Aly’s “Apology”: Why I Left Fox News

Camerota: “I left Fox for more opportunity.” New Day co-host Alisyn Camerota so answered her fervid fans “MOST burning question” yesterday, i.e., “Why did you leave Fox?” [Vid.] She disclosed, “[It is] the question that I get every day.” Elaborating, she continued, “Some people say, ‘When are you coming back?’ And, some people say, ‘How dare you!’ And, some people say, ‘How could you have gone to the dark side of CNN?’ And, some people say, ‘I thought you were fair and balanced!” Smiling, Aly declared, “I’m happy to have an opportunity to address all this.”

In explanation, Aly revealed, “I left Fox for more opportunity, and CNN has exceeded all of my wildest dreams on that front. I didn’t know that I would have all of this opportunity when I came to CNN. I’m so grateful for it: In the eight months that I have been at CNN, I have had more opportunity than I had in the eight years prior.”

Contrasting her new experiences at CNN with her time at FNC, she said, “I have had exclusive interviews; I have hosted documentaries; I’ve anchored prime time specials; I’ve been on every show across CNN’s entire platform; [and] I got a job as the morning anchor on New Day which is a dream job–a long held dream job of mine.” Summing it up, she said, “I have had so many golden opportunities: And, I’m really, really happy!”

Addressing her forlorn Fox fans, she said, “And, I know that you all say that you can’t possibly be happy: I think this is possibly the happiest moment of my career, my long career. And the funny thing is that I’ve loved all of my jobs: I’ve had great jobs! I loved my time at Fox….But, this is my favorite career opportunity.”

Softening the blow further to her FNC devotees, Aly cooed, “When people say, ‘I hope you’re doing okay,’ I am doing okay. And, when they say, ‘When are you going to leave and go back?,’ I don’t think that’s in the cards, at least, not as long as CNN will have me. So, I hope that somehow you can dig deep and be happy for me and even occasionally check out the competition from time to time and tune into CNN.”

Well done, Aly. You may have new appreciative acolytes on New Day: But, you have not forgotten your faithful fans at Fox & Friends weekend either. And, the author’s bet is that they will find it difficult to “dig deep and be [truly] happy” for you: But, they will doubtlessly “even check out the competition from time to time and tune into CNN” for their beloved Aly.

[Author’s aside: In the author’s opinion, Aly said it all, supra, when she said, “In the eight months that I have been at CNN, I have had more opportunity than I had in the eight years prior.” Too bad. A la her former F&FW co-host Kiran Chetry, she deserved a center seat on the F&F weekday curvy couch and she did not get it. The losers? F&F fans.]

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9 Responses to “Aly’s “Apology”: Why I Left Fox News”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Where do i start? Well i wonder if CNN`s only motive was to steal away a Fox News anchor. By offering her more money. And with CNN ratings so low possibly raise their ratings a bit as well. I`m just glad CNN didn’t steal a more popular female news anchor.

    Ally????……AH! who cares! I wont be watching CNN just to see her.

  2. Joanne Says:

    I will and do watch her in the mornings. She has worked hard and deserves a fulfilling career. I wish her all the best!

  3. mo Says:

    Glad she’s happy. But watch CNN? Sorry, not happening.

  4. Lara Says:

    I have no problem with Ali moving to CNN but man is she desperate to show just how much happier and more fulfilled she is compared to when she was at Fox., she literally never shuts up about it. I also found it pretty distasteful the way she crowed relentlessly on Twitter about getting the ND anchor position. I mean,who cares that Kate Bolduan lost her job after getting back from maternity leave, right Ali?.

  5. Candace Says:

    I wonder if she left Fox News or if they didn’t want to renew her contract.

    Also, she was given plenty of opportunities at Fox News. Had she been delivering ratings for them, they would have kept her for sure.

    She’ll be 49 years old in June. She’s not exactly someone that’s going to help bring in younger viewers. A Jenna Lee, Anna Kooiman and other in their early 30’s make far more sense.

    At least Kiran was only 34 or so when she made her “play”. Didn’t work out for her then, but CNN wasn’t in near as bad of shape as they are now.

  6. KMac Says:

    Lara wrote: ” I mean,who cares that Kate Bolduan lost her job after getting back from maternity leave, right Ali?”
    FYI, Kate was moved to 11AM – a much easier slot to handle with a newborn.
    Also, Aly’s New Day ratings with Chris Cuomo were far better than Kate’s.
    As far as opportunity goes, name how many primetime specials Alisyn hosted on FNC over her 16 years?
    That would be: ZERO.
    She’s already done several at CNN. Good for her.
    She’s always been my favorite news anchor and will continue to be for as long as she’s on the news.

  7. Lara Says:

    KMac.Was she underutilized at Fox?.Sure.A lot of women there are and like I said, I have no problem with her leaving.Her reaction to getting Kate`s job is what bothered me.It was classless and insensitive to say the least.She blew up my timeline on the day it was announced re tweeting compliments and crowing about her new job, her new job at the expense of someone else`s.And so what if New days ratings have gone up slightly since Aly joined?.The way Kate was treated after her maternity leave was disgraceful.

  8. David Says:

    I am puzzled why Ailes didn’t try to accommodate Alysin Camerota. Ailes seems to have respected the wishes of Julia Banderas, Molly Line, Ainsley Earnhardt, and Heather Nauert, who either have more reasonable working hours or desired locations. Ailes seems to have done the same for Janice Dean, Maria Molina, and Nicole Pettalides.

    I do think Ailes made two poor decisions – letting Camerota go and hiring Maria Bartrimomo.

  9. Bill Says:

    I was very disappointed that Aly did not get the “center seat” on F& F. Elizabeth H. is not very articulate and does not project much of a presence on F&F. I keep hoping she will improve significantly. I find myself watching CNN New Day much more often now. F&F is just too weak with Brian and Elizabeth. Gretchen and Steve together were able to carry that show, but now Steve is struggling by himself. For what it is worth, I think Maria B. was a fine addition to Fox Business. Remember that is her primary home not Fox News.

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