Kilmeade Comforts Kooiman

Brian: “[Fox & Friends] wouldn’t be the same without you.” As F&F concluded this morning, co-anchor Steve Doocy announced, “Well, we want to officially welcome our friend Ainsley Earhardt to the curvy couch.” Chiming in, co-host Brian Kilmeade declared, “Yep, Ainsley…will be starting February 29th: She’ll join us every morning as co-host of Fox & Friends.

Turning to guest co-host Anna Kooiman (who appeared to have a real shot at becoming the new queen on the F&F curvy couch after Elisabeth Hasselbeck‘s departure), Brian gave solace to the blond beauty, aptly remarking, “And, Anna, of course, you’re all over Fox & Friends: It wouldn’t be the same without you!” As Steve looked on with a kindly smile, Anna appreciatively answered, “Thank you so much!”

Well played, Brian. Anna, you are indeed wonderful in the center seat on the F&F curvy couch–whether you are there on the weekday or the weekend!

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6 Responses to “Kilmeade Comforts Kooiman”

  1. Wednesday Links and Open Thread | johnny dollar's place Says:

    […] Ainsley Earhardt, F&F’s ‘it’ girl. OtR video: Congrats! /* Kilmeade consoles Anna.  […]

  2. Bert Says:

    In a review of past Carpe Diem items, just about everyone was in the running for the center seat — how come nobody has considered replacing Kilmeade, president of the I Love Kilmeade Club?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t get me started about Kilmeade…he made a mess with his comments about the female military member and his joke of an apology. His arrogance is disgusting.

  4. Sandy Says:

    I am very sad Anna Kooiman was not chosen. She is not only beautiful but is intelligent, and full of energy. She really brought a lift to the show. She really shines among the others. Too bad fox you lose. Bad choice. ..

  5. Wendi Says:

    I am not happy that Anna Kooiman was not given the center seat for Fox and Friends Weekdays! I enjoy seeing her every morning, she is beautiful, intelligent, and athletic,. She is the complete package. This is nothing against Ainsley Earhardt, I am sure she will do well but she is not Anna! I am just a fan of Anna’s I hope she stays at Fox. It seems that everyone that I would like to see in the center seat when it is up for grabs never get the job, then they end up leaving the network. I sure hope Anna doesn’t leave! For me Roger Ailes I think you made a bad choice by not selecting Anna. Maybe you should think about having 1 man and 2 ladies! Theres an idea! Welcome Ainsley, but I’m gonna miss seeing Anna every morning!!

  6. Jo Says:

    We really miss seeing Anna as a co-host. She seemed more likable then many that come across as snobs.

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