Aly & John: Too much NYE Fun?

Six minutes late to broadcast. Yes, today New Day co-hosts, the lovely Alisyn Camerota and wiseacre John Berman showed up six minutes late this morning with no apology (or explanation).* Usually, the duo appear at 5:59 a.m. ET (which, by the way, New Day, screws up DVR recording of other channels unless manually monitored). But, today, inexplicably, they did not: In the author’s opinion, viewers and fans deserved the courtesy of an explanation as the show began. Unfortunately, they got none.

Aly, John, and New Day producers, step up your game.

*New Day – 01/01/19 (@ 6:05 a.m. ET).

[Author’s aside: In all fairness, Aly was one of the journalists chosen to usher in the NYC New Year (pic).]

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3 Responses to “Aly & John: Too much NYE Fun?”

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  2. lala Says:

    Who cares what happens on CNN?

  3. Willie B hardigan Says:

    this was pre-recorded. maybe stop oggling the anchorss and pay attention

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