F&FF’s Freaky Friday: No Legs Day

That was weird! Fox & Friends First co-hosts Heather Childers and Abby Huntsman’s gorgeous gams were nowhere on display today for their fervent fans. Both F&FF shows started with the news stories of the San Diego policemen being shot and Secretary Clinton’s Dem Presidential nomination: Neither hour started with Abby and Heather’s usual warm welcoming of their audience to the show as they stand flaunting their finery from head to toe.

To boot, on the half hour, they failed to so welcome their viewers as usual: Rather, producers picked an extraordinarily odd small shot of the heads and partial torsos of Heather and Abby as they tossed to their first reporter. It looked like a color film negative that took up only half of the screen with a small part of that screen above them and a large part of it below with a nondescript graphic. Strange!

It was a fast forward day for F&FF: Sorry, Abby and Heather! Step it up, producers!

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3 Responses to “F&FF’s Freaky Friday: No Legs Day”

  1. Tom Bennett Says:

    Are we to conclude the ‘new’ management team may begin ever so gradually to downplay the ‘leg cam’, the mid-thigh short skirts and the glass-top tables as we move forward?

    Fox News has been criticized once again in some quarters for this in the wake of horndog Roger Ailes departure.

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  3. jakeho Says:

    Tom, I’m not sure that the majority of the guys or the gals would want feminine pulchritude to be downplayed!

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