F&FW: Fox & Friends Weak

Anna, Clayton, and Somebody Else. Unfortunately, Fox & Friends Weekend is a feckless, flaccid iteration of its former self with Alisyn Camerota no longer at the helm. Now that the queen of the curvy couch has inexplicably and inanely been banished to FNC’s generic America’s News HQ weekdays, F&FW is sadly a ship without a captain.

Without Aly to plot a sure course each weekend for F&FW, there’s green newbie Anna Kooiman, flanked by tech geek/comics nerd co-host Clayton Morris and his alpha male mate Tucker Carlson one day or his Philadelphia cheesy mentor Mike Jerrick the next, trying her best to keep the listing boat afloat among the shoals. It is absurd: It is as if Bill Shine could not care less to craft a new F&FW identity with a certain crew on the manifest. Perhaps, he needs to remember his loyal F&FW viewers may not go elsewhere: But, they may just realize that they do not necessarily need the TV on as they embrace the day–and their weekend.

And, that may not be such a bad thing after all.

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15 Responses to “F&FW: Fox & Friends Weak”

  1. cathy807 Says:

    Somehow Anna got promoted too soon. She needs to spend more time with the likes of Aly and Martha for example, to learn how ‘relax’ on camera instead of coming across as over-eager and hyperactive. It might be an idea to switch in a more mature anchor for a while ?Heather Nauert or even someone like Julie Banderas. Please don’t make it Ainsley (I don’t even know how to pronounce Kiev) Earhardt.

    Don’t get the impression that Tucker is real interested in the curvy couch – he seems to spend more time away than actually being there. Would like to see Rick Reichmuth back again – enjoyed his effort the other week!

  2. motownman Says:

    Cathy, Heather N and Ainsley, along with Aly, have weekday jobs now. Going back to weekends would be a demotion for any of them. Julie just doesn’t have the personality for a morning show. I like the energy and enthusiasm Anna brings.

  3. Patsy Pauley Says:

    I like Anna…She has a lot of energy and sparkle…As for Tucker I don’t see anything wrong with how he handles himself….And Clayton does a great job. Leave it alone!!!!

  4. bushleaguer Says:

    Breaking news – Carpe Diem is a fan of Alison Camerota and not a fan of Anna Kooiman.

  5. Patsy Pauley Says:

    So what if they are a fan of Alison, I like Alison to but don’t be rude. Fox made the decision not anyone else.

  6. motownman Says:

    Patsy, the problem is if Jake was as big a fan of Aly as he says he is, he would be happy for her because she received a promotion to a dayside anchor and is working the hours she prefers. Instead, Jake keeps pining away for Aly to work the schedule HE wants her to work without giving her replacement a fair chance. Sounds pretty selfish to me.

  7. Patsy Pauley Says:

    Thank you….I really liked Aly to but she chose to leave, so why not give Anna a chance. I think she is doing great….

  8. Mitch Says:

    I would like to see Melissa Frances from FBN given a spot on the weekend Fox and Friends. She is very smart and has a great personality, something that is lacking with Anna Koolman. I have stopped watching the show with her on it.

  9. gigglebox Says:

    I think Anna and Tucker and Clayton do a great job. In fact, Anna and Rick did very well together over Christmas. Rick is hilarious. Tucker and Clayton are fantastic. Dave Briggs was so dumb to leave.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    It’s a weekend early morning show. I enjoy FFW, even the changes. Not crazy about Juliet when she subs, but that’s not too often. I like Anna’s energy, let her have her own style and approach to the role.

  11. Mitch Says:

    Anna is pretty with her dyed blonde hair, she just isn’t very bright.

  12. bushleaguer Says:

    Patsy – I didn’t intend to be rude but this is the second or third time that these exact sentiments have been made. If the author of CD is an Aly fan that’s fine but I just don’t see the case against Anna Kooiman that he/she is making. Whether Anna was the best choice to take over is certainly up for debate but she doesn’t do a bad job and I don’t see how she is failing to “keep the listing boat afloat.”

    Now if you want to recall a disaster maybe you can remember the name of the former fill-in anchor of F&F who was sent to L.A. I can’t remember her name…..she used to cover a poker tournament or something on another channel and had no reporting experience and had a hard time figuring out which monitor to be speaking to. If I can remember the name I’ll post it but just to illustrate what is actually a “bad” move.

  13. bushleaguer Says:

    ^ Just popped into my head……Courtney Friel. A stunning beauty and seemed like a nice person but was not ready for prime time.

  14. Mitch Says:

    Courtney Friel and Ana Kooiman are identical twins. One has a slightly lighter shade of blonde, but otherwise . . .

  15. Forrest Mintreas Says:

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