Aly Tears Up: “My Last Day”

“Censored” Camerota’s “Orwellian Twist”: A very special day.”Not! In her America’s News HQ tease today on Happening Now, Alisyn Camerota promised, “Today is a very special day for us: we hope that you’ll tune in at the top of the hour!”* For those who did tune in as Aly asked, it was anything but–special.

Of course, Aly’s fans knew the end was near. On Monday, TVNewser reported that her tenure at Fox News would conclude sometime this month. On Tuesday, Judge Napolitano clued Aly’s acolytes into the fact that her departure would possibly be this week when he rhetorically asked Aly if he would be on with her again, exclaiming, “Mother of God!” Today, the writing on Belshazzar’s wall needed no interpreting when Aly promised “a very special day.”

When America’s News Headquarters began to conclude this afternoon, Aly’s co-anchor Bill Hemmer announced, “And, today marks the end–of a wonderful run for our friend and our colleague, Alisyn Lane Cameota.”** As tears began to well up in Aly’s eyes, Bill continued, “I tried to talk her out of it: Oh, I tried! She’s leaving us after sixteen years here at the Fox News channel but she leaves us laughing because that’s what Aly does!”

On cue, a collage of innocuous Aly FNC clips ran: Unfortunately, it appeared to have been cobbled together at the last minute by an intern who had little knowledge of Aly’s tenure on the “Fair and Balanced” network. Bizarrely, there was no real footage of Aly with her Fox & Friends Weekend co-hosts during her remarkable three stints on the show: Vintage Aly video with her comeliest of co-hosts Kiran Chetry and their stalwart colleague Kelly Wright was a no-show, e.g., the hilarious spanking tape; Aly clips with her Doublemen twins, Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs, on cam were absent, e.g., “Dave’s Farewell;” and Aly snippets with her final F&FW fellows Clayton and Tucker Carlson apparently were also left on the cutting floor, e.g., Aly’s full “Down and Dirty in the Mud.” To make matters even worse, there was no vid of Aly and the F&F week day boys, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade either (“Aly’s Back: She’s Rocking–& Ringless“).

In the strange melange today, it was almost all Aly and Bill: There was scant recognition of what Aly has meant to her fans throughout the years on Fox & Friends (weekend and week day). Aly was and is an FNC icon: Too bad, Bill Shine appears to not aptly appreciate that fact. But, Aly’s fans do.

Kudos, Aly! A job well done. You will be missed!

*Happening Now – 03/14/14 (@ 12:43 p.m. ET).

*America’s News HQ – 03/14/14 (@ 1:54 p.m. ET).

Update: J$P vid: “Alisyn Signs Off from Fox News.”

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25 Responses to “Aly Tears Up: “My Last Day””

  1. Joanne Says:

    Why????. I loved the weekend show… couldn’t watch during the week, but… Looking at who replaced her or slipped in instead of her…I just don’t get it. I feel like I lost a friend. She will be missed.

  2. Mary Says:

    I am so sad. I was upset when she left F & F Weekend, and the person that replaced her just doesn’t fit there in the middle. I just don’t get Fox anymore.

  3. LAL Says:

    I’m just heartbroken about her leaving. Such a mistake by FoxNews.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Fox News didn’t renew her contract? I don’t understand…why move her from FFW then she’s gone months later?

  5. Deloris Donahoo Says:

    She is so funny and sweet, can’t understand why they would want someone else over her, the joy has gone out of Fox News.

  6. frannie Says:

    I am sad…Ali is my favorite FOX newser ever…..sad…sad…sad..

  7. mediaho Says:

    Can’ blame her for leaving Fox, she’s been snubbed for a few gigs given to others with far less talent, wit and personality.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    A few online sources revealed she and the PTB couldn’t agree on a salary for the new contract period.

  9. Ragsttiger Says:

    Aly was a class act, a real utility player for FNC. She wore many hats during her tenure, always filling them with a professional demeanor and a smile. I wonder if there may be a spot on the Fox local station in NYC, as Juliet Huddy often bounces back and forth. Julie Bandaras was a FNC host, who after maternity leaves is on FNC only sporadically.

  10. bushleaguer Says:

    One thing I could never figure out is why they didn’t give Alisyn her own show……not knocking Bill Hemmer, but it seemed like FNC thought Aly needed training wheels in the from of a co-anchor to keep her from falling down on the job. If anything, she had proven that she could carry a show on her own.

    Maybe not getting her own show as Gretchen did played a part in all this.

    Either way, nothing but the best to Aly in her future endeavors. Hopefully she’s back on TV soon.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Best female anchor at Fox, in my opinion.She was always underutilized and passed over for lesser talents.Such a mistake to let her go.

  12. David Says:

    Like some of the other posters here, I wondered why Gretchen Carlson got her own show instead of Alysin Camerota (maybe Gretchen has a better agent). Alysin may like being able to work day hours and spend more time with her three kids, but I feel like Alysin connected better with the Fox and Friends audience than Gretchen. On the air, both Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade seem to connect better with Elisabeth Hasselbeck (after Elisabeth had been there a few weeks) than they did with Gretchen Carlson.

    I like Gretchen, but on the air she often came across on Fox and Friends with an attitude that she was the story. One thing that is supposed to be learned early on in journalism for a reporter is, “you are not the story.” I haven’t seen her new show, mostly because it airs when I am at work, so I don’t know how the ratings are going for her show, which I think is called “The Real Story”.

    Maybe the Fox News executives will realize they made a mistake letting Alysin go, and bring her back later this year.

  13. Keith Mac Says:

    I had a hunch it was a contract issue, because nobody’s talking on either side. Usually, Mediaite will pick up on these backroom negotiations.

    Over the past few years, Alisyn had done a superb job of filling in for Megyn Kelly during the 1-3pm slot, so why did they need to drop Hemmer in like a safety net on ANHQ?
    This is typical Fox BS – they’ve let the best talent in the house walk while sitting on a mound of cash.

    I haven’t watched F&FW since Aly left because Kooiman can’t even hold a candle to Aly’s presence and personality. The weekend show has been running around like a wind-up toy with no direction.

    Alisyn Camerota amassed a huge fan base over her 16 years, which should have been a factor in her contract negotiations.
    Aly wasn’t just a news reader – she was a real person and a professional who returned her fans’ attention with grace and gratitude.
    Anyway, Fox just kind of sucks without her.

  14. Lara Says:

    You`ve just let your best anchor get away Fox.Big mistake.Huge.

  15. motownman Says:

    Sandra Smith is getting a tryout for the ANHQ job. It wouldn’t be the first time Fox has raided FBN. Just ask Jenna Lee. As for Anna, Roger Ailes loves her. She’s what he wanted Courtney Adriel to be.

  16. motownman Says:

    Courtney Friel

  17. Lara Says:

    Anna`s a better anchor than Courtney, for sure, but then a trained monkey would be a better anchor than Courtney.I still don`t think she`s right for F&FW.

  18. Lackey Says:

    She will be missed, great and natural talent.

  19. Beverly Says:

    We will be looking for Alysin and will watch whatever channel she’s on. I agree with the other posts—Gretchen was all about Gretchen and wanted to be taken seriously while dressing like an entertainer. FFW has deteriorated without Aly. We are disappointed that Aly wasn’t given the spot vacated by Gretchen and have mostly stopped watching F&F. Although we still enjoy Steve and Brian, it’s poor decisions that have wrecked their morning shows.

  20. Ragsttiger Says:

    Sandra Smith is doing a wonderful job filling in on ANHQ. Intelligent, attractive, professional and nice natural smile. Her chemistry with Bill comes across as genuine. Fox is blessed with a deep bench of personnel.

  21. judy mayson Says:

    What was Fox thinking? Apparently, they weren’t! When Fox lost Aly, they lost the real deal. She has the natural ability of presenting the news and engaging the audience. Aly focused on the job and not herself – which can’t be said about so many of the others. I find it unbearable to watch the new programs, except for Megan’s show.

  22. Ragsttiger Says:

    There must be more to Aly’s story, but that’s inside baseball, as they say. I have been watching Elizabeth Prahn filling in the last few days on ANHQ. An attractive intelligent lady, who is definitely on the Fox track for the future. Right now, if I had to make the call between Elizabeth and Sandra Smith, I would go with Miss Smith. She has more experience at the network level and, in my opinion a more pleasing voice. FBN has recently added new staff to their line-up, so she could be assimilated into the FNC without a major reshuffle.

  23. Connie Lilley Says:

    Really sorry to see Alisyn leave, enjoyed her on both shows.

  24. Barbara West Says:

    Allison, I miss you!

    Loved watching u on Fox & Friends weekend. Please come back!

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Alisyn was my favorite at Fox. I think they are making some big mistakes.

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