Ainsley’s Dream: F&F Finally

A month later: Too banal for breakfast or just right? Fox & Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt has definitely paid her FNC dues: As chronicles, Ainsley did overnight shifts on weekends; updates on the hour on weekday shows, e.g., Hannity; a short-lived stint as co-anchor of Fox & Friends Weekend; and, most recently, co-anchor of Fox & Friends First. And, finally, Ainsley landed her dream job, co-host of Fox & Friends.

But, now, Ainsley has to show her mettle: She has to prove that she has what it takes to successfully co-host cable news morning champ Fox & Friends. Previously, Ainz failed to do so when she co-anchored F&F Weekend with fellow tyros Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs: As faithful FNC viewers may well remember, former F&FW co-host and FNC utility player Alisyn Camerota had to return to the show to right the F&FW listing ship and to show the boys the ropes. After her subsequent stint as co-host of Fox & Friends First, hopefully, Ainsley has learned what tack to take: If she falters this time, at least,  she has seasoned veterans Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade on whom to fall back.

Even though Ainsley may not be the sharpest knife in the F&F drawer, she does seem to be one of the sweetest seasonings in the cupboard. Lately, the Southern belle has seemed to almost ape [split infinitive intended] her predecessor counterpart Northerner Elisabeth Hasselbeck. A little too saccharine for the author’s taste–not too mention a mite too modest post her brief Fox & Friends Weekend gig: But, she does seem to have the best of intentions to make Ailes proud and her viewers happy.

Sex it up, Ainsley! Don’t let the boys be the main reason that your viewers tune in in the morning. That’s never a good thing!

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11 Responses to “Ainsley’s Dream: F&F Finally”

  1. ingrid Says:

    Please you don’t need anymore sexing up as uou call it,there is enough already. What is needed is \more class. Leave her be.

  2. Karen Says:

    I agree with Ingrid! She’s fine and is still getting into her groove after being away on maternity leave. I’ll take saccharine sweet any day. Leave her be.

  3. motownman Says:

    Ainsley is doing just fine, Jake. I’ll echo the ladies: Leave her be.

  4. alan williams (@arthurwillimas) Says:

    Ainsley is doing a great job. I like listening and seeing her every morning. It is nice to see her every weekday a.m. I’d be so nervous knowing I was co-hosting the #1 a.m. show on cable.

  5. Todd Says:

    If she would have done this before they gave her the job, I doubt she would have gotten it. Ainsley can’t help but saying the dumbest things possible. The producers should tell her not to comment at all in regards to Germany, Hitler or Jews.

    Fox & Friends’ Ainsley Earhardt declares “we can all relate” to life as a Jew in “a Russian concentration camp”

  6. motownman Says:

    Todd, you are taking that out of context, as did the author of that article. Ainsley recently had her family history traced. That’s what she was referring to, not being in a concentration camp. Geez.

  7. Donna Rowley Says:

    I don’t thing that is correct comment about Ainsley Earnardt on weekend F F . She made that weekend show . She is one my favor ladys also Martha i love this Two Ladies .

  8. David Says:

    Please keep in mind that doing a news program which Fox and Friends is a legitimate news program is much different than a sit-com or a reality show. Ainsley is a professional, does a good job, and needs to be taken seriously (same with Heather Nauert and Martha MacCallum).

    By the way, I had two college female friends who did modeling, some acting, and competed in pageants. One is now a successful dentist, and the other is in public relations. Enough said.

  9. motownman Says:

    Donna, there were things that happened behind the scenes that had nothing to do with Ainsley that resulted in her getting bumped from F&FW.

  10. Sandra Miedlar Says:

    Sex it up, really? I love Ainsley and think you are disgusting. I am so sick of seeing those beautiful female anchors wearing skimpy dresses while the males wear shirt, tie, and jacket. I hope Ainsley knows how beautiful and smart she is. She has the whole package.

  11. jakeho Says:

    Sandra, ad hominem remarks? You’re smarter than that, I hope. Fox & Friends does not come under the news rubric: Rather, it is edutainment. If you’d like some beefcake with your news, why not? But, I bet most of the guys and a good number of the gals would prefer cheesecake with their coffee.

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