FBN:AM: Lovely Nicole Out!

Lauren Simonetti: “Hi, James! That is correct!” That was the reply that the lovely FBN:AM co-host Lauren Simonetti had to the author this morning when he inquired, “Lauren, is your new co-host on ?” Sadly, the leggy lovely Greek goddess Nicole Petallides will no longer arouse her fans to the very early morn on FBN:AM.

Unfortunately, the author missed the Memorial Day edition because of a loss of electricity: Ergo, he missed any suggestion or remark that Nicole was departing from the show. However, his interest was piqued Monday evening when Nicole simply Tweeted, “💖 & this team. thanks for watching .” But, the author took even more note of the fact that on Tuesday, Nicole Tweeted, “I’M ALL BUSINESS starting TODAY! Catch me Daytime&Primetime .” When Cheryl Casone opened Tuesday’s show saying, “Well, good morning, everybody: I’m Cheryl Casone,” and thereafter has not mentioned that she was filling in for Nicole for these last three shows, the author made the aforementioned inquiry of Lauren. Subsequently, Lauren informed Carpe Diem of the new change.

Nicole will be surely missed, especially, by her male admirers who appreciate her smarts, savvy, and fabulously gorgeous gams. Speaking of which, FBN:AM producers have sadly given in to political correctness and changed the set from the two co-hosts informing their viewers on the latest news while giving them a liberal view of their feminine pulchritude from head to toe as they sat atop their high stools. Yesterday, they brought in a glass table obscuring the sexy stems of their morning sirens.

Nicole, your fans bid you a fond farewell. FBN:AM will never be the same without you!

[Author’s aside: Lauren’s kind Tweet to the author was deleted shortly after it was made: But, of course, nothing is ever really deleted.]




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13 Responses to “FBN:AM: Lovely Nicole Out!”

  1. motownman Says:

    I would think Heather Childers is first in line for Jenna Lee’s job on Happening Now. Then Jackie Ibanez could take over on F&FF.

  2. movingforwardokc Says:

    Actually Julie Banderas is cohosting on Happening Now all this week.

  3. motownman Says:

    Heather subbed for Jenna last week and is her main sub.

  4. David Says:

    I still don’t know if Shannon Bream is going to be Martha MacCallum’s permanent replacement. Although Shannon is doing a good job, I think she wants to continue living in DC and covering the Supreme Court.

    Kristen Fisher and Elizabeth Prann have done well filling in occasionally on F&FF, but I think both choose to stay close to DC for personal reasons. I do like Jackie Ibanez, and she seems to like the early morning hours, where she can arrange her schedule around her family. Julia Banderas seems to like the weekend hours, like Elizabeth Prann, which allows more time to stay home with their families during the week, and that should be commended. I think Jenna Lee made that decision too, as did Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and those decisions need to be respected.

    Jillian Mele is a welcomed addition as the news reader on Fox and Friends. I guess she will get used to the early morning hours.

  5. motownman Says:

    There’s a poster of Shannon with Hemmer outside the Fox News building so I’d say she’s set at 9 a.m.

  6. motownman Says:

    As it turns out, Julie has pink eye so she won’t be hosting this week.

  7. Lynn Krill Says:

    This is the most ignorant thing FBN could have done. I won’t watch the program anymore. I hope their ratings go done the tube.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I haven’t watched the show since she left.

  9. Lynn Krill Says:

    Over three months gone and I still haven’t watched it. I can only hope they at least give Nicole her own program instead of the floor of the NYSE. It seems like they are giving everyone else their own program and Nicole has been there longer than any of them. Until that happens I will sleep an hour longer in the morning. FBN get a life and come to your senses and bring Nicole back and get her off that floor.

  10. jakeho Says:

    Greek beauty Nicole was definitely a reason to arise in the early morn. :-) Her departure from FBN:AM was unfortunate–at best.

  11. Rusty shackle ford Says:

    I agree

  12. Lynn Krill Says:

    If this is an indication of the public response to taking Nicole off the program I hope I am getting my wish that their ratings go down the tubes.

  13. Lynn Krill Says:

    I think I have completely had it with FBN. I am still fuming about about them taking Nicole off FBN AM. I would watch FBN at certain times during the day. One time was right before noon when they would at least show a shot of her standing on the floor of the NYSE. It looks like now they are showing a whole lot of stock market things and a small picture of her in the corner. They have the most gorgeous lady on cable news TV and that’s all they can show of her. I can’t express how bleep I am at these idiots I hope their ratings are going down the drain fast.

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