Klutzy Klotz: Comely Molina’s Replacement?

Socks rocks? Not necessarily. Fox 5 Atlanta meteorologist Adam Klotz made his somewhat clumsy debut today on Fox & Friends First and Fox & Friends this morning. Actually, the Warsaw, Indiana, lad is likeable enough but F&F fans could tell that he definitely had the neophyte jitters as he hit the national stage.

Following in the footsteps of sexy Maria Molina surely was more than a tad daunting. Ergo, he played the role of the sycophant by not showing the fig but showing the socks. Sporting neon orange NASA socks, he reminded one of a former Fox & Friends Weekend co-host, namely Dave Briggs, who loved colorful and wacky socks as a wardrobe accessory: Ingratiatingly, he doled similarly colorful socks out to Fox & Friends First co-host Clayton Morris and Fox & Friends co-anchors Ainsley Earhardt, Steve Doocy, and Brian Kilmeade. Poor F&FF co-host Heather Childers was left out–perhaps, to her relief.

Both F&FF and F&F ran “getting-to-know” Adam Klotz segments with photos aplenty: Adam was seen as an intrepid skydiver and a fearless participant in the Running of the Bulls. And, his softer side was captured in a photo taken of him and his dog Piper sleeping side-by-side by his gorgeous girlfriend.

Adam was somewhat shaky Tuesday morn: But, he seemed more than willing to try. And, all of the hype by F&FF and F&F appeared to show that Shine wanted him to succeed. And, his lady Bianca Robles and his pup Piper certainly did–and they seemed to think that he did as they feted him with a bottle of white wine apparently delivered to him in his hotel room.

According to Adam, he will be back all week. Good luck, Adam: Break a leg!

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5 Responses to “Klutzy Klotz: Comely Molina’s Replacement?”

  1. Jack Says:

    I found him to be down to earth and does a good job. A welcome change. Janice Dean scares me – like she might go over the edge at any time. I don’t miss Ms. Molina. Her heart wasn’t in it and it showed.

  2. David Says:

    I think conclusions are being made too soon. I am wondering if Fox News is doing on air auditions and tryouts to find a good “fit”. I think Janice Dean wants to stay part time to take care of her family (and in the past she has had some health issues), and it always seemed that Rick Reichmuth took up the slack for both Janice and Maria when they were out on personal time.

    If Fox News is doing on air auditions, I would think Ali Turiibarantes would be a good choice. I may have spelled her name wrong, but she is an experienced meteorologist at Fox 4 in Dallas. She has relatives in New York, and could probably transition there easily if she wanted a job in New York.

  3. motownman Says:

    Thankfully, it will be Janice Dean the Weather Machine.

  4. Mary Moore Says:

    Has Adam replaced Janis dean on the morning show! Start watching Fox News every morning starting at 4:30!! Love Adam but concerned about Janis.

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