F&FW’s “Throwback Weekend”: Juliet & Mike Return!

Huddy’s Philly Sandwich: tasty but stale? Today, former F&FW co-hosts Juliet Huddy and Mike Jerrick returned to their old stomping grounds for a “Throwback Weekend” (as aptly described by F&FW meteorologist Janice Dean). To make things interesting, the concupiscent couple rejoined regular anchor Clayton Morris for a Yuletide romp on the curvy couch.

Yesterday morning, Juliet announced the big news of their reunion, Tweeting, “Oh my…lock up the kids… hosting @foxandfriends thos [sic] weekend w my old pal in crime @MikeFOX29 aka JERRICK! & @ClaytonMorris. Tune in!” For her fans the news was momentous: the leggy lovely had not been flanked by her “Philly guys” to make “a Philly sandwich” since August 2011 (if the author’s memory serves him correctly). And, if Clayton and Mike were right in 2011 about their saucy siren, perhaps, Juliet “needed help” again “with [her] plumbing.”

Consequently, when the author tuned in this morning to the “Throwback” fun, he half-expected the old F&FW opening of a blushing, beaming Juliet listening to blond beauty Jenny McCarthy bawdily declaring, “Yes, the carpet does match the drapes!” Instead, the oft profane Andrew Dice Clay tamely introduced Fox & Friends [Weekend]: Cutely coiffed Mika-style, Juliet reappeared this morning in the middle of her Philly boys as the lady in the red dress–demurely cut with a high neck, longer sleeves, and a midi hem. Not necessarily boding well for those expecting vintage Mike and Juliet.

When the show started in earnest subsequently, Mike turned to his long-time colleague, saying, “Oh! Hi, Juliet! Good to see you.” Eying her freshly shorn head impishly, he remarked, “I like the new hairdo!” Teasing her seemingly about her more mature mien all the more, he playfully displayed her reading glasses, jibing, “And, now you’re wearing glasses. I haven’t seen you in a while!”

Grabbing her spectacles from Mike’s hands and putting them back on the table,  a smiling Juliet jauntily riposted, “Oh, shut up! Get away from me.”

With arched eyebrows and a glint in his eye, Clayton mischievously interjected, “You know, they say [that] when a woman cuts her hair or puts on glasses like there’s some sort of thing going on in her life.” Apparently, acknowledging her recent engagement to her Mr. Wright, a grinning Juliet replied, “Yeah, there’s a lot of things going on in my life!”

Later, in the segment, Mike alluded to the Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration this year and recalled how cold it was when he and Juliet had hosted FNC’s New Year’s Eve festivities. In their segue to Janice, Juliet asked her if she remembered her and Mike’s hosting. In response, Janice declared, “I do. This is like Throwback Weekend here!”* And, it was: But, eleven years later–with someone new.

And, that someone was Clayton. When the second hour began, Mike declared, “We take you back to 2002: Look, it’s Mike and Juliet on the couch again!” Turning to Clayton, Juliet laughed, “You don’t look like Julian Phillips [their whilom African American co-anchor]! Grinning, Clayton answered, “I know. I’m not Julian Phillips.”

And, today, Mike and Juliet were not quite “Mike and Juliet” either. As usual Mike appeared to be his ever randy testosterone-infused self: But, today, bereft of her tresses, Juliet seemed especially estrogen deficient–and wanting a Miley moment [NSFW VMA 2013 vid]. Tomorrow may be a whole new day.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 12/27/18 (@ 6:12 a.m. ET).

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6 Responses to “F&FW’s “Throwback Weekend”: Juliet & Mike Return!”

  1. Lara Says:

    I like these three together.Mike and Juliet should be the permanent hosts alongside Clayton.

  2. Ragsttiger Says:

    I agree with Lara. I found the chemistry among the three of them to be very good. I like, and value, Tucker and Anna, but feel that today’s trio clearly were a hit. Janice in for the weather was an excellent choice. Janice is able to project more personality than Rick R. and interacts with the street audience really well.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I prefer Anna over Juliet. With Anna subbing on New Year’s Day on F&F, I guess we will have Juliet back again next weekend. Wonder what happens to the ratings when the subs are in.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    The unofficial dress code for Fox female anchors is pumps. Juliet wore some ugly bootie things Sunday morning. Does she enjoy being a rebel?

  5. David Says:

    I didn’t see the show last weekend, but it seems nice to give Anna some time off for the holidays. Like Alysin Camerota, Anna Kooiman has worked many odd hours and taken various assignments (some which involve travel), and some of those might have been at a moment’s notice.

    I’m glad Alysin Camerota got a day job – she earned one and worked for it. I’ve liked the weekday show Fox and Friends a little better now that Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Heather Nauert are on there. Elisabeth seems much more interested highlighting some of the political discussions than Gretchen Carlson did.

    Absences for Elisabeth Hasselbeck within the past few months can also be counted on one hand. That should speak well of the commitment Elisabeth has made to Fox News. Heather Nauert and Maria Molina are very rarely absent. I don’t know if Gretchen Carlson had something in her contract that guaranteed her time off for Miss America related business, but Ms. Carlson was absent a minimum of three times a month.

    Over the past few months, Anna has gotten more comfortable as an anchor, and it seems that some of the “fluffy” stories are going away. I got mad at Fox and Friends Weekend for bringing on a “psychic” one Sunday morning – what was up with that? I’ve also noticed when guests have asked Anna some personal questions, she tries hard to keep them private. I commend Anna for doing that, particularly in today’s information age.

    As for the weather, I do enjoy Janice Dean. She is personable (she does some comedy too), and interacts well with the street audience. Oftentimes, she is on Sunday mornings, which gives her time during the week to spend with her two little ones.

  6. David Says:

    About dress code… While it’s nice to see that the female anchors wearing dresses, why are some of them (for example, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Anna Koomian) wearing sleeveless dresses when it is 25 degrees outside in New York City?

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