Aly: Dave’s “Classy Way to Say Goodbye”

Dave’s odd adieu: “My path is unclear but I will search for common ground in 2020.” [Link including vid.] Even more bizarre than his former Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Clayton Morris’ exit from F&FW [link including vid], now former Early Start co-anchor Dave Briggs said farewell to his audience with little-to-no eye contact with his then co-anchor Christine Romans.

As Dave closed Early Start this morning, he said, “Today I say goodbye to CNN, to Excedrin, Visine, & 1:30 alarms [groaning emoji]. Thank you to my incredible family, awesome audience and my talented staff. My path is unclear but I will search for common ground in 2020. ‘That which unites us … is far greater than that which divides us.'” Making things somewhat awkward, Christine patted him on the shoulder and smiled at Dave as he studiously avoided her gaze.

To make things even more awkward, New Day opened with his former FNC F&FW co-host and current CNN New Day co-anchor Alisyn Camerota abruptly remarking, “We will miss Dave Briggs. And, that was a beautiful, classy way to say goodbye.”

Looking down and shaking his head, Aly’s co-host John Berman responded, “He’s a lovely, classy human being. And, I know that we are going to stay friends.”

Before moving on, Aly added, “As are we–since he lives a block away from me.”

Notably, Dave departure from Early Start was icier today than his emotional one in 2012 from F&FW.

Caio, Dave, for now. You had a great run with Aly and Clayton on F&FW. You had a good run with Christine. Hopefully, you’ll have another great run in the near future!



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5 Responses to “Aly: Dave’s “Classy Way to Say Goodbye””

  1. Weekend Links and Open Thread – Johnny dollar’s place Says:

    […] Dave’s ‘beautiful, classy‘ goodbye; Ed out, Carley […]

  2. Jim T Says:

    Taste in anchors / co-host vary as much as favorite pizza or favorite beer.
    Having said that, I always thought brother Dave (Briggs) was a little too slick and car salesman like for my taste.
    However, I do wish him well and as Alisyn Camerota said, “That was a classy way to say goodbye.”
    There are always local news openings even though he seems better suited for a home shopping gig like HSN or QVC.

  3. Bill Says:

    After being at CNN for a while, it’s hard to believe Ali was a popular host at Fox.

  4. jakeho Says:

    Bill, in retrospect, Aly, Dave, and Clayton were, in my estimation, closet libs playing to a conservative audience. Aly “woke” to Zucker’s alarm clock when she moved to CNN, imo. ;-)

  5. Betty Wynne Says:

    Before we read too much into the avoidance if the faxes between CR and Dave….
    Perhaps there was too much emotion trying to be held in.
    When I retired from my job and made my farewell speech Dec 31, I ‘studiously avoided’ looking at my co-workers and especially co-working partner out of fear of breaking down. In this case, breaking down would be on-air.
    So, unless one knows, don’t read something into another’s personal physical presentation.
    That’s like going in a courtroom and looking at a defendant and reading everything and nothing – into their clothing, did they cry, didn’t they cry, did they look up, did they look down – then adding what these movements meant with ‘fake’ gravity.
    I’m going to miss Dave, beard or no beard, abd Christine bc they were my early morning jam.
    No life with Laura Jarrett abd CR currently if she turns out to be the new co-host.

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