Anna K.: “In for Elisabeth”

The younger, fresher Gretchen? Today, Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Anna Kooiman once again filled in for the increasingly absent Elisabeth Hasselbeck on F&F. The North Carolina flirty fitness fiend [vid] is a delightful break from the overly earnest Lis who is quite keen on apprising her curvy couch mates Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade that they are like brothers to her and embracing every guest female as if they were sisters.

True or not, Lis seems like such a sweet gal that the author is rather loathe to diss F&F‘s latest leading lady: Nevertheless, he feels as if he should give the “cruel” critique. Rhode Island’s blond beauty got off to a good start with her fun athletic antics, competing for the eyeballs of America almost a la her Survivor persona in the first days of the show. But, lately, the ever clowning cutie seems to be trying to turn F&F into a coed The View.

In contrast, Anna offers a saucier, more vivacious view. If the F&F fan liked the older queen of the curvy couch, Gretchen Carlson, s/he probably likes Anna all the more. The gals are both blond, broad-faced, and somewhat thick-thighed beauties selected by Bill Shine: However, Anna seems less of the solipsist who appears ready to recite her curriculum vitae to her audience at each and every opportunity.

Stick around for a while on F&F, Anna: Ainsley can sub on the weekends. Or, Elisabeth, at least, play the coquette on occasion–even if you don’t mean it.

[Author’s aside: Title, supra, refers to Anna’s opening F&F line, i.e., “I’m Anna Kooiman in for Elisabeth Hasselbeck this morning.”]


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6 Responses to “Anna K.: “In for Elisabeth””

  1. victoria kinsella Says:

    No, she`s not the new Gretchen, Anna is way more appealing than she ever was.

  2. Pat Says:

    if i had to rank them i would say
    1. Anna
    2. Elisabeth
    300000. Gretchen

    As you said, Lis started off great but she’s coming off a little too shy/not “saucy” enough

  3. Pete Kemp Says:

    The summer is always a free for all, with all the slot swapping for vacations. I would be careful not to draw conclusions about any permanent staff changes. Jenna Lee will be on maternity shortly too.

  4. mediaho Says:

    “Thick thighed beauties”…. Indeed

  5. David Says:

    Yes, there has been some slot swapping for vacations. Patty Ann Browne filled in one day for Martha MacCallum, and Martha MacCallum filled in one day for Megyn Kelly.

    A few months ago, Shannon Bream filled in on a Friday at Fox and Friends, and Heather Nauert filled in one Sunday on Fox and Friends Weekend when Anna was on vacation (Ainsley took the Saturday that week). Heather Nauert did a good job, and it was nice to see that Shannon Bream was given a chance. I’ve also seen Shannon fill in for Megyn on the Kelly File, particularly when the discussion is on legal matters (like Megyn, Shannon is also a lawyer, which is why Shannon often covers the Supreme Court).

    I remember a few years back when Megyn was on maternity leave. Alysin pretty much regularly filled in for Megyn, which gave Molly Line and Ainsley Earnhardt a chance to do Fox and Friends Weekend for a few months, and I think Alysin appreciated the day hours.

    Rick Reichmuth even took a Saturday as a host on Fox and Friends weekend. I thought he did a better job than some of the other men who fill in on the weekend. I usually turn it off if Mike Jerrick is filling in.

    I like Anna, but I would like to see a few others given turns during the week. Maybe Lauren Simonetti or Patty Ann Browne, and I do like Shannon and Heather. I’ve always said that Patty Ann Browne is a good journalist who has paid her dues in the business (and unlike Gretchen, Patty Anne Brown is low key about it).

    I don’t know if Jo Ling Kent is still at Fox News. I would like to see her take a chance at hosting a morning show.

  6. David Says:

    I happened to notice that Leah Gabriele has been getting to do a few news stories. I saw her this morning doing a series on guns. Leah is a former F/A 18 pilot, and she is not blonde (I hope she keeps her natural color. Many of the other news ladies would be more authentic with their natural color – I hope Ailes takes this into consideration.)

    Leah also did the news one weekend on Fox and Friends. I would also like to see Elizabeth Prann get a turn filling in on Fox and Friends. Elizabeth Prann has filled in a few times on Fox and Friends First.

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