Shep Preempts Rick (and F&FW)!

Seriously? Preempting FNC’s chief meteorologist Rick Reichmuth (and Fox & Friends Weekend) this Sunday morn mid-show for Shepard Smith seems like one of the stupidest programming decisions that FNC has made. Such disrespect to Rick, the F&FW co-hosts, and their fans is almost unforgivable. Rick and the F&FW crew were doing a much better job than this interloper and his crew are doing. Get a grip, Fox News!

[Update: At least, Rick reappeared on “Shep’s show” at 8:38 a.m. ET.]


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10 Responses to “Shep Preempts Rick (and F&FW)!”

  1. Christie Says:

    I am so on the same page as you. It is not as though the Fox and Friends weekend crew was not doing an excellent job. Fox keeps shooting itself in the foot- I think intentionally. I don’t know what kind of viewer they are hoping for but they are definitely alienating the long-time viewers.
    It’s extremely frustrating to think of having to cultivate a new cable news channel but I get closer to doing so all the time.

  2. jakeho Says:

    Now that Roger is sadly gone: Maybe, Shine should return to give Fox News a semblance of the old beloved politically incorrectness and media savvy that Ailes so deftly provided. Perhaps, Rupert Murdoch is listening to his sons too much and allowing FNC’s ship to list.

  3. Weekend Links and Open Thread – johnny dollar's place Says:

    […] One of Fox News’ ‘stupidest programming decisions’ […]

  4. Anonymous Says:

    It’s easy to avoid Shep and his BS in the afternoon but sticking him in in the middle of F&F is pure torture…forced us to the weather channel!!

  5. Patsy Pauley Says:

    Can’t stand Shep Smith on his program never watch it anymore then you stick him on in place of Ric He is far far better than Smith won’t watch anymore.

  6. David Says:

    I am wondering if Shep was working this Sunday narrating Hurricane Irma because many of the other newscasters (Hedgseth, Piro, and Huntsman) were given the opportunity to spend an entire Sunday with their families.

    These past few weeks the weather has been big news, particularly in Texas. What’s happening in Congress and around the world seems to be secondary news. Fox has placed correspondents all over the Gulf Coast.

  7. Teresa Says:

    I agree! I was so frustrated. I can’t stand Shep. I only watch FNC on weekends for FF, the rest of the time I watch FBN, but when they bring in Shep, or even the weekday FF crew on the weekend to cover something, I get annoyed. Now that Clayton is gone, I’m not as thrilled with the weekend crew. But I love watching Rick. Bad move on so many levels FNC.

  8. David Says:

    I don’t think the FNC will change the format on Sunday. I think last Sunday was a special report type format due to Hurricane Irma. Personally, I am not a big fan of Shep either.

    I think Todd Piro will be named to replace Clayton, and I have no idea who will fill in for Abby when she begins maternity leave. (It will probably be a rotation of hosts taking turns). I would like to see Pete Hedgseth stick around, and I have gotten more used to Ed Henry when he fills in on F&FW.

  9. LULU Says:


  10. jakeho Says:

    In reality as to his personal “harem,” you may be right, LULU! But, he did celebrate the feminine form through iconic celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Jane Mansfield, Raquel Welch, Farrah Fawcett, Cindy Crawford, Elle MacPherson, and other such Aphrodites who were “worshiped” and adored by countless males and females as the epitome of feminine pulchritude.

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