F&F: SENATOR Brown Breaks Bad

“They just call me Scott.” The “cool” whilom GOP senator that took Dem lion “Ted Kennedy’s seat” took his seat on the curvy couch this morning. The former Cosmo nude pinup and its “America’s Sexiest Man” brought levity and gravity to the F&F set today as a holiday guest co-host fill-in for Steve Doocy. On one hand, “Senator Scott Brown” reminded viewers that he had infamously told supporters that his sexy daughters Ayla and Arianna were available at his U. S. Massachusetts Senatorial acceptance speech: On the other, the retired Army National Guard colonel tutored a guest on Army contractor liability.

On the fun side, the MA Senator revealed that he was familiar with the U.S. Senate etiquette police who insisted that the boys had to wear socks even if the female Senators were able to flash some ankle. Furthermore, in an F&FMeet Scott segment [that showed footage of “Scott” jamming with Cheap Trick onstage (vid)], he exclaimed, “It was one of the highlights of my life playing with Rick Nielson, being pulled out of the crowd and playing with Cheap Trick!”

Understandably, F&F guest co-anchor Clayton Morris referred to Brown as “Senator” and F&F co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck called him Colonel. But, if Senator and/or Colonel Scott Brown is going to make it on the curvy couch, he will have to be just Scott: “Senator” or “Colonel” is fine for a guest but it is unacceptable for a real “Friend.”

Welcome to the curvy couch, Senator. Since you are scheduled to back on F&F tomorrow, maybe, the author  should say, “Welcome to the curvy couch, Scott!”

[Author’s aside: Re the subtitle, supra, in the opening “A block” introducing Senator Scott Brown to the F&F fans, the “Senator” said, “Kids, you know how it goes, but they just call me ‘Scott’ certainly.”]
Update: Perchance, Scott read Carpe Diem: When he returned to F&F the very next day (12/30/14), he was welcomed back to the curvy couch by Elisabeth as “Senator Brown”: He replied, “Just call me, Scott, guys!”

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3 Responses to “F&F: SENATOR Brown Breaks Bad”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I found him unbearable to listen to on the curvy couch. He is perfectly fine as someone getting interviewed but completely annoying and inept for a news personality. I would take the Saturday disaster over the last couple days. Elisabeth and Scott both holding down the curvy couch? Horrible. Good Luck Clayton, you’ve got your work cut out for you. If F&F producers could just duct tape their mouths and let Clayton host the rest of the show solo, there may be some redemption for this week. I can adjust to Anna, but their choice to employ Elisabeth as a serious “news personality” is still unforgivable. There is no way she should have been chosen over all of the competent and legitimate candidates at FNC. It was a PR stunt for publicity.

  2. gigglebox Says:

    I hate to say it, but I agree about Elizabeth. She seems like a nice person, but I still miss Allyson Camerota. It was really nuts to let her go. Scott Brown mispronounced Larry Sabato’s name and would not let him finish a thought. He should be a Senator though.

  3. David Says:

    I like Elisabeth as a host better than Gretchen. Elisabeth comes across as more personable, and she spends less time talking about herself than Gretchen. Steve and Brian seem to have an easier time hosting with her. I would like to see Elisabeth return to the brown hair she had in high school and college.

    I do agree Ailes made a misnomer letting Camerota go, and another misnomer was hiring Maria Bartrimoro away from CNN (or was it BSNBC?)

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