Did Tucker Say “Fuc*” on F&FW?

Carlson: “Fuc*, it doesn’t matter.” Sunday, Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Tucker Carlson appeared to have had enough of the Trump “haters” when it came to The Donald’s right to speak. In a segment pertaining to anti-Trump protesters trying to shut down Trump’s speech in Arizona, Tucker went on a tirade:

He said, “So, if the point of this is this is a not a big deal, I, I respectfully disagree: I think it is a big deal….It’s chaotic, it’s crazy. And, one way to slow it down would be for leaders on both sides, Republicans and Democrats, to say, ‘You can’t use force: That’s off the table.” I’m sorry there’s a huge difference between peaceful legitimate protest and mob violence. And, it’s crossing the line, and Republicans have blamed Trump for this; [and] Democrats are blaming Trump for this. Fuc*! It doesn’t matter what he says: He has a right to say it. Period.”

When Tucker said, “Fuc*!,” it appeared that producers hit the bleep button to mute the “k,” at least.

“Fuc*” on F&F Weekend? Not necessarily the worst exclamation that Tucker has ever uttered. But, he might be regretting this one on Palm Sunday.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 03/20/16 (@ 8:06 a.m. ET).

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One Response to “Did Tucker Say “Fuc*” on F&FW?”

  1. Richard Says:

    I like Tucker Carlson. He’s a gutsy reporter who is not afraid to ask good questions and express his thoughts. In fact, from what I saw, he was the only reporter who took the time to interview Presidential candidate James Webb, who was a Reagan Democrat in the 1980’s. Tucker asks him point blank, “Why are you still a Democrat?”

    I also liked how during his visit to Iowa and a few other states he mentioned that the Democrats are really in trouble if a Socialist with ear hair can get the nomination.

    I enjoy hearing Tucker’s side of the story. Marvin Zindler would be proud of him.

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