Doocy: Elizabeth “Had Some Surgery”

“She’s going to be out for a couple of weeks.” Where has Elisabeth Hasselbeck been? Today, Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy revealed the reason for his co-anchor’s disappearance this morning. However, he was not fully forthcoming.

After welcoming The Five co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle to the center seat on the curvy couch, Steve disclosed the secret of Elisabeth’s absence to the F&F audience, saying, “In case, you were wondering where Elisabeth is today and this week, well, she had some surgery yesterday and she’s going to be out for a couple of weeks.”* Reassuringly, he added, “But, she’s doing just fine [and] she’s on the mend.”

Chiming in, F&F co-anchor Brian Kilmeade elaborated, “But, as you know if you watch the show, she is strong, she is tough, and a better athlete than me. We heard from her last night and she said she is feeling good: So, in a few, in a short time, she’ll be back on the set.”

Notably, neither Steve nor Brian revealed the nature of Elisabeth’s surgery. Perhaps, they both are waiting on Elisabeth herself to do so if, in fact, she decides to do so. Nevertheless, her fans doubtlessly wish the new queen of the F&F curvy couch a full recovery and a swift return.

*Fox & Friends – 10/15/14 (@ 6:01 a.m. E.T.).

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8 Responses to “Doocy: Elizabeth “Had Some Surgery””

  1. Patsy Mooney Pauley Says:

    Miss you Elizabeth….speedy recovery…

  2. David Says:

    Elisabeth probably wants to keep the nature of her surgery private. With facebook, blogs, and other social media, people want to keep parts of their lives between family and close friends. Please remember that the Fox News team has a job to report the news, just like many of us who work eight to six.

    On the other hand, I was glad an announcement was made that Elisabeth is on leave. I like Elisabeth, but I was beginning to think that she was being allowed to take as many days off as Gretchen Carlson. I saw Kimberly fill in one weekend for Anna, and she did a good job. I think Anna is allowed a weekend off every six weeks.

  3. Alice Cervantes Says:

    This is only a guess, but I think she had surgery to remove her breasts. She always talked about how breast cancer runs in her family while she was on The View.

  4. cathy807 Says:

    It’s been interesting watching the rotation of female substitute anchors on Fox and Friends First and Fox and Friends this last week or two. Julie Banderas expertly dealt with F&F First and Kimberley Guilfoyle has been an absolute delight on F&F. Love her sassy sense of humour.

  5. David Says:

    I have enjoyed seeing Julia, Leah, and Kimberly on Fox and Friends. Kimberly has been a good fit, particularly with Tucker and Clayton. It’s also nice to see some non blondes.

    Speaking of blondes, is Jamie Colby still at Fox News? Haven’t seen her lately, and I like her insights and presentations.

  6. WLoMauro Says:

    Why does Alice have to leave a comment like that? Whatever surgery Elisabeth had…I think should be kept private..just as FOX News did. Some people just do not have any common sense. I wish Elisabeth a speedy recovery

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I think Kimberly is a much better choice than Elisabeth. I wish Elisabeth well, but I haven’t wanted to watch F&F since she started. I just don’t enjoy her as a “reporter” even though I support her views on a personal and political level. F&F needs someone like Kimberly to add personality and flare to the morning crew.

  8. Hasselbeck: I’m Still Here! | Carpe Diem Says:

    […] be forgiven for wondering why Elisabeth had taken her time returning to the vaunted curvy couch. Approximately a month ago (October 15), Steve announced, “In case, you were wondering where Elisabeth is […]

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