Prann Returns: Still Unlisted!

Anna Kooiman: “Welcome back from maternity leave!” Saturday, Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Anna Kooiman so welcomed FNC reporter Elizabeth Prann back to Fox News after her maternity leave. The proud mom said that the baby girl of her and her “crazy hubby” [pic] weighed 20 pounds: When probed further, she “conceded” that her baby weighed only eight pounds at birth.

Yes, the blond-haired beauty is back at FNC: So, why doesn’t Fox News acknowledge her?  Over two years ago, Carpe Diem noted that the flaxen-tressed lovely was not on the Fox News’ “All Anchors & Reporters” list: Today, she is still not on that list.

Strange. Maybe,  Elizabeth’s former boss, Greta van Susteren, will go to bat for her. Or, at least, her hubby Baltimore Oriole pitcher Darren O’Day should call foul!

[Author’s aside: For an archival post that lists Elizabeth as a “Washington-based correspondent for Fox News Channel (FNC), link here.]

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2 Responses to “Prann Returns: Still Unlisted!”

  1. Tim Warneking Says:

    Doug Luzader, who reports from DC every day for Fox & Friends First, is also not listed. Red Eye’s Andy Levy hadn’t had a bio for 6-7 years and now he has one. I haven’t seen Georgia Witkin on FNC for several years and her bio is still up.

  2. David Says:

    Elizabeth Prann does a good job. I think she is often overlooked. A couple of times she filled in on Fox and Friends First.

    I also like Harris Faulkner, Alicia Acuna, and Leah Gabrielle.

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