Pete Hegseth: Next F&FW Co-host?

“Looking forward to many weekends together, [Abby].” Fox & Friends Weekend crew being finalized? Of late, former F&FW co-anchor Anna Kooiman abdicated as queen of the F&FW curvy couch for the Land Down Under, and erstwhile F&FW co-host Tucker Carlson followed suit for his very own eponymous show, Tucker Carlson Tonight. Yesterday, Fox & Friends First co-host Abby Huntsman was named the new queen of the F&FW curvy couch.

Re one permanent F&FW co-anchor seat left outstanding, Fox News Insider declared, “Abby Huntsman, Clayton Morris and a rotating male co-host for the perfect start to your Saturday and Sunday.” However, frequent fill-in co-host Pete Hegseth may have hinted at the actual answer to whom the next F&FW co-anchor is. In a congratulatory Tweet to Abby yesterday, he wrote, “Huge congrats to @HuntsmanAbby! Talented, smart, and fun. Well earned”: Concluding, Pete remarked, “Looking forward to many weekends together. A fun ride ahead, indeed!”

Early this morning, Abby Tweeted, “Thanks Pete!! See you this weekend ;).”

Hmm: It appears that “rotating male anchor” just might be Pete. And, that’s not a bad thing.

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3 Responses to “Pete Hegseth: Next F&FW Co-host?”

  1. David Says:

    Pete Hedgseth is a welcomed addition. Do you think any other networks would hire a journalist who spent ten years in uniform, and worked for Concerned Veterans of America?

    Abby is pretty good too, and she is more experienced than people think. It looks like Kristin Fisher has been promoted to taking weekdays of Fox and Friends First.

    Getting back to Abby, after spending a few hours reading Settle for More by Megyn Kelly, I am wondering if Abby was tapped to be “fast tracked”. Megyn discusses in her book that she was “fast tracked”.

  2. Concerned Veteran for America Says:

    Looks like Pete Hegseth has been flipping more than pancakes on Fox and Friends with the producer. Looks like Pete is going to be a Dad, and the mother is the producer of fox and friends.

  3. Susan J Levy Says:

    Pete makes me smile. We love watching him – he is a great addition to the team.

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