Aly New ND Anchor: “Thrilled!”

Camerota finally gets her weekday morning gig! CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota confirmed today that she is replacing Kate Bolduan as New Day co-host with Chris Cuomo. Tweeting a link to the Wrap report of the ND shakeup, Aly exclaimed, “Thrilled!” And, so are Aly’s fans.

As Aly’s acolytes remember well, Fox & Friends Weekend‘s savior and three-time co-anchor and frequent Fox & Friends fill-in was inanely overlooked when F&F co-host Gretchen Carlson left F&F weekday for her own show The Real Story, and Aly lost the coveted job to then FNC outsider, Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Soon after this strange snub by FNC SVP of Programming Bill Shine, FTVLive rightly reported that Aly was headed to CNN. When she did indeed, she debuted on CNN Tonight as a co-host with Don Lemon in a her usual sure-footed fashion yet as an awkward counterpart to Don.

Almost six months later to the very day, Aly will reportedly make her official debut in the morn as the new ivory queen of New Day. (Her ebony counterpart will be Michaela Pereira who was promoted to ND co-host with Aly and Chris according to the Wrap.)

Hopefully, Aly will be encouraged to show her lighter side in the CNN morn in a way that her former F&FW co-anchor and CNN precursor, comely Kiran Chetry, was never allowed to do fully, unfortunately (as co-host of CNN’s erstwhile American Morning): If CNN ever really wants to compete with the Fox & Friends juggernaut, it must abandon its too oft aloof, elitist approach to the news and extend a more welcoming, personal touch to its audience.

Congratulations, Aly! You deserve your new role as New Day co-host: It’s FNC’s loss and CNN’s gain. Game on!

[Author’s aside: According to the Wrap, Kate will co-anchor This Hour with John Berman at 11:00 a.m. ET. Confirming the change, Kate Tweeted, “End of this month. New Time slot. Hope you can join us at 11a.]

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6 Responses to “Aly New ND Anchor: “Thrilled!””

  1. Harlow Says:

    Stupid, stupid move by Ailes to let Ali go.She was hands down, the best female anchor at Fox, it was such a relief whenever she subbed for that Stepford wife Gretchen, the weekday gig should have been hers.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I can’t take anymore of Hasslebeck. I’m glad I will be able to find Alisyn in the morning somewhere again. I was so annoyed to find the weekday crew on F&F this morning. F&F weekend is the only time I try and watch Fox in the morning anymore. I guess I’ll be switching over to CNN in the mornings now. They just gave me a great reason to switch shows.

  3. mo Says:

    Eh, I liked Aly C. but not enough to ever watch CNN

  4. Rosie Says:

    I’ll watch Alisyn on CNN. I’ll miss Brian and Maria.

  5. jakeho Says:

    Rosie, you can always DVR either F&F or ND and watch the other live!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Great news for Alisyn and her legions of fans! I’ve been looking for an excuse to
    quit F&Fs Elizabeth Hasselbeck and her
    Childish Squeeks. Cudos CNN – you have got a real (woman) winner

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