Anna: “I’m Happy for the Opportunity”

Kilmeade: “You’re doing great!” Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Anna Kooiman does double duty and the Fox & Friends weekday boys seem to like it. Today, Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy opened the show, remarking, “Brian [Kilmeade], you know, you and I took off over the weekend, and she’s still here!”

Grinning Puckishly as ever, Brian replied, “It’s unbelievable!”

Smiling sweetly, Steve replied, “Anna has worked about twenty straight days. God bless her!”

Flattered, a chagrined Anna chuckled, “No, it hasn’t been that long! I’m happy for the opportunity! Thanks for having me on the couch!”

Aptly, Brian answered, “Yeah, you’re doing great!”

Indeed, Anna has been doing great as the “girl in the middle” on the F&F curvy couch as of late: And, she seems to be ready to take the reins without any real competition.

But, if Anna does take Elisabeth Hasselbeck‘s erstwhile spot on the F&F curvy couch, the obvious question is who will replace the vivacious blond beauty in the F&FW center seat.

Since Anna is reigning on both the F&F and F&FW curvy couches rather than having subs, e.g., Nicole Petallides, Kimberly Guilfoyle, etc., help her out, one begins to wonder if the FNC suits are waiting for F&F First co-anchor Ainsley Earhardt to return from maternity leave and to retake her old spot on the F&F Weekend curvy couch to ease the transition for Anna from the weekend to the weekday.

Between opinionated alpha male Tucker Carlson and peevish beta male Clayton Morris, Ainsley just might be that next sweet Southern belle that can continue to make F&FW work.

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11 Responses to “Anna: “I’m Happy for the Opportunity””

  1. Monday Links and Open Thread | johnny dollar's place Says:

    […] for the opportunity.’  Where in the world was Brian […]

  2. ingrid Says:

    It will take someone really good to replace Allyson Camarotta for the weekend crew. Not crazy about the men on the weekends.

  3. alan williams (@arthurwillimas) Says:

    Anna is great in the morning, just like my coffee!!!!

  4. Patsy Mooney Pauley Says:

    Love Anna in the morning…please keep her there…

  5. semby Says:

    I think Abby Huntsman would be great during the week. She’s very good and young.
    Also; Ainsley just had a baby and she’s not going to want to do a show that early in the morning.
    Kimberly; no way; no chemistry.

  6. motownman Says:

    Jake, maybe Anna is filling in on F&F until Ainsley returns from maternity leave. I seriously doubt Ainsley would choose F&FW over F&FF.

  7. David Says:

    Heather Nauert is hosting this morning – I like her, and she can carry the show. She also blends well with Steve and Brian, and can handle big news stories. If Heather is made a permanent anchor, someone like Abby Huntsman or Lea Gabriele could become the newsreader. That way, Anna Kooiman can keep hosting the weekends, and Ainsley can return to Fox and Friends First.

    If Ainsley is offered (and accepts) a spot on Fox and Friends on the weekdays, I would like to see Anna Kooiman, Abby Huntsman, or Lea Gabriele move over to Fox and Friends First. That would give Anna Kooiman a permanent day job, and she wouldn’t have to work weekends, so that would be like a promotion.

    Both Abby and Lea have gotten some more experience with Ainsley being on leave, and during the Christmas holidays, these more junior Fox News reporters were able to step in. It’s nice to see a “non bottled blonde”, and Abby substituted for Martha MacCallum for nearly a week – that’s quite a bit of responsibility for a 28 year old reporter, even though she’s been working backstage for various news organizations since she was 16.

  8. Patsy Psuley Says:

    I think Anna would be the best choice for Fox and Friends daytime anchor with Steve and Brian.

  9. Dorothy Says:

    Sandra Smith does a better job during the week than Anna!

  10. Patsy Mooney Pauley Says:

    Anna is a better choice…She does well with all the activities . She is young and vivacious …Love her

  11. Chris Lubitz Says:

    Anna is GREAT….just make it official!😉

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