“Aussie” Anna: Traitor! ;-)

What the h*ll is going on with Fox News now that Roger has left the building?! Hottie Outnumbered co-anchor Andrea Tantaros has left the FNC air, leggy frequent Outnumbered co-host Jedidiah Bila followed suit; and now the lovely Alisyn Camerota’s sexy successor Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Anna Kooiman is abdicating her reign on the curvy couch to follow hubby Tim Stuckey back to the “Land Down Under.” And, now fans are left only with brainy Tucker Carlson and nerdy Clayton Morris: What is the F&FW fan to do?

Who knows? Unless FNC boss Bill Shine brings back the thrice ruling queen of F&FW Alisyn Camerota (or her former F&FW co-host Nepali beauty Kiran Chetry), installs luscious F&F First newbie Abby Huntsman, or “steals” Greek goddess FBN:AM co-host Nicole Petallides, it may well be time to take the weekend off from watching Fox & Friends‘ weekend edition.

Bill, faithful F&FW fans do not watch four hours of the show for the “Friends.” No offense, Tucker and Clayton: But, they watch it mainly for the “Fox.” Make it happen, Bill!

As to F&FW‘s latest sweet, beautiful, vivacious “Fox” Anna, this evening she Tweeted, “Friends! I’m moving to Australia! My husband landed a new job in Sydney. So proud of him! But will miss you so much.” According to TVNewser, Anna’s last day is the 5th of September.

Thanks for the memories, Anna! You’ll truly be missed, too!


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15 Responses to ““Aussie” Anna: Traitor! ;-)”

  1. Mike Says:

    I guess it was about to be start a family time anyway.

  2. Lynn Krill Says:

    I like where Nicole is right now. It`s a great way to start the day seeing the Greek Goddess and her gorgeous legs and thighs. If they give her a three or four hour slot five days a week and DON`T ever hide her behind a desk I then would have a smile on my face. Nicole deserves to be seen and heard as much as possible.

  3. motownman Says:

    Very happy for Anna but I will miss her.
    Met her a few times.
    Very nice lady,
    She will be very difficult to replace.
    My first thought is Abby.
    I don’t think Fox would want to put Sandra Smith on a weekend show.

  4. Weekend Links and Open Thread | johnny dollar's place Says:

    […] Hogue: F&FW fans don’t watch for the ‘friends’, they watch for the ‘fox’. […]

  5. Patsy Pauley Says:

    When you get a good one they leave. You will be missed Anna.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Great, I am sorry cannot take the voice and facial expressions any more. If only Allsion would come back. Good Luck

  7. motownman Says:

    The usually stable FNC lineup is in a rare state of flux
    With Anna Kooiman’s departure, that cuts even more into Fox’s deep bench
    But there are a number of ways Fox can go, such as:

    Abby to F&FW
    Heather N to Real Story
    Heather C to F&F newsreader
    Make Lea Gabrielle and Jackie Ibanez F&FF anchors

    This is my preference, but here are others
    All have Abby on F&FW, which I see as the most likely option

    Abby to F&FW
    Jackie Ibanez to F&FF
    Shannon Bream to Real Story
    Heathers stay where they are

    I see this as less likely because I think Shannon would rather remain in Washington

    Abby to F&FW
    Jackie Ibanez to F&FF
    Martha to Real Story
    Sandra Smith to America’s Newsroom
    Melissa Francis to Out#
    Heathers stay where they are

    I think the Gretchen replacement is between Martha and Heather N
    If Martha gets it, Sandra has worked well with Hemmer before
    That would take her off Out# but Melissa has become the fifth Beatle on that show and would transition easily

  8. David Says:

    I wish Anna well, and I am glad she’s making a sacrifice to follow her husband. That shows commitment.

    Maybe Abby Huntsman will get the slot. She’s been good at filling in for Anna. She also has filled in for Martha McCallum during her vacations and special assignments. That alone is big shoes to fill. Abby has worked her way in the news business, volunteering behind the scenes since she was 16. She also has a degree from UPENN, which is a tough school.

    I like Elizabeth Prann , and she has filled in a few times, but like Shannon Bream, she probably wants to stay close to Washington, DC. I like Sandra Smith, but I think a weekend host position would be seen as a demotion for her. The worst thing Fox could do in my opinion would be to bring Juliet Huddy back.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    If we are watching for the fox then Abby Huntsman is not the one.

  10. David Says:

    One article I read earlier this week said that Anna will be a part time correspondent for international stories. This would have been helpful covering the Malaysian plane story, which was close to that part of the world.

  11. Eddie Huskins Says:

    Happy for you Anna, but sad for all us Anna fans that love seeing you on F&F!! Good Luck and come back soon!!! Your North Carolina fan!!!

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  14. Pete Hegseth: Next F&FW Co-host? | Carpe Diem Says:

    […] Fox & Friends Weekend crew being finalized? Of late, former F&FW co-anchor Anna Kooiman abdicated as queen of the F&FW curvy couch for the Land Down Under, and erstwhile F&FW co-host Tucker Carlson […]

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