Elisabeth Out: Anna In?

Fox & Friends: A new year, a new blond beauty? Former Fox & Friends co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck has left the F&F building: Will F&F Weekend co-anchor Anna Kooiman take her place on the curvy couch? She certainly seems to have the edge. On the day after Elisabeth abdicated her F&F throne tearfully, Anna seized the queen’s center seat joyfully. Tomorrow, on the real first F&F day of year (after the holidays), Anna will reign anew on the curvy couch between Fox & Friends kings, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade.

Whether Anna will be officially crowned the new queen of the Fox & Friends curvy couch remains to be seen. If she is so elevated, her vacancy on the F&FW throne may well be filled with blasts from the past. Just this weekend, former frequent F&FW guest co-anchor Molly Line made a rare appearance Saturday and erstwhile F&FW co-host Juliet Huddy seemed likewise to audition Sunday. However, whilom F&FW co-anchor Ainsley Earhardt would seem to be best positioned to regain her place on the F&FW curvy couch from her perch on the Fox & Friends First leg chairs after she returns from maternity leave.

Let the F&F fun begin!

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15 Responses to “Elisabeth Out: Anna In?”

  1. Monday Links and Open Thread | johnny dollar's place Says:

    […] Anna is in pole position as the 2016 F&F specularama kicks […]

  2. Anonymous Says:

    good I do not watch weekdays, please bring back Juliet for weekends Anna has to control her annoying facial exprssions as well her hand motions

  3. motownman Says:

    Huddy the has-been works for Fox5 New York.

  4. David Says:

    While I do like Anna, I would like to see either Kimberly Guilfoyle or Ainsley Earnhardt take the weekday slot. Both can handle the tough news and debates, and there is some maturity there. Ainsley seems to like the early morning hours, so I hope it is offered to her. That way, Kimberly can keep doing Outnumbered and The Five.

    Should Ainsley get Fox and Friends, Anna could move over to Fox and Friends First with Heather Childers. On a side note, it was good to see Lea Gabriele and Abby Huntsman getting some experience filling in on holidays too.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Guilfoyle is annoying and loud. I say Harris Faulkner.

  6. cathy807 Says:

    If it’s Anna or Ainsley, characters that both grate badly with me, I’ll finally give up on Fox & Friends weekday and weekend. That weekday center seat needs a mature intelligent anchor. Like the Harris Faulkner suggestion or Kimberley, though doubt she’d want the job permanently.

  7. Michellr Says:

    My vote would be Ainsley. Telltale signs are there. Roger making personal visit to Ainsley after her daughter was born to tell her she is part of Fox family. Guessing he already knew Elizabeth leaving by then and talked to her. Actually it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start finding new male hosts as well. At least replace Doocy. Getting on my nerves with misinformation he spews. Never has facts straight.

  8. N. hayes Says:

    If I’d Anna I won’t watch!

  9. Bert Says:

    I certainly see no fault with Anna. In addition to her various hosting duties, she is energetic (which doesn’t hurt in the AM) , pleasant to look at and knowledgeable of the issues. If you are talking about replacing someone, leave Doocy alone, he is tolerable; but reevaluate Kilmeade. I can’t think of a more aggravating, self-centered man on Fox. His flip attitude and need to get the last word will be his and the network’s downfall. His recurring presence on a variety of shows (Five, Megyn Kelly) makes me think he may be being groomed for another slot – please let it be one I don’t already watch.

  10. David Says:

    Sandra Smith was on this morning, probably because of the stock market news and also to give Anna Kooiman Thursday and Friday off. That way, Anna can return to her Saturday through Wednesday schedule.

  11. Gams Guru Says:

    The tradition on F&F is an attractive leggy blonde, cavorting on the “curvy couch”, rockin’ a skimpy skirt.
    Sandra Smith is eminently qualified for the gig.


  12. Anonymous Says:

    Please don’t make Anna K the new host. Don’t even think she should be on the weekend edition. Not the right fit she tries to be funny and she’s goofy. You need a more professional anchor.

  13. Bert Says:

    While I disagree with Anonymous, the stated reason sums up the primary detractors for Kilmeade. I don’t think F&F will ever be taken seriously as long as Kilmeade has a position of prominence.

  14. David Says:


    I do find the weekday show more likeable when either Clayton Morris or Pete Hedgeseth (a good former Marine) substitutes for Kilmeade. Kilmeade sometimes acts like a junior high boy when he talks about women, and I nearly threw a rock at the TV when he asked Fr. Jonathan Morris about some of the teachings of the Catholic Church.

  15. jillian Says:

    No, no, no to Anna Koiman. She does not exhibit the professionalism that either Sandra Smith, Heather Nauret or the others, Ainsley Earhardt or Kimberly Guillfoyle do. She is clearly a narcissist that makes herself the story rather than telling it. I can hardly stand her on the weekends, let alone all week long. Will prob watch CNN if she is chosen. Wake up Mr. Ailes.!!!

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