Comely Camerota: CNN’s Catch?

Bathing beauty Aly: “For anyone wondering what I’ve been up to….” Today, Alisyn Camerota, the quondam queen of Fox & Friends Weekend‘s curvy couch got her fans attention with that Twitter tease that featured her in a sexy bathing beauty pose. She may have been more demure than her daring ’80’s bikini shot but the Bristol Bay Babe was just as alluring with her sexy come-hither pose. The catch? The former F&FW fox has jumped ship to CNN according to FTVLive.

For Fox & Friends viewers, Aly’s move should come as no surprise. FNC’s Senior VP of Programming Bill Shine has seemingly given his erstwhile best anchor the shaft: When he ditched Gretchen Carlson on F&F weekday, it appeared that the long-suffering three-time co-anchor of F&FW and frequent guest-host of F&F would finally get her due. Instead, the same genius that chose Gretch to be E. D. Hill‘s replacement on F&F over the eminently superior Kiran Chetry decided to go outside of the FNC family and choose Barbara Walter’s View outcast, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, rather than F&F fan favorite Aly.

Hopefully, CNN Prez Jeff Zucker will put Aly on against Lis in the mornings to jump start his moribund morning show New Day. Of course, Aly will be at a distinct disadvantage having to contend against Shine’s FNC juggernaut trio that also includes F&F Everyman Steve Doocy and Puckish wit Brian Kilmeade. Hopefully, Aly will join a cast including current Early Start co-host, wag John Berman, and another engaging gal or guy during the New Day time period: I.e., if the proverbial CNN stars are aligned propitiously, ND co-anchor Kate Bouldan, Michaela Pereira, and Chris Cuomo will find new places on Ted Turner’s network and Aly can usher in a new dawn to CNN.

Congratulations, Aly! And, good luck!

H/t, J$P!

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12 Responses to “Comely Camerota: CNN’s Catch?”

  1. Ragsttiger Says:

    Everyone will wish Aly personal success, but a jump to CNN really is a big step down.

  2. Poppy Q Says:

    Fox are such idiots for letting Ali go, of course CNN would snap her up, why would`nt they?.

  3. Pam Q. Bowers Says:

    Looks like Allison Camarada is going to CNN

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  4. motownman Says:

    I wish Aly luck but it isn’t easy going from Fox to CNN. Just ask Kiran Chetry.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    As much as I like Ali, I don`t think even she can save New day.She was the rightful heir apparent to the anchor position on Fox and Friends weekdays, such a dumb move to overlook her.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    If this is true, will Ali suddenly become more liberal? I would miss Kate, easy on the eye. Unfortunate that Chris’ memo about replacing her was leaked to the public. Early morning shows have been a challenge to CNN. Kiran’s still looking for that great opportunity, isn’t she?

  7. gigglebox Says:

    Aly is great. It is ridiculous that Gretchen was given her own show, but Aly was not. Aly should have been the permanent anchor of F&F Weekdays. That is a sad end after 16 dedicated years at Fox.

  8. Judy Reeves Says:

    I like Aly and miss her. Been wondering why Sandra Smith kept filling I . I like Sandra np problem, but I just wondered. Aly is sly and smart. I wish she were still at Fix News. Please tether back.

  9. gigglebox Says:

    It makes you wonder if she ticked off Roger Ailes somehow. He is the gatekeeper.

  10. gigglebox Says:

    I figured out the reason that Aly left. I bet when the new show that is coming up called “Outnumbered” with 4 female anchors and one man at noon was announced she was told that she would not be one of the four. It is going to be at the same time her show with Bill Hemmer was on!

  11. Dina Says:

    Yes, she’s drinking the CNN Kool-Aid. She’s singin’ the liberal lies.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    E hasselback for aly..? What were they thinking?

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