Bob Beckel: “Comrade Trump”

Showing his backside once again. Bring back Juan! Five co-host Bob Beckel once again showed his uncivil side by referring to the President of the United States as Comrade Trump during a discussion of POTUS’ pick of Lt. General H. R. McMaster as national security advisor. Proclaiming the general a “real hero during the Desert War,” he then acerbically remarked, “He’s known as a fiscal hawk; I mean, he wants to spend a lot of money as does Comrade Trump.”* Chastening her disrespectful colleague, co-anchor Dana Perino exclaimed, “Bob!” Echoing Dana’s reproof, co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle chided, “Bob!” Turning to Bob, co-anchor Eric Bolling upbraided him, saying, “Can we just, can we stop with Comrade Trump? Can we do it?” Responding in an unusually surly fashion, Bob answered, “No! No! No!”

Requesting a soupcon of civility, Eric asked, “Can we just, just for right now? Can we do it?” For the man who saved his life (from choking), he replied, “For right now? Okay, for you I’ll do it for right now.” Optimistically, Eric responded, “Let’s try it one show at a time!” Unfortunately, being truthful, Bob answered, “Well, I won’t commit to that! I said it to this question.”

Bring back co-anchor Juan Williams! If Bob will not be respectful to the President of the United States of America and derides him as Comrade Trump on an FNC opinion/news show, perhaps, he should leave The Five again or get some common comity. Liberal, civil, brilliant Juan Williams can always easily fill that chair with real class.

*The Five – 02/20/16 (@ 5:03 p.m. ET).

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13 Responses to “Bob Beckel: “Comrade Trump””

  1. Anonymous Says:

    That takes the cake, no more five until Bob Beckel is once again gone. It’s outta here

  2. Karen Says:

    I want to like Bob, I REALLY do. I admire him for sharing about his addictions and fighting that daily fight. But I just don’t think he contributes much to the round table because of his constant negativity, and more importantly, his inability to follow the conversation. One can disagree and make an argument, as Juan does, and it lends to the table conversation; but Bob just seems confused most of the time. I wonder if they’re regretting giving him such a big welcome when he returned.

  3. al blair Says:

    he also said that he was going to live 8 more years and Trump would not…..then he said a little later that Trump would not finish his first term and it would not be because of impeachment…..all of this happened in the last 15 minutes of today’s show

  4. al blair Says:

    sounded like he was insinuating that Trump would be dead before his first term is up

  5. Berton Byers Says:

    To my way of thinking, this is just the continuation of Beckel 101. He does not deserve to be on a program that has a reputation for class. The hierarchy of FN bears the responsibility for Beckel’s words and actions. Good luck.

  6. Karen Says:

    @al blair – That’s been mentioned on other media outlets, too. So Bob didn’t come up with that (Trump dying before 1st term ends) all by himself.

  7. A.Ulanov Says:

    Where do we write to object to Beckel? He’s miserable and foists his misery on everyone without being insightful or clever. Can’t watch/listen with him there.

  8. Vincent Ciro Says:

    After watching the show faithfully ever since day one, I sadly just watched my last “The Five” while that low-life Beckel is part of the crew. He adds absolutely no value and despite being appropriately dumped once before, he continues to make snide comments and personal insults rather than discussing the issues fairly. For example, in addition to his “Comrade Trump” garbage, he disagreed with Tom Shillue’s comment so he had the audacity to ask him if he was “hung over”! Tom respectfully took it. If it was me, I would have said, “No, Bob. I am not a drunk like you”! He then made another sarcastic comment about one of the President’s administration being a wife beater.

    Sorry, team, but I’m out as long as that unprofessional low-life is there. Why Fox ever brought that man back other than as an act of pity is beyond me.

    What a shame how one bad apple……………you know the rest.

    After many years, no more “Five” until that low life is gone.

    Semper Fi

  9. allen Says:

    can’t stand beckel
    if he want’s to call OUR PRESIDENT a comrade then he should pack up his family and go to Russia.
    My husband and myself love to watch the Five, we will not watch on the days he is on. So long to good ratings Fox

  10. Kath Says:

    I agree with the above comments…My husband and I started watching The Five during the election season…We ENJOY this show VERY MUCH and we thought Juan was the 5th member of the panel!!! We were disappointed when Bob joined the group!!! He seems disconnected from the conversations, and he is NOT a positive to the show!!! We enjoy the other guests you have had on…but…Bob is a NEGATIVE to the energy of the show!!! Maybe it’s time to RETIRE Bob!!!

  11. Rude Beckel Unrepentant | Carpe Diem Says:

    […] [Author’s aside: Beckel’s abrasive reply to The Five fans may have also been a less than a subtle shot at the author’s Carpe Diem article entitled “Bob Beckel: Comrade Trump.”] […]

  12. anonymous Says:

    Why is beckel still on The Five I just cant watch them anymore. Hes a most miserable excuse for a human being and absolutely ruins the show. He enjoys being rude and obnoxious. Dems ruin my day enough let alone this guy.

  13. Sheila Olson Says:

    Everytime I see Beckel is on The Five instead of Juan Wiliams….I TURN IT OFF!

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