Huddy Hocks Rock

But, no worries: “Poor” Juliet will fill in on Fox & Friends Weekends during the holidays. To Juliet’s chagrin today, Carpe Diem noticed that the F&F fill-in co-host had doffed her engagement ring and wondered whether she was back on the market again. Miffed at the author’s impertinence, the blonde beauty snarked that she had “hocked it for fried turkey” and caviled that that “is how vicious rumors get started.” “NOT NICE,” she complained.

Not nice, Juliet? Not nice is not appreciating your fans who give a tinker’s dam about you and your future at Fox & Friends Weekend. You may be in for “a few more weekends between now and New Years [sic]” for the youthful, beautiful blonde Anna Kooiman: But, if you envision replacing her in the future, temporarily or permanently, you may want to keep in mind that being an alpha bitch is one thing–but being a real bitch is another thing altogether.

Juliet, you were a curvy couch classic. Stay that way.

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10 Responses to “Huddy Hocks Rock”

  1. Al Says:

    Huddy is absolutely right. When or why someone chooses not to wear jewellery of any type is their own business. Speculating that there might be a relationship problem with that as your only clue is presumptuous and quite rude. As often as you write about this sort of thing… it’s kind of creepy, actually.

  2. jakeho Says:

    “Presumptuous,” “quite rude, “kind of creepy,” Al: hah! When you’re discussing public figures, such sentiments seem silly at best. Obviously, fans are interested in the marital relationships of those they follow. As such, when their faves flaunt or stop wearing their connubial bling in public, their interest is piqued. Ergo, reportage of those facts is warranted.

  3. Jason Says:

    This is why most think of Juliet Huddy as being the ultimate “B”. And her and her “ring” and “lack of rings” should come as no surprise to anyone considering how many times she’s been married, engaged etc.

    It was just a few months ago that Juliet was hanging all over the Winery owner. Now, she’s already engaged to some other dude.

    After all her history, she has alot of nerve complaining ….

  4. motownman Says:

    Yet Jake praises Huddy for being a bitch and rips Ainsley and Anna for being nice people. Go figure.

  5. frannie Says:

    no one cares for potato nasal nose…yuck

  6. huddy_enthusiast Says:

    “no one” would be inaccurate.

  7. gigglebox Says:

    There is no place to put this, but Anna K. has gotten so much better and more comfortable in her hosting duties at FFW. Congrats!

  8. frannie Says:

    I concur gigglebox

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