Unlike Kilmeade, Eric Mans Up: Apologizes

Bolling: “When I got home, I got the look!” Greta was right: Did The Five co-host Eric Bolling ever “get into so much trouble” for dismissing the ISIS-bombing U.A.E.’s first female fighter pilot as “Boobs on the ground” in a Five segment Wednesday! And, yesterday, he “manned” up and apologized for his offensive jest.

After Eric’s Five co-anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle introduced the “One More Thing” segment, she called on him immediately. Looking straight into the camera, Eric remarked, “Okay, for my ‘One More Thing’ tonight, I want to go back to yesterday: About this time, I made a joke. When I got home, I got the look–and realized [that] some people didn’t think it was funny at all: I said sorry to my wife, and I apologize to all of you as well.” For emphasis, he added, “I just want to make that very clear!”

If Eric’s apology were not very clear, Kimberly added, “And, you love women, and you have respect for them.” Chastened, Eric concurred, “And, I do.”

Kudos, Eric! Kilmeade could learn from you.

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2 Responses to “Unlike Kilmeade, Eric Mans Up: Apologizes”

  1. Don Says:

    I gotta start watching the five! regular :-) When they first got started Kimberly once went commando on the show. I remember she kept pulling her short skirt down all through that show. Then later on someone posted pictures where you could see she wasn’t wearing any underwear……..the pervert!……..I still have those pics :-)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    On Friday morning, Kelmeade joked “Do I have to apologize for that, too?” I thought he was halfway sincere last week but apparently not. Hope there is a backlash on him now joking about it. He just doesn’t get it.

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