F&FW: Fox & Friends “Weakend”

Since she’s been gone. Hit the snooze button or grab a mimosa! Since the queen of the curvy couch Alisyn Camerota left Fox & Friends Weekend, the formerly must-see weekend morning news show has become almost a soporific sedative for even its most ardent acolytes.

About the only time the F&FW fan can now easily escape the embrace of the arms of Morpheus is whenever newbie blonde beauty Anna Kooiman delivers her “shot of expresso” as she frenetically frolics in one of her fun, frisky features [e.g., Cirque du Soleil “Wild Thing” (vid), “funkadelic” turbo-kicking tutor (vid), or leather-clad Daisy-Duke-driving wannabee (vid)]. Otherwise, the F&FW viewer is too oft served up a tepid potation of pontifical palaver by F&FW‘s new alpha male Tucker Carlson (whenever he deigns to appear on the curvy couch) or a similarly impotent echo from his now best beta bud Clayton Morris (when he is not aptly opining as the tech geek in residence).

Including FNC meteorologist Rick Reichmuth, F&FW “Three Men and a Baby”? Nah, “Three Boys and a Babe.” To paraphrase the inimitable Eminem, “It seems so empty without [Aly]!”

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20 Responses to “F&FW: Fox & Friends “Weakend””

  1. gigglebox Says:

    Anna Kooiman is such a lightweight. She is always dancing and acting silly and it is only 7 in the morning. Tucker and Clayton literally cringe when she speaks and especially if she starts to ad-lib. Rick Riechmuth would be better with Tucker and Clayton. She just comes across as somewhat of an airhead. I honestly don’t think that she knows/ cares what is going on in the world. When they had a story about the NSA, she referred to conversations between her mother and her. It was so dumb! Ainsley looks as if she is a Rhodes Scholar now.

  2. Adam H Says:

    Ali`s left a big hole that`s for sure.I can`t think of anyone at Fox right now that I want to see take her place, maybe they should be looking at talent from other stations to replace her.

  3. Patsy Pauley Says:

    I like Anna . Why don’t you people give her a chance. If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all….Shame…..

  4. frannie Says:

    I like Anna…. but i feel she is better doing her segment pieces…
    Thank God for Rick and Janice for saving the weekend show.
    FFW is in flux again, I do not expect to see these faces together by spring…

  5. Joe Says:

    Hell, I think they hava good line up on the weekend. Anna is a bright spot, and think she is very good. Clayton, and Tucker add an interesting dimension to the show. Good lineup. Anna, don’t listen to these egg heads.

  6. motownman Says:

    Face it, Aly isn’t coming back. Get over it. If there are any changes, it should be Mike Jerrick permanently in for Tucker. I agree people should give Anna a chance. Love her energy and enthusiasm.

  7. Mitchell Says:

    Anna is just a pretty face. Her blonde roots are so brunette. How about someone with a brain?

  8. Michael Thal (@sdmike1974) Says:

    I thought Ana took a bad rap for misreporting that the President was funding a Muslim museum during the shutdown, IMO the entire blame is with the producers/researches who gave her the script.

  9. Paul Knight Says:

    Bring on Janice Dean. She would light up the curvey couch, IMHO.

  10. Kira Says:

    Agree that Mike should replace Tucker, don`t think Anna is the right replacement for Ali though.

  11. Ragsttiger Says:

    I like Tucker for his dry wit and in depth political knowledge but agree that Mike Jerrick’s full-time return to the sofa would bring back the zip. While Juliet Huddy appears to not have a lot of fans, judging from other comments in this blog, she really would be a good fit, bringing back the golden years of the of F&F Weekends.

  12. gigglebox Says:

    No, No. Tucker and Clayton are fabulous. There has to be a female who is a great addition. Does it have to be someone who already works at Fox?

  13. ebullient tomfoolery Says:

    Tucker is awkward, boring, and out of his element. He’s like the guy at the party who sits in the corner and plays Angry Birds all night. Replace him. Immediately!

  14. Ragsttiger Says:

    Interesting question, does someone who already works for Fox comment. have to be placed in the center seat? For many years I’ve thought that Jodi Applegate would be a prfect fit. After she left NBC, she spent a few years on WFXT Fox in Boston, later returning to NYC Cable and WNYW (Fox5). I figured that would be a perfect time to grab her. She recently wed a year or two ago, has a baby and enjoying motherhood. Should she desire to get back into the on camera side of things, would be a good catch.

  15. cathy807 Says:

    Got to agree the weekend show has been fairly ho-hum since Aly’s departure. Tucker has his moments but sometimes seems bored. Anna has been described in previous posts as coming across like an over eager pet dog trying desperately to please her master – if she want’s to be taken seriously needs to cut back on the stunts and show some gravitas for the more serious segments. Clayton, well have never warmed to him since his first appearance. He’s replaceable.

    Mike Jerrick – love him – he’s got the right mix of irreverence but with the ability to be serious when necessary.

    While we’re thinking of local anchors moving across to FFW have often thought that Fox NY’s Rosanna Scotto would be a mature and sometimes saucy try out for the center seat. She and her current co-anchor work extremely well together. Check out the live internet feed of their morning show on the Fox 5 website to see what I mean. Her current co-anchor – Greg Kelly – now there’s a thought!!!

  16. frannie Says:

    greg kelly was a previous ffw anchor

  17. thomas Says:

    hate watching f&f weekend,Anna is just a piece of fluff,please tell her to stop dancing,and just go back to fluff reporting.never watch weekends anymore

  18. zip line pa Says:

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  19. Ame Sklar Says:

    Where’s is Aly she deserves more why isn’t she on fox&friends weekends its to sleepy without her Mr Alies?

  20. Mary Sanzi Says:

    I think Tucker, Clayton, Anna and Rich make a great team

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