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Adam’s Fall

February 18, 2009

After taking a high-tech lie detector test on the Live Desk, FNC correspondent Adam Housley may be in big trouble with his long-time girlfriend. At the close of his report on a new truth detector with a supposed accuracy of @95%, Adam welcomed questions to test him from co-hosts Patti Ann Brown and Trace Gallagher.

Patti Ann asked, “How many personal calls do you make on your work cell phone?” Falteringly, Adam responded, “I don’t make very many” and the machine registered, “False statement.”Adam said, “That wasn’t fair: You’re going to get me in trouble.

Then a more devious Trace queried, “I want to know when you are going to marry that girl you’ve been dating for like eleven years.” (A smiling, yet sympathetic Patti Ann turned to Trace and hit him on the arm with the back of her hand.) Abashedly, Adam asked, “Do I have to answer that one?” Trace retorted, “Just answer: say something. I think she’s watching.”

Reluctantly, Adam replied, “Hopefully, soon” and the lie detector flashed “False statement” again and then “Subject is not sure.” Patti Ann gasped, “Oh, no!” and Trace laughed, “So sorry!” A ruby-red, sheepish Adam declared, “Gallagher, I’m coming to live with you….You put me on the spot….You’re in big trouble with me.”

After that fall, Adam will be working by the “sweat of his brow” to make up with his Eve.


A.M.: Aesthetics Masked

January 27, 2009

With the dawn of a new presidency promising optimism to the States, American Morning’s fashion has signalled the polar opposite. As Kyra Phillips posited, the unveiling of the feminine form augurs well for an economic boon. However, after Obama’s inauguration, AM seems intent on presaging inauspicious days ahead.

Unfortunately, AM’s executive producer Janelle Rodriguez has allowed AM’s foxy trio of Kiran Chetry, Alina Cho, and Christine Romans to clad themselves in garb more befitting a funeral procession than a wedding party. Kiran has hidden her fab figure behind various distaff obfuscations, e.g., turtlenecks, slacks, and hosiery; Alina has cloaked herself diurnally in maxis (not to mention her horrid Ping-Pong-ball necklaces); and Christine has adopted the priggish attire of her business bud Gerri Willis.

Janelle, according to President Obama, America needs a stimulus package now!

A.M.: Alina Maxim

January 21, 2009

American Morning’s Alina Cho was barrenly blandished today as “resident fashionista” by AM’s Kiran Chetry. Alina is done no favors by such false flattery. Unfortunately, the comely Korean does not realize that sometimes less is more in haute couture. Not only does she wear maxis to the max, she seems to almost always be bedecked in bijouterie befitting a Brogdingnagian.

Alina, you’re a gorgeous girl! Shorten your skirts and jettison your gigantic jewelry. They only obscure your beauty and weigh you down.

AM: Michelle Sans Noblesse Oblige?

December 11, 2008

American Morning, a paycheck for our first black First Lady? In an odd segment with Alina Cho and John Roberts, the issue of payment for her services was discussed in a serious fashion. Alina and John discussed the diverse duties that are required of the First Mate and the income lost: However, Alina was careful to indicate that the Obamas were not seeking such compensation.

In the author’s mind, the question arose of whether a similar colloquy would have occurred if Michele had been white. Generally, assumed within the role of a First Lady/Gentleman is a principle of noblesse oblige, i.e., the obligation of the noble to act dutifully and generously toward the less fortunate without expectation of recompense. Did AM inadvertently imply that this concept is not cherished by our first black First Lady, Michelle?

Alina Fact Check Needed

November 4, 2008

Where was Alina Cho today when American Morning needed her on this Election Day? Her services were required during the “Balance of Power” segments. Doubtless, AM’s Truth Squad sweetie would have given Jim Acosta a “misleading” graphic with its requisite sound effect.

In the “Balance of Power” segments, Acosta repeatedly said that the Senate had 49 Republicans and 51 Democrats. Obviously, he knew or should have known that the Senate consists of 49 Republicans, 49 Democrats, and 2 Independents. The two independents, Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Joe Lieberman of Connecticut do caucus with the Dems and thus Harry Reid of Nevada is the Senate Majority Leader.

Perhaps, Acosta merely oversimplified the Senate’s balance of power. However, there is no need to dumb it down for the AM audience: we generally get it. Nevertheless, good job overall, Jim.

Kiran, Whoopi, & “Renaissance Man”

September 1, 2008

American Morning’s co-anchor Kiran Chetry gave Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of The View, an unchallenged soapbox as to the presidential election. E.g., when Whoopi tried to compare the “reconciliation” of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, she said, “The Republicans are going to do the same thing; Rudy Giuliani was not a fan of John McCain’s; [and] now they going to be best buds.” Kiran agreed. Whoopi added, “They’re going to be, you know, huggy, huggy [three air kisses and embracing arms miming Rudy’s lovefest with McCain].” Kiran saucily said, “I’d like to see that if that actually happened.”

Even though the AM segment may have been a facsimile of a typical The View segment sans Elizabeth Hasselbeck, Kiran should have challenged Whoopi as to her assertion that Rudy was not a fan of McCain’s: in fact, they are good friends. During one of the Republican debates, Rudy said that he would be for McCain if he were not in the race. To make matters worse, the segment followed Kiran’s unchecked gushing over “Renaissance Man” Al Gore to Alina Cho, who reported on “The Return of Al Gore.”

Kiran, Kiran. A bit too much Whoopi and uberlib loving Friday.

Shackled Women of AM

July 6, 2008

American Morning, why must you shackle your women, Kiran Chetry, Alina Cho, Vanessa de la Cruz, and Sunny Hostin? Such beautiful and brainy talent are merely suffocated in a patriarchal setting. As it is, kindly father figure, John Roberts, tends to rule the roost while the lovely Kiran plays the role of his pretty, perceptive TV wife giving him a bit too much deference. Alina, Vanessa, and Sunny have their particular roles but they all must pay tribute to their gray-maned elder. This setup seems a bit outdated in this progressive age in the news sphere.

Add Alina, Vanessa, Sunny, or CNN correspondent Jennifer Eccleston as a third co-host. Instead of the current insular marital-like duo, create a trio of two girls and a boy. Janelle, it would add a fun, sexy, and spontaneous dynamic among the co-hosts and with your intended audience. No need to cede the ratings race to Fox & Friends: you’ve got the talent but F&F has the superior format for now.

AM women, let us hear you roar!

Buttoned-Up AM

June 9, 2008

Is the fashion guru of Hillary Clinton whispering fashion advice into the ears of American Morning’s crew? Does a woman still have to ape a man in appearance to succeed? Please! Kyra Phillips wore a midi skirt just above her knee once again, today, with a white top that had a faux Mao collar done Elvis-style. Gasp! She did have one button undone. Alina Cho was even more conservative with her similar collar turned down and fully buttoned. The twins in white matched John Roberts’ shirt in color and almost in style. AM needs to remember the French phrase as to the sexes, “Viva la difference!” Especially, when it come to their resident Aphrodite, Kiran Chetry. Speaking of whom, when will she reappear?

AM: American Mom

April 16, 2008

The gorgeous, gravid Kiran Chetry, co-host of American Morning, took maternity leave today. According to her counterpart John Roberts, Kiran will be off for a few weeks. She is expecting her second child with hubby Chris Knowles, WPIX weatherman, any day now. As she did with her firstborn Maya on Fox & Friends, Kiran promised to send in baby pics. (Alina Cho filled in today.) As an aside, the hottie mum looked especially radiant in her CNN baby shower pics: Kiran seems to be one of the fortunate few femme fatales that looks even sexier off air.

If you missed the baby shower photos on AM Monday and/or if you would like to see more pics, Johnny Dollars Place provided the InStyle link for Kiran’s “sparty” (spa-party) with attendees that included Alina Cho, Vanessa De La Cruz, and other CNN cuties.,,20161343_20191049_


April 8, 2008

According to, Fox News may finally be broadcast in high definition by April 30. (FNC was on a list of HD channels to be added by Time Warner in some NY communities.) With the cornucopia of FNC’s eye candy (e.g., Alisyn Camerota, Page Hopkins, Megyn Kelly, Ainsley Earhardt, Courtney Friel, and Domenica Davis), it’s about time that they caught up to CNN. With news hotties Kiran Chetry, Alina Cho, and Veronica de la Cruz in HD on American Morning, even the most faithful of Fox & Friends male viewers is tempted to defect or, at least, to TiVo.