Cuomo Whacks Trump

Chris: The Donald’s “disposition, dyspepsia, and demagoguery.” If one watches New Day, s/he can tell immediately that ND co-host Chris Cuomo is no fan of the Celebrity Apprentice star and real estate magnate. In fact, the Cuomo scion evinces utter disdain for the leading GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Introducing a segment re surging Democratic insurgent Prez aspirant Bernie Sanders this morning, Chris facetiously queries, “Is Bernie Sanders the Democrat’s Donald Trump?” Taking a gratuitous shot at The Donald, he snarked, “No, not in disposition, dyspepsia, and demagoguery: But is he tapping into the passion of his party?”

Will Trump hit back at Mario’s boy? Tune in. It should be fun!

New Day07/20/15 (8:33 a.m. ET).

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2 Responses to “Cuomo Whacks Trump”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    “Get in the WWE ring already!” make it a tag team match. Body slam McCain!

    Humor aside. As usual the leftist media is doing what they do best. And that is spin, misrepresent, take out of context, Donald Trumps comments. The truth being McCain`s jealousy at Trumps poll numbers called his 50.000 supports at his rally “Crazies” And that`s when Trump fought back and called McCain no hero.

  2. New Rule: Agenda Trumps Journalism | The Cable Game Says:

    […] to CNN’s morning journalist Chris Cuomo (brother of a sitting Democratic governor). His attack on Trump didn’t require special glasses but it was in 3-D, as he ridiculed the candidate’s […]

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