ND’s Aly: “Two Weeks!”

Camerota’s “New Day” turns to night too soon? For the last three weeks, new CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota has ruled the roost on the New Day divan in the absence of Kate Bolduan who is away on maternity leave. She has shown her co-host Chris Cuomo what a real equal–or superior–looks like: In other words, the Italian stallion has more than met his match with his comely, perspicacious counterpart.

Monday, Kate returned to ND for her “Roots: Journey’s Home” story (which is a smart, delightful way that CNN has chosen to personalize some of its anchors to its viewers). In tow, Kate took her beautiful newborn Cecilia Eve to  the CNN couch: Of course, “uncle” Chris cooed and cooed over his co-host and neighbor’s firstborn beauty, as well he should. As the ND cast share the serpentine sofa, the contrast between the too oft callow Kate and the more seasoned Aly appeared all too palpable.

Perchance, Kate came back Monday to show that she is still a permanent co-host on ND. On Friday, Aly seemed to affirm that: When a Twitter follower asked, “Where did you go, miss your commentary” [sic], Aly answered, “Tune into @NewDay for the next two weeks!”

However, Aly may well have a longer stint on ND than she thinks. If CNN chief Jeff Zucker decides to suspend or even can embattled Carol Costello for her controversial Schadenfreude of late, he may keep the current winning team on ND–and give new mom Kate a later, more convenient slot on CNN Newsroom.

CNN’s arousing espresso? Aly in the a.m.!

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5 Responses to “ND’s Aly: “Two Weeks!””

  1. poppy Q Says:

    Does anyone know if Ali left because she was offered a job at CNN or if she was offered a job there AFTER she decided to leave Fox?.I`m kind of confused as to why she did leave.

  2. Jeff Zucker has options | CNN Says:

    […] Jake Ho has gently reminded CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker he has options for the ratings-plagued New Day and embattled […]

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Ali left Fox News reportedly because she and the brass couldn’t agree on her new contract. After a 3 month break, she started with CNN. Don’t know if there was a non-compete clause with her leaving, was her choice to take a break, or it just worked out that way.

  4. Jill Says:

    It is wonderful to watch Alyson! I’ve missed her since she left Fox and find myself surfing back and forth between Fox & Friends and New Day. Main attraction on ND was Chris Cuomo, but it is definitely Alyson and Chris. I have found myself so interested in watching this new duo on ND every morning!! They are an amazing and a refreshing team!! Chris and Alyson ROCK IT!!!!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Alyson is superb. Cuomo is bland. Wish Kate were back with her candidness. If the show needs a large person then put Candy Crowley in place of the one on Cuomo’s left. She has a working brain unlike the existing one.

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