“Ladies and Gentlemen, Abby Huntsman!”

So introduced Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Tucker Carlson his lovely co-host Abby Huntsman. “Abby Huntsman,” echoed F&FW co-host Clayton Morris. For the first time since Fox & Friends weekday introduced her on October 7 with a chyron as “Abby Huntsman: Co-host ‘Fox & Friends Weekend,” F&FW did similarly today when it introduced the three co-anchors with their names and their respective Twitter addresses at the start of each of the first three hours.

Now, Abby seems all the more certain to have secured her place on the F&FW curvy couch. On October 7, F&F identified Abby as co-host of F&FW, supra: Later, that very day, Abby Tweeted, “Grew up watching …was so humbled to join the crew this morning to celebrate 20 years for !” The next day, Fox News Tweeted, “TUNE IN: and host a jam-packed edition of now on Fox News Channel.”

After F&FW today, Abby Tweeted, “It’s official. I ❤️ my job! foxandfriends @ 1211 Avenue of… . In response, a fan Tweeted, you are a great addition to excellent work [thumbs-up emoji]: As if to remove any doubt as to her new status, Abby replied, “Thanks Lou!”

Abby, a “great addition” to F&FW? FNC has not made a clarion proclamation: But, it seems quite pellucid that Bill Shine has made his choice: I.e., Abby is the new it” gal on the curvy couch. Seemingly, not overly cowed by her apparent predecessor beauty Anna Kooiman‘s fab “booty-shaking” prowess [vid links included], Abby is not afraid to dance to bumper music on the curvy couch–or even to do the polka on the patio [vid via J$P]!

To paraphrase Axl Rose [vid], welcome to the Gotham jungle (on the F&FW curvy couch), Abby! Beauty and the beast–er, beasts!

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9 Responses to ““Ladies and Gentlemen, Abby Huntsman!””

  1. Ken Says:

    Still not quite like being excited to wake up on Saturday and see Anna but I guess she will grow on us?

  2. Weekend Links and Open Thread | johnny dollar's place Says:

    […] It’s all but official…Abby Huntsman is the new F&F Weekend […]

  3. Mitch Alan Says:

    At least it isn’t Dana Perino.

  4. lester piggott Says:

    She’s rather skinny and curled up on the couch and submissive. Not much “oomph”. I wont be watching.

  5. motownman Says:

    Abby seems very nice. She’s no Anna, but it’s no surprise. The position is a promotion for her, which wouldn’t have been the case with Sandra Smith or Heather Nauert.

  6. jakeho Says:

    Motownman, re Sandra and Heather, sensual Abby adds more yin to the yang of alpha male Tucker and beta Clayton.

  7. F&FW’s Abby Huntsman Marks Her Territory | Carpe Diem Says:

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  8. Robyn Says:

    Don’t like Abby. She hasn’t put her time in with Fox like others. Loved Anna!!!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Daddy must have secured her spot. Seems like a Daddy’s girl.Not impressed.

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