Heather: Happening Now Happily

Tony Snow: “God made you beautiful: Now you’ve got to make yourself smart.” Quirky Fox & Friends newsreader Heather Nauert seems to have found a more fitting slot of late on FNC as guest co-host of Happening Now.  Paired with HN regular co-anchor Jon Scott oft now that Jenna Lee is on maternity leave, the “Chicago” chirper excels in her new chair as a sharp counterpart to FNC’s whilom Shakespearean actor/go-to aviation “expert” Jon: Consequently, fans of F&F are treated to a more mellifluous Carolinian cadence in the early morn as F&F First co-hosts Heather Childers and Ainsley Earhardt often fill in for Heather N. as headline news anchor.

F&F fans can now enjoy their show more as the Southern belle beauties ameliorate their Yankee (Rhode Island) colleague Elisabeth Hasselbeck‘s too oft nasal sounds with their delightful drawl. To boot, the viewers are not subjected to a pedantic Ms. Romper Room Nauert who too oft wants to “tell you about this” before she actually does.

Yes, the “younger sister of another Heather (Locklear)” is beautiful, and she is smart. But, she can be pedantic and irritating a la erstwhile F&F anchor Gretchen Carlson when she talks down to her audience who generally know as much or more than she does. Like the former Miss America [vid] with her new show (The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson), Heather now seems to be more relaxed and at ease on HN–not feeling as if she has to prove her smarts to her audience vis-a-vis the boys, F&F co-anchors Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy.

Heather Happening Now: beautiful, smart–and, finally, starting to chill.

[Author’s aside: The subtitle, supra, is based on a Tony Snow quote cited in a Paul Farhi article in the Washington Post.]

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5 Responses to “Heather: Happening Now Happily”

  1. victoria kinsella Says:

    Heather trips over her words a bit too much but she`s a good replacement until Jenna comes back.Agree about Heather Childers too, she does have a habit of talking down to people, as does Gretchen.

  2. motownman Says:

    We agree on something, Jake. Heather N does fit HN better, just as Gretchen is better on her own show. Maybe when Jenna comes back, she can take one hour and Heather N the other, and Ainsley and Heather C can take turns on F&F. BTW Victoria, I think Jake was saying Heather N talks down to people, not Heather C.

  3. Pete Kemp Says:

    I recall first seeing Heather on with John Gibson, The Big Show? Heather did some killer interviews. Always well researched. My nickname for her was the “velvet hammer.” Her smile would lure in a male interviewee, he would try to sneak in some line, thinking she was an airhead, and she verbally taken him down with a verbal smack between the eyes demonstrating his foolishness. Loved it.

  4. David Says:

    I always thought Heather Nauert was (and is) one of the better anchors at Fox News. Others I like who are not as well known are:

    Shannon Bream
    Elizabeth Prann
    Alicia Acuna
    Harris Faulkner

    I also like Julia Banderas and Molly Lime. Like Alicia, its nice to see some ladies on the air without coloring in their hair.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Heather Nauert is a horrible replacement for Jenna Lee. She is vapid, rambles ad naseum, and consistently interrupts her guest. When I see her on Happening Now, I change the channel every single time. PLEASE send her back to radio.

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