talking about the little girls–but sort of getting to the point where you’re almost at the age of maturity–Miley turns eighteen in November–and…coming into your own as a woman and understanding your own sex appeal.” Concluding her spiel, she declared, “There is nothing wrong with sex appeal and there’s nothing wrong with sex….How old does she have to be before that piece of her personality, her personhood can be embraced?”

Ironically, of late, Megyn herself has failed to appreciate her own sex appeal. Rather, than flaunting her sexy stems as usual, she has recently eschewed any shots below the waist. Perhaps, Megyn should ask herself when she will embrace anew that “piece of her personality, her personhood”?

America Live – 10/11/10 (@1:47 p.m. ET)

Update: Johnny Dollar kindly e-mailed the explanation for AL‘s recent lack of “body shots” of Megyn. He revealed, “Megyn is in a different studio. Hers is being revamped for election-night duties. The shots are close-in because it’s a smaller space.”