Abby, Pete, & Clayton: F&FW’s “New Team”?

Clayton: “It’s great to have the band back together again.” Yes, Fox & Friends Weekend co-host returned Sunday as he had said: And F&FW seemed bound and determined to asservate that Clayton still held his seat on the curvy couch after Carpe Diem‘s article “Piro: This is My First Day.” In fact, co-anchors Abby Huntsman, Pete Hegseth, and Clayton Morris himself appeared to emphasize that, yes, Clayton–and Pete–were on F&FW‘s new team with its new queen Abby: Ergo, Todd Piro who declared “This is my first day” and introduced himself to F&F fans and F&F co-hosts with a June 14th segment (including bio vid) entitled ““Welcome to the F&F Family, Todd Piro!” was not replacing Clayton–at least, not yet.

As the opening began, Abby remarked, “And, welcome back to the to both of you! It’s so fun to have you two back!” In reply, Clayton declared, “It’s great to have the band back together again.” In response, Abby exclaimed, “It is!” Chiming in, Pete animatedly added, “Indeed! In the new studio, first time in the new studio, too.”

Turning to Abby, Clayton said, “And, you had that big announcement.” [Abby and hubs Jeff Livingston’s June 17 proclamation that she is preggers for the first time–a girl due around Thanksgiving (vid)]. Abby playfully retorted, “That you missed, Clayton!” Slightly defensively, Clayton answered, “I already knew it: I was privy to that.” Then, he jested, “And, I’ve gained an extra two pounds.”

Laughing and pointing to Clayton, Abby joked, “We’re growing together, Pete!”

Putting an exclamation on the apparent point of the opening segment, Pete responded, “We’re all growing together….And, this show is growing together as well.”

Welcome aboard, Pete! It’s about time FNC says it–officially!

[Author’s aside: As to Pete’s inclusion, supra, nota bene, FNC as it is wont to do with its new F&FW co-anchors still has not announced Pete Hegseth’s ascension to the F&FW curvy couch from contributor status.]





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8 Responses to “Abby, Pete, & Clayton: F&FW’s “New Team”?”

  1. Karen Says:

    A lot of the links don’t seem to be working :-(

  2. Monday Links and Open Thread – johnny dollar's place Says:

    […] The ‘band’ is back together; Heather’s new 5am […]

  3. Patsy Pauley Says:

    Glad the Weekend gang is all together again. Love them. I thought it was clear that Pete was already one of the gang. Better be. Pete is a great asset. Watch every weekend.

  4. jakeho Says:

    Patsy, Pete is a good guy in my estimation: He definitely has gravitas a la his apparent predecessor Tucker.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Regardless of Abby’s cohosts, she can’t go 5 minutes without saying she travels around to diners to interview people. For some reason, the producers or Fox higher ups seem obsessed with diner segments.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t like Todd Piro. It seems like he’s on the weekend show every weekend and Pete and Clayton rotate. Bad decision on Fox’s part if that’s the case.

  7. motownman Says:

    Every time Pete the Parrot says the failing New York Times it just reinforces the impression he can’t think for himself.

  8. motownman Says:

    Todd Piro is nothing special, but watching him on the hurricane coverage just reinforces the difference between a professional broadcaster and a lobbyist like Pete Hegseth.

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