Anna: F&F “More Blondelicious Than Usual”

Ainsley: “Clayton, sleep in! I’m glad you had so much bubbly last night.” Unexpected Fox & Friends guest co-host Ainsley Earhardt did not mind a bit stepping in this morning for the missing Clayton Morris. In fact, she relished the moment and so did the other New Year’s day edition Fox & Friends co-anchors, Jesse Watters and Anna Kooiman.

As the show opened, Anna, garbed in a teal form-fitting short dress, announced that she was subbing for Elisabeth Hasselback. When she turned to Jesse (in for Steve Doocy), he introduced himself and then laughed, “And, I think we’re missing Clayton: we have Ainsley here (in for Brian Kilmeade).” Having just finished co-hosting F&F First, festively attired in a sexy chartreuse, black-hemmed mini-skirt, Ainsley exclaimed, “Yep! I’m not complaining, though!”*

Looking into the camera as if addressing the absent co-anchor, grinning, she jauntily jested, “Clayton, sleep in! I’m glad you had so much bubbly last night.” To Anna and Jesse, she added, “They’re waiting on him to come in from New Jersey this morning.”

Gazing over at fellow flaxen-tressed beauty Ainsley, Anna announced, “The [curvy] couch [is] looking more blondelicious than usual!” Interjecting appreciatively, Jesse concurred, chuckling, “Yeah, the couch is a little better looking without Clayton.” Placing her hand on Anna’s shoulder, a smiling Ainsley smiling declared, “Jesse, you are a lucky man this morning!”

Putting his arms up in the air, Jesse aptly replied, “Hey! What can I say? It’s a great way to start the new year!”

And it was. F&F: More blondelicious than usual today. Anna and Ainsley: Still “Bringing Sexy Back!”

[Author’s aside: At the end of the segment, Ainsley, Anna, and Jesse looked outside to see Clayton Morris comically posing outside on the sidewalk (as if he were a drunken New Year’s Eve reveler trying to find his way home in the morning).*]

Fox & Friends – 01/01/14 (@ 6:02 a.m. ET).

Ibid at @ 6:13 a.m. ET.

Update: Vid via (J$P) included opening segment, supra. H/t, J$.

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2 Responses to “Anna: F&F “More Blondelicious Than Usual””

  1. motownman Says:

    Clayton should have just stayed home. Jesse too. Maybe this will make Fox consider bringing the two women format back. Clayton showed his lack of class by never thanking Ainsley, who had been up all night, for bailing out his ass.

  2. Ragsttiger Says:

    Ainsley brightens up any show she is on, whether hosting, reporting or just having fun. She has shown she is a real utility player for Fox. Her reporting segments in the field, for Hannity and others, in addition to her hosting demonstrates her ability to think on her feet. Ainsley’s New Years Eve reporting in Times Square showed her bubbly side, controlled and professional yet having fun. She really popped off the screen with her blond air, wide smile and tailored coat.

    Appreciating Ainsley is one thing, but I would be remiss for not recognizing all of the Fox’s stable of one air personalities. All solid news people, with academic backgrounds that others would hope to emulate. Just read through the bios of these people. Fox is number one because they have put together a product that reverberates with its viewers.

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