Uncensored Dana: “Fu**ing Camel”!

Greg: “Could you watch your language, young lady?” Riding a camel with her The Five co-host Greg Gutfeld, Dana Perino sounded a mite like her former co-host Bob Beckel today. In a vid clip aired from their visit to the Columbus Zoo on their bus tour to Cleveland, Ohio, for the GOP Presidential convention, Dana got somewhat salty in her language. After The Five co-anchors watched the “free-range” lions who were not to be fed according to the zookeeper’s orders to Greg, Dana mounted the dromedary and then Greg struggled mightily to get on behind her.

Bizarrely, or, perchance, after a few drinks of her fave vino, Dana unsympathetically exclaimed, “It isn’t, it’s not a fu**ing camel!”*

Chastening his usually chaste co-host on her vulgarity but not her inanity, Greg irascibly retorted, “Could you watch your language, young lady?”

Strangely, producers did not bleep out Dana’s obscenity. But, perhaps, they wanted to proclaim to viewers that Dana is no priggish prude: Rather, she can get naughty on occasion–but, probably, not quite like her comely co-anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle!

*The Five – 07/18/16 (@ 5:40 p.m. ET).

Update: J$P (Johnny Dollar’s Place) vid link: http://video.foxnews.com/v/video-embed.html?video_id=5040699610001


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10 Responses to “Uncensored Dana: “Fu**ing Camel”!”

  1. Tuesday Links and Open Thread | johnny dollar's place Says:

    […] Five road trip reveals a saltier Dana Perino; video. […]

  2. Tuesday Links and Open Thread | johnny dollar's place Says:

    […] Five’s road trip reveals a saltier Dana Perino; video. […]

  3. stewartiii Says:

    Gutfeld emailed me about this. He says: “Please have this fixed. She said bucking.”

  4. jakeho Says:

    Stewart, if Dana had said that, why would Greg have said, “”Could you watch your language, young lady?” You may want to check the video (courtesy of J$P). Link: http://video.foxnews.com/v/video-embed.html?video_id=5040699610001

  5. stewartiii Says:

    Greg is correct, Dana did say “bucking.” I saw the segment when it aired because I watch the show ever day. Greg is always playing off of his co-hosts’ words, whether or not they say an offensive word or phrase. And Dana is WAY TOO polite to curse, especially in public and on camera. I don’t know how familiar you are with the show but Dana is always polite and Greg is always a goofball. Try listening to Dana’s actual words, and not Greg’s reaction.

  6. jakeho Says:

    Stewart, I listened repeatedly to her words: And, I stand by my post. Re Greg, wouldn’t you expect him to come up with an excuse for Dana? That poor lass has been “corrupted” by Bob & Greg. :-)

  7. stewartiii Says:

    I know the hosts and I know the show, so I still say you’re wrong. But whatever. It’s you and your blog’s credibility that’s on the line here, not my. Ask J$ what he thinks, since you don’t believe me or Greg.

  8. jakeho Says:

    When Dana says otherwise on The Five or to me, I may give your response a mite more credence, Stewart. No offense.

  9. stewartiii Says:

    Ask Dana herself: http://danaperino.com/contact

  10. Eric Says:

    I don’t have a dog in this fight, but it’s absolutely clear to me, and to everyone I’ve let watch this that she says “bucking”.
    It’s not even close to an “f” sound.

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