Hottie Huntsman’s F&FW Debut

Tucker Carlson: “I hope not the last time!” Today, Fox & Friends First co-host Abby Huntsman finally made her debut on the F&F Weekend curvy couch. As the show started, Abby turned to her co-anchors Tucker Carlson and Clayton Morris, remarking, “First time. Are you guys going to be nice to me today? Are you going to treat me well?” Clayton answered, “We’re going to be lovely to you!”

And, Clayton and Tucker were: As well as they should have been. After all it was Abby’s virgin appearance on the F&FW vaunted curvy couch as co-anchor. Abby may not have been the fun, effervescent, flirty Anna Kooiman: But, she wasn’t bad either. She may have flubbed the pronunciation of Saskatchewan once: But, she was more than competent, and she remembered to dance out the segment oft enough for the jib camera–and her fans.

In the author’s opinion, Abby gets a “B” in her first appearance on the curvy couch as F&FW co-anchor. The waifish beauty is a budding natural FNC fox: She is breathtakingly gorgeous, and she seems to be rather comfortable in front of the camera. However, the F&FW viewer could sense that she was not entirely at ease today. But, it was her first time.

Kudos, Abby! You did well today. It was your first time on the curvy couch: And, if F&FW fans have their way, it will definitely not be your last.

[Author’s aside: Re the subtitle, supra, at the beginning of the third hour, Tucker introduced Abby, saying, “Abby Huntsman joining us on the couch for the first time: I hope not the last time! It’s been great.]


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5 Responses to “Hottie Huntsman’s F&FW Debut”

  1. Monday Links and Open Thread | johnny dollar's place Says:

    […] Today’s petitions: Fire her! No, bring her back!  Hogue: Abby on the couch. […]

  2. motownman Says:

    I’m surprised she hasn’t officially been named F&FF co-host yet.

  3. David Says:


    I was wondering about that too, with Abby covering Monday through Wednesday.

    Anyway, I did see the Sunday broadcast and
    Abby was a good fit. She’s smart and driven – started working behind the scenes at 16. I also like her natural hair color.

    Hope she is asked to fill in again. Did well with Clayton and Tucker.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Abby did a very good job!! The first co-host F&FW live broadcast had to be nerve racking. I would like to see her again!!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Doing Fox & Friends First on a regular basis probably helped, it’s a live show as well.

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