Kiran’s Comeback: Infomercials?

Comely Chetry still brings the juice! Former Fox & Friends Weekend and American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry was hit by negative publicity today from prominent cable news media sites for hosting hoi polloi infomercials. Mediaite columnist Andrew Kirell snarks, “Hopefully this is just a stepping stone for Chetry, as it seems a far cry from the ‘special opportunity‘ she promised upon her CNN departure three years ago. Perhaps, slightly more benignly, MediaBistro author Mark Joyella notes, “[Chetry] turned up again over the holiday weekend–this time on CNBC. Chetry wasn’t anchoring at CNBC, but rather, appearing in an infomercial for a juicer, the “NutriBullet.”

No worries, Kiran: any publicity is good publicity. Even though the boys may give you a rough ribbing, they still care and they are still talking about you: After all, you are looking as good as ever.

To quote a certain perspicacious chanteuse (via vid), Kiran, “Just shake it off!”

H/t: CNN Commentary.

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9 Responses to “Kiran’s Comeback: Infomercials?”

  1. Tom Says:

    I think it is great publicity. I would love to see a half hour/hour long commercial featuring Kiran Chetry. She is the a beautiful lady and will definitely influence me to buy whatever product she is selling! I do recommend that she wear a short dress and heels. Camera should focus on her and less of the product.

  2. Cute Sara Says:

    Heck Yeah! She is so hot!

  3. Larry Peters Says:

    How she lookin deez days?

  4. JPJenson Says:

    People,,,, people,,,, what is all the fuss about this Kiran Chetry?

  5. big67deal01 Says:

    Anyone know if Kiran has a new love interest in her life since her split with hubby Chris Knowles?

  6. Jerry Christopherson Phillips III Says:

    Kiran Chetry is goddess to be bowed down to. Everyone should kiss her feet. She is single at this point in time!

  7. Samantha Says:

    Agreed, she is my inspiration to be a journalist. I want to be just like her and adored like her!

  8. Ken Says:

    What station you on Samantha?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Rock On Kiran…

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