Rude Beckel Unrepentant

Cursing & Boorish Bob: “I’m going to continue to say Comrade Trump!” Yes, The Five co-host Bob Beckel continues to show his ass to The Five fans. He certainly learned little from his liberal, articulate, and debonair successor/predecessor The Five co-host Juan Williams who exhibited real respect and class even with those with whom he disagreed.

Unsurprising, Bob had to be bleeped once in the show as his brilliant, beautiful co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle raised her hand toward her face in disgust and disbelief that Beckel was up to his old tricks again.

But, Beckel was not done. As the show ended with its “One More Thing” segment, Beckel barked, “Alright, I’m going to change my “One More Thing” here, and I’ve been yelled at already by the producer (apparently, for his bleeped expletive).”* Condescendingly to his The Five viewers, he commented, “Let me explain something about The Five. I’ve been here at the beginning and then took a sabbatical. But, this has always been an opinion show.” Looking into the camera at his detractors, Beckel retorted, “For those of you who have inundated me with how if I would get off this show, it would get a lot better. I understand that: It’s fine. I can handle that.”

Continuing his rant, Beckel bellowed, “But, let me explain something to you: If you want to go and find something that is all one way, you can go to another network. Don’t come here because I’m going to continue to say, ‘Comrade Trump’!” Interrupting Beckel as the show concluded, co-anchor Greg Gutfeld aptly shouted, “Bob, gotta go!”

And, unless Bob changes his stripes, maybe, he will once again.

[Author’s aside: Beckel’s abrasive reply to The Five fans may have also been a less than a subtle shot at the author’s Carpe Diem article entitled “Bob Beckel: Comrade Trump.”]

*The Five – 02/22/17 (@ 5:59 p.m. ET).

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6 Responses to “Rude Beckel Unrepentant”

  1. Thursday Links and Open Thread – johnny dollar's place Says:

    […] Another CNN town hall: McCain/Graham.  Hogue: Bob Beckel unrepentant. […]

  2. anonymous Says:

    Bob beckel is all bad names in dictionary

  3. anonymous Says:

    Bob Beckel is all bad names in the dictionary

  4. Anonymous Says:

    He is horrific. Mispronouncing Mar a Lago and mixing up Ivanka and Melania. He’s should be more on his game for someone on such a high profile show..

  5. Ken Swope Says:

    Beckel has an obvious history of bad judgement probably because of the inability to choose rationally and with intellectual common sense. His bullying tendencies manifest themselves because of insecurities and his need for attention. But a part of him is likeable partly because of a loving commiseration for him. Basically he has a big heart but sadly a sometimes big mouth.

  6. Chris Stuart Says:

    “Brilliant, beautiful Kimmie Gillfool”

    I’m confused — were we watching the same program?

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