Huddy & PAB: “Simply the Best”?

The girls are back in town! Former Fox & Friends First co-hosts Juliet Huddy and Patti Ann Browne opened their old show to the inimitable Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best” this morning. As current F&FF co-hosts Ainsley Earhardt and Heather Childers took the holidays off, it was an amusing start to the day after Christmas for F&FF fans.

As the reader may recall, F&FF (this iteration) debuted almost two years ago (March 5, 2012) with Ainsley and Anna Kooiman at the helm (vid) as nine other rotating co-anchors (i.e., Heather C., Heather Nauert, PAB, Juliet, Arthel Neville, Jamie Colby, Julie Banderas, Dave Briggs, and Clayton Morris) stood at the ready for their shifts. However, on its one-year anniversary, Ainsley signaled that the F&FF co-hosts had been pared to four: She, the two Heathers, and PAB had survived the cut. Approximately, six months later, FNC whittled the number down to two, namely, Ainsley and Heather Childers: TV Newser rather charitably reported that FNC had chosen the two as the “permanent anchors” of F&FF.

But, today, Juliet and PAB had their revenge at Ainsley and Heather Childers’ expense as producers, wittingly or not, committed a lese-majeste, declaring the fresh Jersey girl and Red Eye‘s “notorious PAB” “simply the best [better than all the rest].” Of course, Ainz and Heather C. are scheduled to return to rule their roost soon. And, if the sages are right, she who laughs last laughs best.

F&FF: Ringing in the New Year with feline fireworks? If so, it should be fun! Rowrr!

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7 Responses to “Huddy & PAB: “Simply the Best”?”

  1. motownman Says:

    Jake, if you hadn’t noticed, Huddy works for Fox5 New York while Ainsley and Anna work for Fox News. There’s a reason for that. I know you like Huddy because she’s a bitch and you hate Ainsley and Anna because they’re wonderful people, but just because you write Huddy is replacing Ainsley or Anna because that’s your fantasy doesn’t mean it will happen, because it won’t .

  2. motownman Says:

    BTW, it’s Heather CHILDERS, and she’s a wonderful woman, too.

  3. jakeho Says:

    Motownman, you need to re-read this post if you think that I was impugning Ainz, Anna, or Heather C. And, thanks for the copy edit–seriously.

  4. gigglebox Says:

    Anna K. is doing a great job this week as anchor of F&F. She and Rick Reichmuth are very good together.

  5. frannie Says:

    I interpreted the article the same way as motownman…
    juliet is the queen of the floating unicorns

  6. frannie Says:

    more newsworthy perhaps is the reuniting of Mike and Juliet this morning… :D

  7. David Says:

    Elizabeth Prann did some filling in on Fox and Friends First last week with Patty Ann Browne. It was a good opportunity to give Ms. Prann a chance while Ainsley Earhardt and Heather Childress were taking the holidays off. Ms. Prann does some quality reporting at the Washington, DC desk, and probably could not take time off because she doesn’t have the seniority of the others.

    I know Peter Doocy worked on Christmas, in part because he has only been out of college for a short time. Peter Doocy is a good reporter, and he has some good mentors.

    I have always liked Patty Ann Browne. Lately, I’ve noticed she has been taking some Saturday shifts, which probably allows her some more personal time during the week. Patty Ann Browne has really paid her dues in the news business – I know she worked many odd and long hours, and at some small stations, where reporters are paid peanuts to start right out of college.

    Another thing I like about Patty Ann Browne is she is not blonde.

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