Big Bad Bob Explains Brace

Five’s Beckel: “Some jerk outside starts talking about my politics.” Yesterday, The Five‘s boisterous, bumptious co-host Bob Beckel appeared on FNC anchor Howard Kurtz’s Media Buzz. And, the old New York brawler proudly explained to his Five fans that he’s not afraid to rumble–and how he got that new brace on his right hand.

Introducing his taped interview with Bob in a segment entitled “Beckel vs. The Right (vid),” Kurtz remarked, “Anyone who watches The Five knows that Bob Beckel is outnumbered on that show: The former Democratic strategist carries the liberal banner at five o’clock and has the scars to show for it. But, I had to change my first question the moment I saw him in New York.”

Subsequently, the on-vid Kurtz welcomes Bob, remarking, “I can’t help but notice that your hand is bandaged. Did you finally get fed up at the Five and take a swing at somebody?

Shaking his head with a slight smile, Bob answered, “No, I didn’t! I didn’t. Somebody gave me a little heat outside!”

Wanting his viewers to see Bob’s brace closer, Kurtz said, “Let’s see that! Let’s see it!”

Raising his right hand high in response, Bob displayed his braced and bandaged hand. Re his injury, Bob remarked, “Well, it’s, it’s like this. I mean, so I got dislocated fingers.”

Continuing his anecdote like a seasoned raconteur, Bob elaborated, “Some jerk outside starts talking about my politics: He can’t stand it, right….It happens to me all the time: But, this guy kept pushing me and pushing me and pushing me so I gave him a little tap back. And that was it. And, then I dislocated my fingers–which proves that you never want to fight, right.”

Concluding his tale with a smile, Bob declared, “And, I’m too old for this stuff, Howard! I mean…it’s no good!”

But, Bob, it does make a good story.

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4 Responses to “Big Bad Bob Explains Brace”

  1. Poppy Q Says:

    Bob has some serious anger issues.How many times has he lost it on The Five?.

  2. William D'Agostino Says:

    Bob Beckel is outnumbered but each one of the ‘other’ Five would easily squash this giant jackass. Especially any one of the ladies who are beautiful and brilliant. Frankly, the guy is a walking pens with ears.

  3. Jenny Says:

    Beckel lies all the time. He probably was drunk and fell. But his “fight” story sounds better. You know that is a lie because if it was true, it would be all over the news, video’s would have emerged and Beckel would be arrested for assult and battery.

    Just another lie……do you rememeber when he claimed he was a Mensa member???

  4. Heather Says:

    I wonder why Brian Williams is being called out and suspended for lying on several stories and meanwhile, Bob Beckel lies every single day, makes sexual comments and makes biggoted comments and never gets suspended by Fox. Beckel should have been fired a long time ago.

    Maybe Fox should take a look at how NBC handles their liars.

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