Anna Kooiman Engaged!

Ainsley: “Wait! Are you allowed to say that!” Oops! Early this morning, Fox & Friends co-anchor Carlson Tucker revealed that his vacationing co-host birthday girl Anna Kooiman got engaged–before she was ready to disclose the news to her F&F fans, seemingly.

As F&F began today, Tucker welcomed fill-in co-anchor Ainsley Earhardt to the curvy couch: Explaining Anna’s absence, Tucker remarked, “Our friend, Anna Kooiman, is out today. It’s her birthday, and she got engaged! So, congratulations!”

Looking at Tucker in utter disbelief, Ainsley exclaimed, “Wait! Are you allowed to say that! I think she was going to tell everyone!”

Putting his hands up in the air, Tucker sheepishly answered, “I don’t know! I just did!” Chuckling, a chagrined Tucker continued, “I’m sorry! I’m excited: I can’t help it! She’s in Australia right now. Anyway, congratulations, Anna!”

Indeed. Congratulations, Anna! And, Happy birthday!

[Author’s aside: Even though Anna has not revealed her engagement to her F&F fans, she did post some of her vacation pictures in Sydney [1, 2]. Seemingly, Anna plans to tie the knot with housemate Mark.]

Update: Sorry, Mark: Anna is engaged to an Aussie named Tim. F&FW – 02/08/14 (@ 8:32 a.m. ET).

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10 Responses to “Anna Kooiman Engaged!”

  1. john smith Says:

    Fox News is spying on me thru my webcam

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I swear to God

  3. Anna Admits: He Put a Ring on It! | Carpe Diem Says:

    […] Point Pleasant Musings « Anna Kooiman Engaged! […]

  4. thomas Says:

    have him teach her to talk and not act like she is in a singles bar when she is on air the hands cover up that she can’t talk

  5. David Says:

    Viewers tend to forget that a newscaster is there to report the news. Newscasters are not actors, and while there presence is welcome in our living rooms, we need to remember that there personal business is not the story.

    I remember the look on Ainsley Earnhardt when Eric Bolling announced her engagement. I think Ainsley wanted to keep that to herself. I know Anna Kooiman usually tries to keep details of her personal life to herself, often changing the subject when asked. Hasselbeck also tries to stay objective, and not talk too much about her husband and children.

  6. d b Says:

    what is anna kooiman’s fiance’s first and last name?

  7. jakeho Says:

    D b, Anna’s fiance’s first name is Tim: I don’t believe ABK has revealed his last name yet.

  8. motownman Says:

    First off David, it was Tucker, not Eric, who blurted out the news. I think that’s one reason Anna still hasn’t talked about her engagement on F&FW. However, an AtSS on F&F with Anna, Ainsley and Elisabeth was devoted to the engagement,

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Is this really a big deal!

  10. Doug Says:

    I know his name

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