Chagrined Clayton Leaves

The Curvy Couch! Poor Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Clayton Morris was aptly chastised by F&F fans for his sloppy sartorial slip Sunday: So, a la F&F weekday co-anchor Brian Kilmeade, he left the curvy couch chagrined. As the final half hour of the show began, apparent co-anchor Abby Huntsman remarked, “Alright, so, we’ve wanted to get [to] this all morning long but we’ve waited until now. Clayton, you don’t know about this: But people [have] been emailing in all morning long in about your tie.” Turning to Clayton and pointing to his tie which was tucked under his crotch, she smiling said, “They’re saying that it’s too long.” As possible future co-host Pete Hegseth leaned in for a closer look, Abby and Pete began to laugh uncontrollably.

Continuing, Abby remarked, “I’m going to read one of the emails here….They say, ‘Clayton and Pete, is this a new fashion trend started by Trump–tying your ties too long?” In answer, Clayton explained, “Blake wants to know that? No, it was pure laziness, Blake….Here’s how dumb I was this morning. I tied it this morning, and I said, ‘You know what, that’s too long…but I’ll be sitting down and no one will notice.” Looking into the camera with a grin at the viewer, he added, “But, then I forgot that we’re on in front of millions of people—and, you did notice!”

Chuckling, Clayton stood up and tucked his tie deep into his pants: And, then promptly he exited the curvy couch a la Kilmeade. Addressing the audience with a smile, Abby said, “Thanks for your emails, guys: We always want to know what you think, about the fashion.”

At least, Clayton did not have his jacket buttoned as he sat–as Fox & Friends co-hosts once did before they apparently got a sartorial tutorial. It is not the first fashion faux pas on the curvy couch and, most assuredly, it will not be last. Hopefully.

*Fox & Friends – 12/11/16 (@ 9:35 a.m. ET).

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One Response to “Chagrined Clayton Leaves”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Pete and his baby Mama railroaded Clayton Morris off show, humiliated him constantly and made fun of him! Why, so Pushy Pete could get ahead on show! He thinks its his show now. He constantly reads other co-hosts and visiting co-hosts lines. U can tell he doesn’t like it when another male co-host shows him up. He is a Show Boat in every way…read all the blogs, etc. that is written on line….he writes them all. Oh yes, BABY MAMA doing a lot of the pushing him on every show she can. *Note SELFIE he sent out of himself having dinner with President! Note all the people he will smoooz with…he wants Doosey job on curvy couch or even Kilmeade…he doesn’t care….by way [he sleeps in chair at Fox Studio…so he can jump into any story, any empty seat on air. Check out his Army background…its been polished to look soooooo good…he had help pushing him…check out how he got schlarships and who paid for them. Check out how he ran for Congress…while making speeches for Vets [but promoting himself for Congress]…now we know why he was ask to step down…self promotion…that is all he is…needs to wash to oil off his hair, sit on his hands and learn how not to blick 200 times in a two minute segment

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