Twilight Zone: Poor Bob Massi

“12 p.m.”: Seriously? Yes, seize the day, or Carpe Diem: But, do it right! Yesterday, Fox & Friends promoted their fave Las Vegas lawyer, Bob Massi, and his eponymous show Bob Massi is the Property Man. As the segment ended with the eminently likable lawyer that reminds one of the affable Gerry Spence with his white mane and his silver tongue, the graphics displayed indicated that Massi’s show would be aired on “Saturdays at 12PM ET.”* No, they are not: they are on at 12 noon. If they were at 12PM ET, they would actually be at 12 midnight!

Readers, please forgive the author for expressing this personal peeve. But, it is very irritating to him when such clear terms as p.m. (post meridiem) are simply ignored as if they had no meaning. 12 noon or 12 midnight are proper and should be embraced. “12 a.m.” and 12 p.m.” are almost rendered meaningless because they both are 12 midnight: 12 hours before the middle of the day and 12 hours after the middle of the day.

Sorry, Bob, for FNC’s confusion! I assume you are on at 12 noon ET tomorrow. Break a leg–in a good way! *Fox & Friends – 07/09/15 (@8:28 a.m. ET).

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4 Responses to “Twilight Zone: Poor Bob Massi”

  1. Jim Heckman Says:

    I’m sorry but I was taught that 12:00 PM is Noon and 12:00 AM is midnight. In the 24 hour format one has a choice of 2400 or 0000 as midnight. If one is referring to the end of the day the proper designation is 2400 as in the 2000-2400 shift. If one is referring to the beginning of the day one uses 0000, as in the 0000-0400 shift.

  2. Richard Says:

    Speaking of Fox News, is Lea Gabriele still working for them? I haven’t seen her fill in on Fox and Friends First or taking morning assignments. I am wondering if she will fill in for Ainsley when Ainsley goes on leave later this year.

    This week, Haselbeck is on vacation, and while I like Kimberly Guilfoyle and Ainsley, I would like to see Lea have a chance as a fill in host. A few Weeks ago, Elizabeth Prann did a good job filling in for Anna Kooiman on the weekend show.

  3. jakeho Says:

    Jim, I concur that the 24-hour format is certainly clearer–albeit less wieldy for civilians. But, is it that hard for people to say 12 noon or 12 midnight? :-)

  4. roy Says:

    Bob massi just got thru describing a zombie morgage and it kind of sounded like you would either have to have money falling out of bumm and/or be a complete idiot to ever consider buying a house with that many fingers in it. Zombie or not who would actually buy something to own and then still pay a diaper load to live there?

    Apparently rich folks are under the delusion that their gaseous emissions smell like buttermilk and roses.

    It’s bad enough having to pay uncle Sam a never ending rent but all those other rents would make stupid beyond stupid.

    Oh sure, they get a security guard at the gate and a kind of insurance that collectively let them control the riff raff but so does motel six and that doesn’t work out either.

    I imagine that in some universe where you screwed your way to the top and have a lot of well deserved enemies that maybe it might be the thing to do , but these folks are kind of scum in their own right.

    I certainly wouldn’t want to live next to them.
    They would be the neighbors you wished would never knock on the door.
    I can almost smell their kind from here-perpetually fake smiling, making you daydream about the day they croak, wondering if you would get caught????? You know what I mean, don’t you?

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